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 more stuff

StuffAnonymous writes "NazIsrael ... now that says it all"

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 23 @ 05:45:29 EDT (8 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "NazISIS......i think that says it all.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:15:09 EDT (11 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "I think you should apologize to all of the black police officers, unless you believe there is no such thing.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:14:31 EDT (7 reads)
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 peace the racist

StuffAnonymous writes "Yeah, never mind the fact that neither peace or any of those he follows ever say a single thing about blacks killing blacks. Its ok as far as he is concerned, only when its white on black is it an issue. Of course he hates the police, until he needs them, then its a different story. Never mind that it was blacks who sold their "brothers" into slavery, that its blacks who commit the vast majority of crimes in this country (their excuse is that they are poor, too bad). He is correct that this is a country ruled by white men, always has been and always will be, thank god for that. I also know he has taken the side of ISIS, he feels they are justified and righteous and only wishes he could afford the plane ticket to Syria. Thats it for me as far as Peace the fool is concerned, no more comments from me, he's an idiot and not worth the time.

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 21 @ 06:39:19 EDT (8 reads)
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 professor peace

StuffAnonymous writes "Peace, I really couldn't give a rats a$$ who you are, its what you are that amuses me.

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, August 19 @ 08:20:33 EDT (20 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "As a matter of fact I am still LMFAO at you peace. Its so easy to get under your thin skin. You were clearly implying that the west was the reason Japan became an Island full of a$$holes, so don't waste your booze laden breath denying it. So you teach huh? Where exactly? I'll tell you where, at the local bars, park benches, and of course on this website, LOL.

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 16 @ 08:14:52 EDT (36 reads)
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 The White Flag

StuffAnonymous writes "It appears that Peace has raised the white flag, thrown in the towel and admitted defeat. However, he is not going down without fighting. His swinging is just another effort to mischaracterize the things I have said. He erroneously concludes, no doubt on purpose to discredit me some more, that because I will not acquiesce to his position on the use of the term "Jap" that I must also agree with these of the N-word when describing blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The term "Jap" is, at the very least, a derogatory term. I use it because it is derogatory and amply descriptive of the Imperial Japanese Empire of the time period in question. They most certainly earned the terms for themselves. Peace tries to minimize the atrocities done by the members of this Empire by referring to them as "it's east Asian imperial thing." The Imperial Japanese Empire thing was called "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

That sounds just great, doesn't it? However, the truth was far less benevolent than the name implies. The Imperial Japanese Empire did not look upon the people of the conquered territories as equals. Far from it. The Empire treated the vast majority of the people as slaves working only for the betterment of the lives of the people of Japan itself. Untold thousands were worked to death, put in concentration camps for breaking the imposed rules, made sex slaves in the case of the women and basically had no rights other than to work for the Empire.

These were not people to emulate in any manner, shape or form. They were as bad as the nazis and the soviets if not worse in some cases. Remember, the nazi representatives in Nanking were shocked at the atrocities. Therefore I will not honor them by using terms that overlook or minimize their actions. Should we minimize the nazi SS? Maybe we could refer to them as those "special guards," or when they became the Waffen SS we could refer to them as innocuous "special armed guards?" Maybe we should compare them to our own SS? The Secret Service?" I have no doubt that peace would agree to that!

With regard to the Philippines, Peace would have us evaluate the actions of the past based upon the values and mores of today. If we did so then everything ever done by anyone in the past would probably be viewed as negative. While we can compare the tactics used during the battles of the Civil War we cannot judge the leaders using today's standards. We should certainly learn from what they did, both right and wrong. However, beating ourselves up over the behaviors or misbehaviors of these people is not beneficial.

As I said, we must learn from them and not report the wrong, bad or evil things they did. I have often agreed with Peace about how the US treated the American Indians. He apparently forgets my agreements with him and continuously brings up some other incident to prove that the US is so evil it should cease to exist. On the other hand he ignores my warning that we should not be so quick to embrace the government, any government, which promises to do anything.

Did the US government commit atrocities against the Indians? Undoubtedly! Did US forces commit atrocities against the native Filipinos? Probably! BUT, does that absolve that various islamofascist terrorist mobs around the world broom doing the same thing? HELL NO!

