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 Remember the good old days. . .

StuffMax writes "Remember the good old days when we used to have fun on this site, talking about old times, places and people and sharing memories of life in Oz as we were growing up?

Yeah, me neither.

Adios IO

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 15 @ 04:56:23 EDT (41 reads)
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 RE: Norman Finkelstein

StuffAnonymous writes "It figures that Peace would pick the controversial Norman Finkelstein to support his erroneous claims. 

A quick check on Wikipedia explains one hell of a lot about this guy.

1.  Finkelstein describes himself as an "old-fashioned communist." Before that he was an avid Maoist.

2. Finkelstein's mother, a Holocaust survivor, was an ardent pacifist. His father also survived the Holocaust. A childhood friend of Finkelstein's described his mother having an "emotional investment in left-wing humanitarian causes as bordering on hysteria." The friend said that Finkelstein had so internalized his mother's beliefs that he became "insufferable" when talking about Vietnam.

3. Once Finkelstein read Noam Chomsky drivel he became a true believer in the extreme, radical left-wing crusades. This may also be why Peace is so enraptured with Finkelstein - They both idolize the same progressive demigod. 

4. Finkelstein has a somewhat checkered teaching history working at Rutgers, NYU, Brooklyn College and then Hunter College. He left Hunter after the administration significantly reduced his teaching load and salary. Could that have been because of his left-wing, radical beliefs?.

5. Finkelstein's criticism of Peters' book was his Doctoral Thesis at Princeton. 

6. Peters' book was effusively received by mainstream US media sources and by such notable individuals as Barbara Tuchman, Theodore H. White, Elie Weisel and Lucy Dawidowicz. Saul Bellow wrote a jacket endorsement. He said, "Millions of people the world over, smothered by false history and propaganda, will be grateful for this clear account of the origins of the Palestinians." (Note- the Philistines mentioned in my precious post were not Arabs.)

7. Finkelstein had quite a dispute with Alan Dershowitz, in one case claiming that he was guilty of plagiarism. In the end ELENA KAGAN, before she was appointed to the SCOTUS,  asked former HARVARD PRESIDENT Derek Bok to investigate this claim. BOK EXONERATED DERSHOWITZ!

8. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePaul University. He didn't go easily and had lots of radical left-wing supported but eventually he resigned on 5 September 2007. Dershowitz did get involved in that by sending his "dossier" on Finkelstein which undoubtedly enrage him more though DePaul denied it had any influence on the decision.

9. Finkelstein was denied entry to Israel in 2008. Imagine, the child of Holocaust survivors is denied entry to Israel!

10. Finkelstein has expressed his support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

11. Finkelstein supported the Second Intifada.

I'm not sure what he is doing now but he has had support from Chomsky and other radial, left-wing nut cases so he undoubtedly is being support by them in some way working for their causes. It is really irrelevant to the issue at hand.

It is obvious that Finkelstein is a self hating Jew! That is my opinion. His entire history is one of extreme, radical, left-wing ideology, writings and activities. Just the kind of personal history that sucks in people like Peace.

Therefore, I do not believe that Finkelstein's assertions regarding Joan Peters' book on Palestinians is worth the paper it is written on.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, July 14 @ 06:44:21 EDT (40 reads)
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 RE: Lies

StuffAnonymous writes "A pole by CNN several months ago indicated the 58% Oppose Abortion in All or Most Cases. I apologize for relying on such a right wing, Conservative organization for my information. I guess this poll is a fraud and I got sucked in. Maybe I should restrict myself to my usual sources. Then, again, maybe CNN got it right? I'll let the reader decide.

However, Peace would have you believe that such misinformation is a lie and as a result everything I post is a lie to be ignored. Considering all the lies that are coming for the Obama administration no one, not even Peace, should believe anything that bunch of criminals says. 

