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 John Lennon, "Famous wife beater"?

StuffAnonymous writes "Sounds like a thinly veiled Doc Bill post.  First we have "Eugenics Queen" Margaret Sanger and now "famous wife beater" John Lennon.  I do begin sentences with conjunctions consciously because I consider it an act of defiance.  Stylistic choices are one thing, clearly misusing and misspelling words is something else.  There is no excuse in my mind to use "you're" when you mean "your." 
And yes, it is especially lonely in a city like Oswego.  And the United States as a whole is generally frustrating given the large numbers of mean-spirited right-wing people ruining the culture and the society.  In this country one has to argue with people who deny the human-caused climate crisis, who make excuses for plutocracy and oligarchy, who think gun ownership is the most important political issue, who get all moralistic about "killing babies" via abortion but sit and applaud and "support the troops" as the U.S. military slaughters actual living, breathing human children with drones and bombs and bullets the world over century after century [is this sentence long enough for ya?]  You hafta argue with unevolved people with gun fetishes, who care little if schoolchildren are shot to death.  It is frustrating as someone who has never owned, held, shot a gun to live amongst cavemen who will vote for plutocracy and corporate destruction of the planet because of one stupid issue.  It's frustrating that in America we can't have an intelligent politics because Republicans still believe in "God," and still think the 2nd Amendment is relevant and somehow evolves to include assault weapons but the rest of the Constitution is not a living doc-ument, and still hate minorities and immigrants (even though every Republican is a descendent of immigrants ... and today's "illegal" immigrants escaping U.S.-imposed misery in Central America aren't committing genocide to move here unlike the original immigrants who took about 250 years to wipe out Native American civilization from sea to shining sea and turn this beautiful land into a transcontinental commercial cesspool.)  

And by the way, John Lennon was f***ing awesome.  Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream.  It is not dying, it is not dying.  Lay down all thought, surrender to the void, it is shining, it is shining. 

Peace  "

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, April 14 @ 08:03:42 EDT (5 reads)
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 Margaret Sanger

StuffAnonymous writes "I suggest people read a biographical essay on Margaret Sanger to get the totality of the woman.  Bill's inflation of the eugenics issue is typical manipulation on his part.  He's misrepresenting and distorting Sanger's ideas and taking quotations out of context.  Bill will stop at nothing to vilify socialists, rebels, progressives and visionaries.  Sanger's efforts to advocate and popularize contraception was an important contribution in the historical process to liberate women.  Naturally Bill opposes that as he opposes any progress in human affairs.  He's a silly, silly man.
Peace    "

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, April 11 @ 05:01:56 EDT (25 reads)
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 A job well done 'Z'

StuffAnonymous writes "Hey Z, good post man.  Coupla things:

1) I'd like you to explain to all of us what the "you're" in your statement "you're cutting and pasting of Doc's post ..." is supposed to contribute grammatically to the discussion?  Maybe you never learned this but "you're" is a contraction meaning "you are."  So your statement reads "A job well done peace, you are cutting and pasting of Doc's post to completely distort what he actually said ..."  I think what you meant to say was "your" not "you're."  It's ok, I think the OCSD is offering remedial grammar classes for adults to make up for the work they didn't do when people like you were actually in elementary school not learning how to read and write.  And you're not alone.  25% of adults in Oswego according to the Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County are also functionally illiterate.

2) The second point is that in my piece that you refer to I thought I did an adequate job of laying the sarcasm on pretty thick.  Usually when the phrase "But seriously ..." follows a collection of words it's an indication that the preceding words likely were not meant to be taken, well, seriously.  But, since reading and writing is not your strong suit, I guess we can let that one pass as well and blame those truly responsible for your reading comprehension deficiencies : THE EVIL TEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly (or is it you'res truly? hee hee hee)

Peace the Dirtball

P.S.  I did write to journalist extraordinaire Jon Spaulding a few years ago asking if he wanted to revolutionize the Palladium Times by actually including substantive material.  He condescendingly said there was no place for a paid radical left perspective in his glorious, historic, apolitical, centuries-old bastion of Unbiased Community-Oriented Citizen-Serving Journalistic Integrity.  So alas, no journalism career for me ... and Canale's Restaurant can still safely advertise its Pizza of the Week in the pages of the Palladium Times without fear of Communist subversion.


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 09 @ 07:38:36 EDT (30 reads)
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 Readers Rejoice! I'm done with Bill.