The hamas terrorists have again broken a cease fire, today, Wednesday. ISIS is murdering defenseless women and children burring some ALIVE! One 5 year old Christian child is reported to have been cut in half! But that is OK with Peace because some American soldier probably cut some Moro child in half 100+ years ago. In fact, all of islam is justified in doing all these things because of the Crusades 1000 years ago.

Do not forget that islam is a conquering belief. It conquered from Spain to India subjecting all to bend to the "Will of Allah!" The crusades were nothing less than Christianity's attempt to stop the assault of islam and regain territories lost. Were atrocites committed then too. Undoubtedly! It is unfortunate that Christianity has lost its way over the centuries and strayed far from being the religion of peace that it is. Those who spearheaded this straying from the true way are as guilty bastards as the bastards in islam today following the violent path.

Peace certainly objects to minimizing the influence he seeks to impart to some reference of his with the label "progressive." Turn about is fair play, as the saying goes. I expect progressives to support progressive views. Expect me to use Conservatives to support Conservative views. The true importance of these tactics by me is lost on Peace. He certainly does not understand the real meaning of "ad hominem." Calling a progressive a progressive is not an ad hominem attack. Calling a Conservative a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe while avoiding an actual debate IS AN AD HOMINEM ATTACK!

The terms I use are descriptive, not punitive in nature. An illegal alien is an illegal alien because he is not a citizen of this country, therefore under the law an alien, and illegal because he is not here legally. Progressives do not like such stark and descriptive terms. They like to sugar coat everything in their favor to disguise the real substance of the issues. Thus we get an "undoc-umented immigrant." Using this terminology the local corner drug dealer is an undoc-mented pharmacist. It is by these subterfuges that progressives love to hide what is really going on. I refuse to play that game.

I am glad to see that Peace sees Obama for at least part of what he is, the corporate politician looking to increase his own wealth and those of his supporters. Most politicians are like this which is why we should not have professional politicians. Term limits are important. See, I've agreed with Peace again which he'll soon forget.

Finally, I'm not into coining terms for people to use. The closest I may have come with with the term "obamaton." I think I was the first to use it but I did not create it. I borrowed it from an acquaintance, with his permission, and have used it since Obama was elected. Therefore I leave it to Peace to come up with whatever slur he wishes to vilify American in the past. I did, contrary to his saying I did not, suggest the term "YANKEE" which has been used for generations as a derogatory term for Americans. If that isn't slurry enough odor his tastes then I suggest he invent one. The progressives are masters at redefining terms and creating new ones to justify themselves.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 14 @ 06:21:09 EDT (21 reads)
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 RE: Answers

StuffAnonymous writes "According to Wikipedia the US fought in the Moro Rebellion of 1899-1913. 

There were some 50,000 Moro fighters against some 25,000 Americans

The term "Moro" refers to the ethnic muslims who lived in the Southern Philippines. 

Hassan Uprising - October and November 1903 - Fought against the Moros.

Battle of Taraca - April 1904 - Fought against the Moros.

Battle of Siranaya - March 1904 - Fought against the Moros and other Philippine fighters.

Battle of the Malalag River - October 1905 - Fought against Philippine fighters in which Moro leader Datu Ali was killed so we can assume that other Moro fighters were involved.

First Battle of Bud Dajo - March 5-8 1906 - Fought against the Moros.

Second Battle of Bud Dajo - December 18-26 1911 - Fought against the Moros.

It is true that the Moros were not the only ones fighting against the Americans during this conflict but from the list above it seems that they did make up quite the majority of the fighters opposing the Americans.

Still you have not explained how 200,000 were "slaughtered," meaning that they were not killed on the battlefield. 

According to the Wikipedia page you provided the link for it states that - "Jap is an English abbreviation of the word 'Japanese.' Today it is considered an ethnic slur among Japanese minorities in other countries, although English speaking countries differ in the degree in the degree to which they consider the term offensive. In the United State, Japanese-American have come to find the term controversial or offensive, even when used as an abbreviation. In the past, Jap was not considered primarily offensive; however, during and after the events of World war II, the term became derogatory."

This information is not the slam dunk explanation that wins the debate for you as it is somewhat wishy-washy leaving quite a bit of space for interpretation. I agree that the term is derogatory and that most consider it a slur but you have not explained WHY it is a slur! I am using it specifically in reference to the Japanese Empire and its operatives during the Empire's days of expansionism in the 1930's and 1940's. 

I use the term precisely because it is derogatory and we should never forget the atrocities of those who committed those heinous acts by being flowery when describing them or their actions.