Peace is now getting all bent out of shape because I refer to his side as progressives. I've explained this many times before and will not do so again here. This just goes to reinforce what I've said about progressives, liberals, democrats, socialists, and the rest, that they do not want you to really know what they are about. They all hide their true intentions with sweet sounding rhetoric hoping that you never look at their actions and the results of those actions to make your decisions. 

Liberals hate to be called liberal. Progressives hate to be called progressive. The same is true with the rest of the myriad of leftist ideologies as they all try to appear moderate, middle of the road, until they get elected. And worst of all they hate being connected to their ideological comrades - the Nazis, Fascists, Communists, etc. as Peace demonstrated so well with his rebuttals to the truth. So, he's at it again, trying to maintain the facade of the progressives hiding amongst the other leftists though he himself fully admits to being a socialist. He just tries to make socialism seem to kind and helpful rather than the oppressive and eventually murderous denier of individual rights that it really is.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 08 @ 05:33:58 EDT (47 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "    Ha, I guess I hit a nerve with old Peace. I've never seen him use such foul language (#*#$*). I never called you smart, I said you feel you're too smart to work for anyone. Apparently you think your pathetic excuse for not holding a job is something to be proud of, well good for you. Its smug little turds like you who are the real problem. You ***** and complain about "corporate" welfare, but in the same breath say if its good enough for them, its good enough for you. That's a great example of hypocrisy isn't it Peace? I guess in your narrow little world everyone who works, works for "them", so you just decided to drop out of it all and suck the teat instead. Where do you get your drinking money Peace? Ah, I bet you have a few connections who can convert those food stamps into hard cash right? You are so caught up in your ideology that you have forgotten something very important, but I'm not going to tell you what it is Peace, it'll hit you someday and hopefully you will have time to "get your $hit together".

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, July 05 @ 04:30:28 EDT (51 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "     To Peace and the dope who think I am Doc Bill, sorry, there happens to be more than just one person out here who thinks you are full of $hit.
     Peace has admitted to us that he cant hold a job because he is just to smart, lol. Apparently he is also broke since he cant afford to move out of Oswego, so he will stay here, most likely living on government assistance because he is "unable" to work. He will continue to hang out at the local bars, desperately trying to convince anyone he can to listen to his crap. Heres an idea, quit going to the bar, save your money, and move!
     To the dope who compared Republicans to Nazis, well, you are obviously an idiot in the true sense and are not worth the energy it would take to type a response, of course that is other than what I have just typed.

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 01 @ 07:11:20 EDT (68 reads)
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 RE: Supporter

StuffAnonymous writes "Peace - you should know better. I sign all my posts. 

The few times that I inadvertently neglected to sign a post, for whatever reason, I owned up to immediately. Check the archives for yourself.

I never write anonymous posts in support of myself or anyone else. 

Considering the progressive nature to lie when necessary, remember all of the Clintons' and Obama's lies, I would not doubt that you supply some of your own anonymous positive posts. 


Again, I do what I do because I enjoy doing it. When the fun of annoying progressives such as you goes away then I will probably stop, but no guarantees! I appreciate any posts which agree with me but they do not determine whether or not I will continue to post.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, June 30 @ 05:03:11 EDT (40 reads)
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 News You May Have Missed

StuffAnonymous writes "Chelsea Clinton was paid $600,000 as a "special correspondent" by NBC WOW! No wonder the company is going down the rat hole! Now, I have no problem with people batting paid as much as they can but those bosses at NBC must have had much more on their minds than the actual value of this kid as a worthy correspondent. They were undoubtedly looking for favoritism from a future President Hillary. In the end I rather doubt they got their money's worth which is just the perfect result.

The IRS is required BY LAW to print out emails for record keeping. Therefore, if Lerner's and the other six's emails are truly gone forever then criminal actions took place and those involved need to go to jail. Again I suggest Sheriff Joe's tent city in Phoenix. There is little doubt that a criminal conspiracy to hide evidence of wrong doing occurred in what was presented to us as the most transparent administration in history. It is obvious that the Obama administration is the most corrupt and criminal administration this country has ever had.