StuffAnonymous writes "After Bill's rant yesterday I'm going to stop wasting my time with him.  The readers of this page now have a good sample size of my writing and Bill's writing.  For Bill to call Margaret Sanger "the Eugenics Queen" is evidence enough that this man has lost touch with reality.  There comes a point where the leftist writer has to put faith in the reader's ability to differentiate genuine critical analysis from the kind of crude propaganda Bill subjects us to day after day.  His "arguments" are not even worth responding to.  Progressives want a better country and a better world.  People like Bill do not.
Peace    "

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 08 @ 05:55:23 EDT (23 reads)
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 Re: empresslola

StuffAnonymous writes "Empresslola, your comments are just a ridiculous distortion of my positions.  I never called for the "murdering of babies."  I agree with most Americans that abortion should be safe, legal and rare.  But if the choice is between abortion as a legal right for women and what "conservatives" advocate, the severe restriction or even outright banning of abortion, I choose to be pro-choice.  I think it's a difficult moral question, I've struggled with it personally.
Now, on the question of limiting the number of children people have.  Yes, I do think given the exponential growth of human population globally since the Industrial Revolution, and the strain of the planet's finite resources, and the environmental damage we're seeing manifest (topsoil depletion, scarcity of water resources, etc etc ... it is logical and intelligent to tell Mormons and Bangladeshis and whoever else that the era of having 10 or 15 children needs to come to an end.  The Earth simply cannot sustain continued population growth on the order of what the United Nations is projecting.  20 billion people is too many.  Today's population of 7 billion is too many.  There's nothing wrong with articulating that obvious reality.
Peace  "

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 06 @ 07:05:19 EDT (43 reads)
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 Doc Bill Is Wrong About Fascism (Surprise Surprise)

StuffAnonymous writes "First of all, Bill's definition of fascism is not accurate.  Benito Mussolini, who knew something about fascism, said, "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."  Now, I'm just going to make a series of points today instead of spending an hour writing a dissertation on why most everything Bill wrote is rubbish.  
1) Fascism is the consolidation of corporate economic and governmental power in the hands of a few.  That's what we have in the United States and the Republicans are the driving force behind it. 

2) Taking Bill's elements of fascism: the dictator.  That's just window dressing.  Fascism today is more nuanced.  The fact of the matter is that corporations, plutocrats, oligarchs run the American state.  They buy politicians of both parties, but have a tighter grip on Republicans.  The Supreme Court 5-4 rulings on behalf of the rich and corporate power are decided by Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Kennedy, the so-called "conservative" justices i.e. Republican, fascist, corporatist.  We have corporate government, not popular democracy ... that's fascism.
3) "Belligerent nationalism and racism" Do we even need to comment?  Republicans and their media beat people over the heads with flag-waving and Murica worship.  Republicans dominate the South, i.e. the heartland of American racism.  Republicans are almost exclusively a party of white people.  We can delve deeper into this if necessary.
4) "suppression of opposition ..." Republicans are the ones passing voter suppression laws.  Republicans are the ones gerrymandering to maintain control of a House of Representatives in which more Americans voted for Democrats than Republicans in the last election.  Republicans are opposed to campaign finance reform and want government to go to the highest bidder.  Republican obstructionism does not allow Democrats to govern the coun try even when Democrats win elections.  Republicans imposed a terrifying right-wing agenda on the American people after Bush-Cheney stole the election of 2000 with the aid of the right-wing Supreme Court.  Al Gore won the election and Ralph Nader's left-wing movement gained millions more votes ... the will of the country was for progressivism ... Republicans gave the country the most right-wing, fascist regime in American history.
5) "Socioeconomic controls" Um, Wall Street and corporate dictatorship along with government policies ensuring that the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer creating the worst wealth inequiality since the 1920's is pretty severe socioeconomic control.
6) "through terror and censorship" ... Well, some would call the prison-industrial complex disproportionately imprisoning non-whites and creating both the largest per capita and total prison population in the world terror.  The NRA and the existence of a belligerent armed population voting Republican terrifies many.  Breaking up peaceful protest with increasingly militarized police forces is terror.  Again, we can go on and on.  Censorship?  A bought media perhaps.  The suppression of left-wing thought on mainstream media.  For decades, Noam Chomsky has been on television all over the world discussing politics.  But not in his home country.  Chomsky is uncontroversially one of the most important intellectuals of the past 100 years and he barely appears on the corporate media in his own country.  The right-wing machine buying the public airwaves is de facto censorship.  And don't give me CNN and MSNBC ... the entire media is corporate, promotes the assumptions of corporate capitalism and as you yourself admit, most Americans choose to watch Fox News which is to say most people sit passively as crude right-wing fascist garbage is pumped non-stop into their heads.
7) National Socialism is right-wing.  It is extreme right-wing.  Progressivism and leftism argue for internationalism, common humanity.  Nazis, like Republicans today, were vicious flag-waving super-nationalists.  They despised minorities as Republicans despise African Americans, Latinos, homosexuals.  The Nazis believed in belligerent relations with other nations and large military budgets ... Republican administrations invariably jack up military spending (not "defense" spending but empire spending) and use their belligerent policies to destroy other government social programs designed to help the citizens of the country.  Hitler and the Nazis hated Marxism!  Marxism is international socialism.  Hitler deliberately used the phrase National Socialism in direct opposition to anything the left and progressives regard as socialism.  Tod dem Marxismus, "Death to Marxism," was a ubiquitous Nazi slogan.  Marx was Jewish, the leading representative of the type of thinking the Nazis condemned.  Einstein was a true socialist, he didn't find Hitler's Germany too comfortable for socialists (especially Jewish socialists.)  Any attempt by Doc Bill to suggest Nazism was anything other than extreme right-wing is a criminal distortion of history and an insult to the Partisan movements of genuine leftists who fought against the Nazi domination of Europe all through the Second World War.
8) Now, to bring it all back home, the Republican Party is the dominant party of corporate government, extreme American nationalism and belligerence, delegitimizing Democratic Party governance, money in politics, suppressing African American and minority voting in North Carolina, Texas and elsewhere, destroying social programs.  Republicans do nothing to reduce the size of government when they are in power.  They drive up spending, mostly war and military, while reducing taxes thereby creating huge deficits which they say must be reduced only when Democratic administrations come to power (a power they can rarely exercise because of thuggish Republican obstructionism).  There's also an anti-intellectual, anti-science, pro-theocratic element to Republicans symbolized by the House voting to defund climate research, to remove restrictions on coal and other energy companies' right to pollute and destroy the environment for profits.  Republicans have a sick devotion to business profits as the supreme good regardless of the fact that profits are destroying the chances for long-term survival of humans on the planet and nearly all of the economic benefits of past decades have gone into the pockets of the rich.  The Republican Party is the countries' leading proponent of fascism and corporate government.  Voting for them is no different than voting for the apocalypse.