You can accept that explanation or not, I do not care. That is how I use the term and if you do not have the intellectual ability to separate such things in you mind then you need to expand your brain power.

I assume you do not, will not and never will accept such an explanation because you don't really care if I am accurate in my used of the term. All you care about is trying to destroy me so all you have to do, RATHER THAN ACTUALLY DEBATE ME ON ANY ISSUE, is to say I'm a racist which ends all debates as far as you progressives are concerned. That is one of the trump cards you play to keep from having to actually have an intellectual debate about anything. 

It is part of the demeaning and dehumanizing ad hominem attacks you progressives use in an attempt to make Conservatives irrelevant, people who have no legitimate place in the debate of issues and who are just to be ignored without any consideration for what they say.

I'm sure many of your comrades who read this will agree with you bunt that is to their detriment. We have already seen how the progressive agenda is failing the People of the United States and how its current leader has absolutely no leadership qualities or characteristics whatsoever.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, August 11 @ 07:31:45 EDT (55 reads)
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 American and the wannabe

StuffAnonymous writes "The poster of the item titled "American" is right about Peace's hating America. It is all part and parcel of the progressive ideological agenda and their strategy in debates. You can see this most vividly in the latest round of posts from Peace. 

First off, Peace is far more interested in convincing everyone that I am a racist than he is of the significant problems around the world that I am bring up for discussion. That way he discredits me thus making everything I say irrelevant, at least in his mind. It is all part of the Alinsky method of attacking the opponent rather than dealing with the issues. Discredit your opponent and the problem goes away without having to actually address the issues at hand.

Peace gets really upset when I do not use all of his points as examples as just illustrated in the past couple days. These are all issues we have debated before on that other site but he acts as if none of that ever happened. It might be that he doesn't remember those debates just as he fails to remember that I agreed with him many times. His memory was so bad that I had to remind him from one post to another that I had already agreed with him on several points. In my latest post you can see that I have again reminded him of that fact.

The problem with Peace remembering may be a mental thing or political. He may not be willing to acknowledge my agreement because it ends the debate of the issue. Then too, when I pointed out the reservation system that the Indians have suffered under for several hundreds years is why we should not want the government having control over our lives he acted as if I never said it. That fact went against his agenda and he probably didn't have any canned responses for it.

Indians have endured untold sufferings from the reservation system and the "benevolent" government programs specifically intended to take care of them. Stay in this place and we'll take care of you. We'll cloth and feed you and educate your children in our boarding schools and you can even see them once or twice a year. These promises were never fully kept largely due to corruption at all levels of the government for decades. And the children were severely abuse ion those government schools. I have posted about that too in the past.

Peace ignores these facts because they go against his agenda in which the government is god and mother and father. Anything proving that to be untrue must be ignored. Anyone who points out these inconsistencies must be destroyed. Anyone who goes against eh progressive agenda is a danger to them. This is why they attack Sarah Palin so mercilessly for years and still do. She does not fit the progressive mold for a woman and is therefore a threat to their commandments.

This is why Peace spends more time attacking me than dealing with the issue I raise about what is going on around us. By making me look like an evil individual with what ever phobia or -ism he thinks will most discredit me he thinks he can win the debates. He consistently combines, confuses and conflates the facts of the issues as well as leaving out inconvenient and pertinent information to achieve his ends.

None of Peace's arguments have adequately addressed the problems of the Middle East which do affect us all whether we want to believe that or not. The terrorist group ISIS is raping, torturing and murdering its way across the region. Nearly 40,000 people are in danger of being slaughtered because they are subhuman as far as ISIS is concerned. Hundreds of women have apparently been captured by these bastards. ISIS has beheaded hundreds if not thousands INCLUDING CHILDREN but this is all ignored by those who hate Israel and America.

As for the wannabe - it is unfortunate that you see all of these issues as irrelevant. They won't be irrelevant when islamofascist terrorists start hitting targets here in the US. There are hundreds of so-called Americans in the Middle East fighting with these terrorist organizations. If and when they come back they are likely to be the nucleus around which local terrorist cells form. Add to that the untold number of islamofascist terrorists coming across our largely unguarded southern border and a disaster of tremendous magnitude is in the making.