A student doing a research assignment on gun control discovered that all Conservatives sites were censored by his school district. Andrew Lampart, a senior at Conn's Nonnewaug High School was able to use progressive websites but the NRA and all other Conservative websites were blocked. It is obvious that the progressives in this district do not want students exposed to any ideas or comments that oppose the prevailing progressive views. 

This is typical progressive behavior and is especially exemplified by Hillary's recent statement that "We cannot let a minority of people ... hold a viewpoint that terrorizes a majority of people." Hillary too was talking about guns. In other words progressives will not allow people to hold different viewpoints or beliefs from those of the progressives. 

I wonder if this same rule can be allied to the minority of people who want to change the Washington Redskin's name? I can supply many more such examples but will leave it you the reader to supply the minority which is trying to force the majority to totally accept the minority opinion on today's numerous issues.

Finally, it appears that some at MSNBC see the end to Obama's presidency. With confidence in Obama declining fast, Chuck Todd apparently sees Obama as becoming irrelevant. I do not accept this notion. If anything Obama is becoming more dangerous to the country as he will violate the law and the Constitution more just to show us he's still relevant. I am sure he would love to be impeached which I rather doubt will happen because the Republicans are cowards. If they would not convict Clinton of the felonies he committed as president they'll never even charge Obama with anything. Even if Obama committed murder on video in the Oval Office the sycophantic progressives in this country would still give him a pass. To the true believing progressives the rule of law is nothing, only the rule of men is important.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, June 24 @ 05:43:35 EDT (56 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "   Again, Peace's true colors shine through. Comrade, lol, what a joke. Do you actually think you could make it in a Communist country, or a Socialist country. They dont put up with over educated under performing fools like you. You wouldn't make it, working for the better of the people because you would actually have to work. You know, manual labor, using your mind and body to actually accomplish things for the better of the people? You have no idea how the real world works, you spout off on here about socialism but are not a true Socialist because you put people into categories, you group people based on your opinions, and that my wannabe rebel, is not what its (Socialism) is about. You are all supposed to be equal, so how could someone like you, who is obviously so "smart", be equal to anyone? The world you dream of would beat the $hit out of you and spit on your degrees. Keep posting though, its really really comical. Oh, and don't feel bad, I'm probably one of the few people on this site that actually read your dribble though I do wish it was in print so I could wipe my a$$ with it. ;)

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, June 21 @ 07:03:50 EDT (38 reads)
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 Noam Chomsky

StuffAnonymous writes "Since Chomsky has been brought up on this board so much recently [including Doc Bill's usual epithets], here is the man himself, interviewed by the great in his own right Chris Hedges:
Hedges and Chomsky, Part 1http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=12006

Hedges and Chomsky, Part 2http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=12016&updaterx=2014-06-18+11%3A42%3A48
Hedges and Chomsky, Part 3


Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, June 21 @ 07:03:22 EDT (54 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "Everet? You've got to be kidding me right? That guy has wandered around Novelis for years trying to find the easiest job he could. He was a crane operator just before all of this started and he still is a crane operator, so wheres the demotion? He wasn't a foreman, he was a crew leader, big big difference. He was an arrogant, pompous a$$hole who thought his $hit didn't stink. I saw him totally freak out during a fire once, smashed an alarm horn off the wall because it wouldn't stop wailing, lol. He used to give "crane training", basically all he did was brag about what a great operator he was. The training was a scam that only benefited him because when he trained, he didn't have to work. He's been a whiner since day one, always looking for an excuse to get out of doing his job, along with another one of the bunch who has since taken employment elsewhere. That guy (Chris) used to brag about how he would always raise hell with the company, even when the issue at hand didn't really even bother him. Both just troublemakers who should have been fired years ago. Lets get real, we aren't as safe now that he isnt in the EMS squad? What a joke, I wouldn't let that dirtball touch me if my life depended on it.