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, April 05 @ 06:03:38 EDT (53 reads)
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 Doc Bill's Vision of Corporate Slavery

StuffAnonymous writes "Doc Bill, passionate though he is, still resides in the 18th century ... not even the real 18th century but Rush Limbaugh's 18th century.  The Declaration and the Constitution were nice for the 18th century, it's nice that they are secular, that Enlightenment principles guided the intellectual basis for the country, that Jefferson built up a wall of separation blocking religion from any place in public life, etc etc.  But the fact is that "we the living" (Thomas Paine) are now being anchored to the oldest Constitution in the world, a Constitution created in a world before climate change, industrial capitalism, the growth of multinational corporate tyrannies, nuclear weapons and so on and so forth (and let's not forget the limitations and hypocrisy of our founding do*****ents - Jefferson still referred to Indian savages in the Declaration, the Constitution was an elite do*****ent intended in large part to shield elites and their property from more popular democratic movements - Shays' Rebellion etc - and that neither do*****ent did anything about slavery, women's position as 2nd class citizens etc.)  As historian Gordon Wood has written, "The Constitution was intrinsically an aristocratic do*****ent designed to check the democratic tendencies of the period."  And we should always remember that the Constitution was barely implemented, that what came to be called Antifederalists had some serious concerns about creating such a concentration of power, that many saw 1789 as a repudiation of 1776. 
So, long story short, we have to get real, I'm sure all of us can recite right-wing talking points about individual initiative and the like.  The fact of the matter is that if we do not radically change the system under which we live - the system of prices and profits, wage labor, growing inequality, climate disruption on behalf of rapacious corporate profit motives, imperial war and aggression - there's not going to be a viable human race around much longer to pursue happiness (or to pursue anything else) because we'll be extinct.  Climate change is not a joke.  We have one planet to live on, for ourselves and for every generation of humans to come, and if we don't shut off the corporate capitalist machine now then there ain't gonna be much more to the human story (despite promises God made Noah). 
If you're going to have millionaires and billionaires buying the government as we have now, if you're going to leave Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson and the entire class of right-wing billionaire aristocrats "free" to "pursue happiness" by collecting all the money and all the power in our "free society" then you're going to have to accept the fact that many people need government programs to survive.  Socialists imagine a different society where great fortunes do not exist and humans live peacefully on a global scale.  And as you say, the majority of welfare goes to the rich ... to Wall Street, to oil companies, to off-shore tax havens.  The Founders, even the most conservative of them, did not think they were creating a country that would create the level of economic inequality that we see today.  America today, plutocratic and oligarchic as it is, was not the intention of the people who started the country.  We the people need to wrest power back from the corporate plutocrats and Wall Street oligarchs.  That should be a program both conservatives and progressives could unite on.  Unfortunately conservatives like Doc Bill continue to live in a fantasy world where the only problem seems to be poor and struggling people unable to find sufficient jobs in the system that is destroying the planet.  What if everyone had a job and government programs were no longer necessary?  We'd still have catastrophic climate change, we'd still have the rich getting richer and everyone else getting poorer.  The reason "half the country" is "living off" the other half is because of the idiotic corporate capitalist system that creates that reality.  I'm all for changing the system and equalizing living standards for all the citizens.  But if conservatives are going to continue to say that the planet can somehow sustain billionaires, rich people generally, and that the capitalist system remains somehow viable on a planet being pushed to its limits then we're going to have to agree to disagree.  Doc Bill has the advantage because most Americans, even so-called liberals, have been indoctrinated by the ideas promulgated by the corporate media, the education system, and all the baggage coming down to us through generations.  Until middle-class people direct their animosity at the rich rather than the poor no change is possible.
Peace (* I guess you can't write the word do*****ent on here because some of the letters in the middle spell something nasty ... whoever administers this site should make that change, you also can't say ac*****ulate wealth for the same reason)"