You can attempt to belittle me with your idiotic and totally incorrect "cut and paste" attack but the truth is far different from you canned, bumper sticker, sound bite rhetoric. The rage and frustration is all on your side. If it were not you would deal with the issues at hand and NOT ATTACK ME. Your rage and frustration is directed at me because you are incapable of debating the issues as an adult without resorting to name calling as is so prevalent with you progressives. 
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 09 @ 07:57:46 EDT (71 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "Jew is not a contraction of Jewish?????

Scot is not a contraction of Scottish??????

Brit is not a contraction of British??????

Why are these not slurs but Jap is??????

Kindly explain exactly why Jap is a slur and the others are not. I look forward to you convoluted explanation.

Whether we are talking about a nationality, a religion, people from a specific region or any other special differentiation of people is irrelevant.

Regarding the settling of the Americas - I have agreed with you several times before that there is much shame to go around here. Never forget that various tribes joined with the Europeans to defeat their traditional enemies so they must be included along with the europeans in these instances. Since this happened quite often I imagine that most of the tribes are just as guilty as the Europeans using your criteria. 

The fact that the vast majority of native peoples died from diseases brought over from Europe is unfortunate but you cannot blame the Europeans for that. Sure, there are some instances where they purposefully infected them but that is a small percentage of the total.

I have also agreed with you previously that the other atrocities that were committed against any and all indigenous people was evil. The restricting of native people to poor regions only to have that taken away is also evil. The reservation system here is an example of government beneficence that consistently fails to meet its goal just as other government programs consistently fail to achieve their purported ends.

Regarding the Philippines - Did we put those 200,000 in concentration camps where they were starved, beaten and tortured to death? Were these battlefield casualties or outright murders? Or are you combining, confusing and conflating the facts as progressives do so often.

Oh, and let us not forget that most of those we fought in the Philippines WERE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS! Apparently the same mindset is in action around the world now with radical, extreme and fanatical muslim terrorists murdering everyone they do not like. 

Regarding the end of WWII - I've heard all the crap from the peaceniks about how we were not justified in dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan. The reality is that they were far from giving up. Even up to the end many were trying to stop the surrender and there was an attempted coup.

Japan still had millions of troops on the mainland of China and the rest of SE Asia. They still had nearly 10,000 planes along with a few jets thanks to the nazis. They had so indoctrinated the people that fighting on the Japanese islands would shave resulted in many times as many casualties on both sides. 

The lessons learned from the previous island battles, especially Okinawa where we suffered over 82,000 casualties including more than 12,500 DEAD were pivotable in making the decision to drop the bombs.

The expected casualty losses for the invasion of the main Japanese islands would result in up to 4,000,000 casualties with up to 800,000 DEAD according to a study done by William Schockley done for Secretary of War Henry Stimson.

Considering that more American service personnel would die to conquer the main Japanese islands alone than had died in the four year struggle to that point it is no wonder that Truman decided to drop the bombs.

Dropping the atomic bombs on Japan not only saved nearly one million American lives it undoubtedly saved many million Japanese lives.

I remember on woman, interviewed for one of those series on TV, who survived one of the atomic bomb blast say emphatically that they would have fought on as they had in other places with tremendous loss of life, especially Japanese.

So, it is easy for Peace and the rest of his ilk to condemn the use of a superior weapon against an entrenched and implacable enemy as an atrocity. However, none of them had to make the decision or be part of the fighting and dying.

Also, I once heard that we have not used up the PURPLE HEARTS that were manufactured in anticipation of the invasion of the Japanese islands nearly 70 years ago. It would be nice for someone to research this and see if it is true. 

Regarding Vietnam - I have no problem with your point about the chemical warfare we used there. I have stated this numerous times on that other site. Since Johnson would not let the air force do its job without his OK there were many wasted efforts in defeating the enemy. As Johnson is reported to have said "they don't bomb an outhouse without my OK." We did not fight the war to win in Korea or Vietnam and similarly screwed things up in Iraq and Afghanistan. I fault both Bush and the Congress for this as I have explained before.

The President is the Commander in Chief but that does not make the president the best strategist for the job. The Rules of Engagement that our troops have been handcuffed with in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other places, puts our service personnel in unnecessary danger. 

I find it a significant miscarriage of justice when a soldier is convicted of killing a terrorist who jumps up and pulls his rifle causing it to go off. Civilian casualties are to be avoided whenever possible but not at the cost of our own soldiers lives. War is a bad thing and bad things happen. Doing as much as one can to avoid such instances is admirable but not if it results in higher casualties for your side.