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, June 19 @ 03:54:02 EDT (152 reads)
(comments? | Score: 1)


StuffAnonymous writes "Nice post Peace. I know its hard not to post a reply to Croc Bill's rants, but I think you're above that. Everything that is discussed here is done behind frustrated neocons, who will really blow a gasket when Hillary is elected. Jesus, we go from a black man to a woman!!! Unfortunatly, nothing will change, the planet will be cooked by 2100. There will be massive relocation of people due to crop shortages. I feel bad for anyone that has small children. Posting discussions on a website on topics that the individual has absolutley no control over is a sign of extreme frustration. I recently checked out the Faux News site on facebook and realized there are millions of stupid, uninformed people in this country. I propose taking the month of June and DO NOT respond to the rants of the NEOCON. But remember, PARANOID is D.B. off his meds so watch out for those posts. I rather doubt the small minded dolt posts anywhere else but really, who cares??!!! So, in closing, enjoy life without the extreme hatred and vitriol and find better things to do than sit behind a computer and hide your real identity. There's no winning a arguement against stupidity. By the way, Dolt Bill lives in Fulton."

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, June 02 @ 06:09:32 EDT (146 reads)
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Stuffempresslola writes "Peace....it would be great if you could be honest with yourself, it is clear that you are not. Your previous posts are completely intolerant yet the rest of us are to be tolerant of your views based on your religion of self.
That dog won't hunt.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, May 16 @ 06:13:00 EDT (76 reads)
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 Honey Bee Swarms

StuffGhostryder writes "Did you notice a bunch of bees settled on a tree branch (or anything)?  Don't spray them!  Call me and I will collect them and get them out of your way and into a safe home of their own.  Those swarms have scouts in search of a home that could bee a bird house, void in an exterior wall of your house, even a garbage can with the lid off kilter!  Last year some great people called me and 2 swarms were rescued.  Call 591-7762  Jeremy"

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, May 13 @ 06:30:05 EDT (114 reads)
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 Pro-Gay = Pro-Human

StuffAnonymous writes "Let's be clear, Christianity contains as much truth as any other manmade religion and, as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine and most of the intelligent men and women who created the United States understood, religion, Christian or otherwise, should play no role whatsoever in public life.  If people want to privately believe in some ancient paternalistic homophobic misogynist bullshit that is their choice to make.  But once religionists start in with their creeping theocratic threats to secular life that is when the rest of us stand up and say no!  No sir, you may not poison public policy in this country with your homophobic Pauline superstitious hate and nonsense.

Homosexuality is a natural human orientation, as is heterosexuality and bisexuality.  As such, homosexuals are entitled to all the political, civic and human rights that any other citizen enjoys. Take your discrimination in the name of "God's will" and stuff it man, eat it.   

And finally, to the fundamentalist moron who says all "Christians" should strive to incorporate ALL of the Bible into their lives, I say how's the genocide, slavery, misogyny, the stoning of children and animals, the hatred of the female menstrual cycle, mass rape, mass killing, God-inflicted disease, torture and myriad other asinine Biblical atrocities workin' out for ya in your perfect "Christian" life?  You don't care about those trifling Bible passages but because there's some homophobic language in some of the epistles you must focus on that with laser-like intensity in order to justify your own hatred and prejudice.  F*** you.  F*** you to all the self-righteous Christian lunatics who think they know anything about "God" or "God's will" because of a debatable interpretation of a buncha mistranslated and rewritten words conjured by deluded men in illiterate Bronze Age Palestine.  Keep your stupid theocratic dogma at home.  The public sphere is a no-religion zone.  If heterosexuals can marry, homosexuals can marry.  Equal rights for all citizens.  If you have any complaints take it up with Mr. Jefferson.  Thank you. 


Posted by hostmaster on Monday, May 12 @ 05:57:00 EDT (168 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)

 Time To Get Real On Climate Change

StuffAnonymous writes "Combating Doc Bill's climate propaganda and ignorance one article at a time:

Bill Moyer's interview with David Suzuki


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, May 11 @ 07:42:23 EDT (146 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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