What slur do you suggest we call Americans to even the score card? How about YANKEE? That seems to be the one used by many around the world to denigrate Americans. 

As far as the dead palestinian children are concerned you should be looking at the larger cause of their deaths and not necessarily the immediate cause. Yes, some of those children were directly killed by Israeli fire but why were they near where that fire was directed? 

They were there because hamas doesn't give a damn about the children except as a corpse to put on TV. 

If hamas cared about the children and the other civilians they would never have started the war in the first place.

If hamas cared about the civilians they would have evacuated them from a location before engaging in hostilities.

If hamas cared about civilian casualties they would never install their offensive weapons in neighborhoods, on top of schools or hospitals, or store their weapons in those areas. 

Whether you consider me a racist for using the term Jap with regard to the quasi-religious fanatical mindset of the Japanese of the WWII era is irrelevant to me just as my considering you anti-Semitic is irrelevant to you. You have your convoluted explanations of why you aren't anti-Semitic even though you parrot the hamas, al quaeda and quasi-religious mindset tripe of the islamofascists.

My explanation of my use of the term in question is far more reasoned and rational than yours. I have no animosity toward the Japanese of today and never refer to them as Japs. I only use that term to define and separate those who fell for the propaganda of the times and became part of the atrocities in the Pacific during WWII. 

Whether you or anyone else excepts this is also of no concern to me. I will not be bound by your convoluted, politically correct parameters.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 08 @ 07:49:54 EDT (49 reads)
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 RE: Russell Brand

StuffAnonymous writes "As I heard it this so-called "extremely intelligent and contentious human being" showed up on the set of his show on 12 September 2001, dressed as Osama bin Laden! HE WAS FIRED ON THE SPOT! 

That is all I need to know about this moron of whom I was happily ignorant until he decided to get involved in stuff he obviously knows very little about. 

I know Peace looks up to this idiot as some sort of guru and know-it-all but Peace would be better served by finding someone with real intelligence and humanity. Especially not someone such and Brand who is boorish, thoughtless, hate filled and a lousy comedian on top of it all. British humor is usually quite dry but this twit has desiccated himself to the point of irrelevance.

I find Peace's idols to be quite astonishing for their lack of common decency, respect and concern for the people who are suffering at the hands of those who utilize the ideology the so adore.

I'm sure Peace is OK with the recent announcement by one of ISIS' militant islamofascist bastards of his impending marriage to a kafir. Kafirs have no human value to this fanatics and they can do anything they want with them. This Syrian kafir is all of 7 YEARS OLD but that is irrelevant to these bastards whom Peace defends. Pedophilia is nothing new to muslims as evidenced by their so-called prophet mohammad!

For those of you who have not noticed Peace gets all bent out of shape when I expose the connections between his beliefs and those of the nazis and other socialists. He also uses some of the most marginal people to justify his beliefs such as this Brand idiot. However, Peace scrupulously avoids actually addressing the crimes of those with whom he has an ideological attachment.

I have provided numerous pieces of evidence that it is the islamofascists who are waging war against the rest of the world while Peace ignore their crimes. Peace is more concerned with my referring to the Japanese of the WWII era as Japs because that is somehow a slur whereas Brit, Jew, Aussie, Russky and other similar abbreviations are not. 

As I said in my post which appeared today, Tuesday, I have explained this several times especially when I posted a few months ago about that movie regarding the Jap's atrocities in Nanking. I even did so on that other site when Peace brought it up then. Peace treats it as new revelation of my supposed racism and acts as if each time is the first time he's read it. Now, he may not like my reasons for using that term but there they are. 

I have no intention of bowing to political correctness especially when it comes to the war crimes and crimes against humanity such as we had then and as we have now where the islamofascists have power. 

We must never forget the atrocities of the past. Referring to the perpetrators of those atrocities with the derisive names they were called then is essential to remembering who they were and separating them from those living today who had nothing to do with those atrocities.

Sadly, the nazis appear to be rising again in Europe with all of the anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli protests happening in France, Britain, Germany and even here in the US. Is history repeating itself? It certainly looks as if it is. 

Check out www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EDW88CBo-8 for another explanation of the Middle East problem.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, August 06 @ 06:45:09 EDT (54 reads)
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 In the News

StuffAnonymous writes "130 econazi groups call for the end of capitalism. Was there ever any doubt that environmentalism was the new home for all forms of socialism? Not in my book as I posted about these socialists many times over the years.

ISIS is calling for the sexual mutilation of women. Erroneously referred to as "female circ-umcision" this barbaric islamic practice is intended to eliminate any pleasure a woman might get from sex. In the deranged and barbaric islamofascist mind only men are allowed pleasure. The woman is there to serve the man however he demands.

DC Circus Court panel strikes down subsidies for ObamaCare indicating that plain language of the law limits the subsidies to the state exchanges. On the same day another Circus Court rules the opposite basically saying that the law isn't what was written but what they think the Congress meant to write. This will undoubtedly go to the SCOTUS where it is hoped that unbiased legal minds will determine that the law is what is written and not put their own political prejudices in the decision.

Lerner's hard drive somehow got scratched. That's the new story. However, now it seems that backup copies of her emails are available. This violation of law and the Constitution by the Obama administration would be comical if it were not so serious a collaborative effort by so many in the administration to deny so many people their Constitutional Rights and a vast crime to boot!

Apparently the emails of 20 other people are lost too. Is it a coincidence that some 25% of those who appear to have been participants in this crime have computer problems? If you believe this is just a coincidence you are an mind numbed obamaton idiot!

Hamas fires at Israeli troops from abandoned hospital. After taking a couple of days to verify that there are no patients or medical personnel in the building Israel hits it. Apparently there was a terrorist tunnel under the hospital.

Israel has found more than two dozen sophisticated tunnels in Gaza, most leading right into Israel. One was even found under an elementary school. Some Hamas terrorists have been found to have handcuffs and drugs to immobilize captives they intended to take hostages. Oh, these terrorists were killed in their attempt to exit one of their tunnels. In the last exchange of Israel gave up 1,000 terrorists for one Israeli soldier.

Another UN school was found to have Hamas rockets in it. Oddly the rockets then disappeared. Probably were put in another UN school, hospital or someone's home.

Hamas children's show, looks like their version of Sesame Street, advocates killing Jews. Watch it yourself at - www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ORAM-usqhQ. Also check out palwatch.org for more truth about these bastards

It is a violation of international law and the rules of war to specifically utilize civilian buildings or the civilians themselves as shields against destruction by opposing forces. Therefore the Hamas terrorists are war criminals.

Michael Moore, noted anti-ccapitalist and gigantic hypocrite, apparently has no problem with capitalism for himself. Though he still claims not to be part of the evil 1% he is a multimillionaire and owns 9 homes. Well he won't own them all for much longer as this information was released as a result of a divorce so his wife will probably get half of everything, except him. I assume she's had enough of him too.

Recently released information indicates that the bastards who attacked our facilities in Benghazi managed to move into a building or buildings next to the compound months before the attack. They were undoubtedly able to monitor everything going on there in preparation for the most opportune moment to attack. Why wasn't their presence so near to our facilities noticed and communicated to all parts of out government?

Illegal aliens traveling through Mexico are subjected to all kinds of abuse, sexual assault, theft and murder all thanks to Obama's thoughtless comments regarding young illegals. The unintended consequences of this invasion are something Obama should have thought about but his only concern was pushing his amnesty agenda.

80-85% of illegal aliens are not unaccompanied children according to the Lt-Governor of Texas.

Miriam Ibrahim and here family have finally made it to safety in Italy. They had an audience with the Pope and will stay a few days before traveling to the US. This is the woman who was condemned to death for being a Christian and refused to deny her faith. Her treatment by those bastards was a human rights crime in itself. The change from her wedding picture where she is an astounding beauty to the picture of her chained to a cot in prison is chilling. In the latter picture she looked like she was a survivor of Auschwitz. I would personally love to see her sue the Sudan for the maltreatment and get millions.
Doc Bill
PS - See you at Harborfest!

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, July 26 @ 03:09:43 EDT (70 reads)
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 Remember the good old days. . .

StuffMax writes "Remember the good old days when we used to have fun on this site, talking about old times, places and people and sharing memories of life in Oz as we were growing up?

Yeah, me neither.

Adios IO

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 15 @ 04:56:23 EDT (91 reads)
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 RE: Norman Finkelstein

StuffAnonymous writes "It figures that Peace would pick the controversial Norman Finkelstein to support his erroneous claims. 

A quick check on Wikipedia explains one hell of a lot about this guy.

1.  Finkelstein describes himself as an "old-fashioned communist." Before that he was an avid Maoist.

2. Finkelstein's mother, a Holocaust survivor, was an ardent pacifist. His father also survived the Holocaust. A childhood friend of Finkelstein's described his mother having an "emotional investment in left-wing humanitarian causes as bordering on hysteria." The friend said that Finkelstein had so internalized his mother's beliefs that he became "insufferable" when talking about Vietnam.

3. Once Finkelstein read Noam Chomsky drivel he became a true believer in the extreme, radical left-wing crusades. This may also be why Peace is so enraptured with Finkelstein - They both idolize the same progressive demigod. 

4. Finkelstein has a somewhat checkered teaching history working at Rutgers, NYU, Brooklyn College and then Hunter College. He left Hunter after the administration significantly reduced his teaching load and salary. Could that have been because of his left-wing, radical beliefs?.

5. Finkelstein's criticism of Peters' book was his Doctoral Thesis at Princeton. 

6. Peters' book was effusively received by mainstream US media sources and by such notable individuals as Barbara Tuchman, Theodore H. White, Elie Weisel and Lucy Dawidowicz. Saul Bellow wrote a jacket endorsement. He said, "Millions of people the world over, smothered by false history and propaganda, will be grateful for this clear account of the origins of the Palestinians." (Note- the Philistines mentioned in my precious post were not Arabs.)

7. Finkelstein had quite a dispute with Alan Dershowitz, in one case claiming that he was guilty of plagiarism. In the end ELENA KAGAN, before she was appointed to the SCOTUS,  asked former HARVARD PRESIDENT Derek Bok to investigate this claim. BOK EXONERATED DERSHOWITZ!

8. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePaul University. He didn't go easily and had lots of radical left-wing supported but eventually he resigned on 5 September 2007. Dershowitz did get involved in that by sending his "dossier" on Finkelstein which undoubtedly enrage him more though DePaul denied it had any influence on the decision.

9. Finkelstein was denied entry to Israel in 2008. Imagine, the child of Holocaust survivors is denied entry to Israel!

10. Finkelstein has expressed his support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

11. Finkelstein supported the Second Intifada.

I'm not sure what he is doing now but he has had support from Chomsky and other radial, left-wing nut cases so he undoubtedly is being support by them in some way working for their causes. It is really irrelevant to the issue at hand.

It is obvious that Finkelstein is a self hating Jew! That is my opinion. His entire history is one of extreme, radical, left-wing ideology, writings and activities. Just the kind of personal history that sucks in people like Peace.

Therefore, I do not believe that Finkelstein's assertions regarding Joan Peters' book on Palestinians is worth the paper it is written on.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, July 14 @ 06:44:21 EDT (90 reads)
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 RE: Lies

StuffAnonymous writes "A pole by CNN several months ago indicated the 58% Oppose Abortion in All or Most Cases. I apologize for relying on such a right wing, Conservative organization for my information. I guess this poll is a fraud and I got sucked in. Maybe I should restrict myself to my usual sources. Then, again, maybe CNN got it right? I'll let the reader decide.

However, Peace would have you believe that such misinformation is a lie and as a result everything I post is a lie to be ignored. Considering all the lies that are coming for the Obama administration no one, not even Peace, should believe anything that bunch of criminals says. 

Peace is now getting all bent out of shape because I refer to his side as progressives. I've explained this many times before and will not do so again here. This just goes to reinforce what I've said about progressives, liberals, democrats, socialists, and the rest, that they do not want you to really know what they are about. They all hide their true intentions with sweet sounding rhetoric hoping that you never look at their actions and the results of those actions to make your decisions. 

Liberals hate to be called liberal. Progressives hate to be called progressive. The same is true with the rest of the myriad of leftist ideologies as they all try to appear moderate, middle of the road, until they get elected. And worst of all they hate being connected to their ideological comrades - the Nazis, Fascists, Communists, etc. as Peace demonstrated so well with his rebuttals to the truth. So, he's at it again, trying to maintain the facade of the progressives hiding amongst the other leftists though he himself fully admits to being a socialist. He just tries to make socialism seem to kind and helpful rather than the oppressive and eventually murderous denier of individual rights that it really is.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 08 @ 05:33:58 EDT (77 reads)
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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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