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 02 @ 06:18:49 EDT (29 reads)
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 Re: Beginning of End

StuffAnonymous writes "I agree with much of your article.  I think the rich could obviously pay a lot more, as a socialist and a humanist and somebody who thinks equality is a better ideal than the liberty to make as much as you can.  Americans have forgotten the long historical struggle that produced the popular notion that EQUALITY IS GOOD!  The corporate-political-ownership class scared the hell out of the American people after WWII to get them to hate socialism, to hate the idea that great wealth (and great poverty) should be done away with and that human society works best when people have equal living standards.  If the United States and the world drastically reduced military spending and the inefficient distribution of wealth, I think we could still solve many of the problems you refer to: overpopulation, dwindling social services for people, etc.  But it would take something like a socialist revolution (not the USSR, not China, but true genuine socialism - which is really just genuine democracy, not rule by the rich).  We would have to do away with the profit motive, with the ability for small groups to amass great wealth, with corporate devastation of the planet's resources and environment.  War would have to be relegated to our barbaric past ... we would need a peaceful world working together towards common human goals.  We would need local economies, simpler lives, less pollution.  We would have to revolutionize the way we think and the way we live.  Simple.
Peace   "

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 01 @ 07:29:47 EDT (32 reads)
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 Was Marx right? (yep)

StuffAnonymous writes "http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/03/30/was-marx-right?rref=homepage&module=Ribbon&version=context®ion=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Room%20for%20Debate&pgtype=blogs"

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 01 @ 07:29:38 EDT (26 reads)
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 The Oswego Website War

StuffAnonymous writes "It is pleasing to see that others do not believe that restricting this, or any, site to only those issues affecting the City of Oswego would be good for anyone. Such restrictions would only serve to keep the people from learning about those things which will definitely affect them from the outside. It is akin to hiding under one's bed or playing the proverbial ostrich. 

I am not surprised that Peace sees the other site as practically useless. We have had many opposing positions in many debates but if memory serves me correctly there are a great deal of issues upon which we agreed. I'm not sure that he understands this as he hardly ever acknowledged the posts in which I pointed out those agreements. 

I pity those who cannot see beyond the borders of the city or of their minds. I do not remember who coined this statement but is most certainly true. "There are three types of people - those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened!" Those who want to keep things local will undoubtedly be surprised when the world comes crashing down upon them. It is possible that such surprises might be pleasant ones but it is far more likely that the surprises will not be something they like or want.

Being part of the debate or at least reading the various arguments in the debate will keep one up to date on issues and events. This will prepare those individuals for whatever happens far better than if they ignored those issues or events.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, March 30 @ 03:41:34 EDT (31 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "It sure doesn't take much to put you Liberals into a frenzy does it? All of your replies are so typical of the liberal style of debate. We have the quazi intellectuals who think they know whats best for society and we have the ignorant "victims" who think society owes them something. Throw in the racist fool ranting on and on about the white man, and you have a perfect little representation of the liberal movement. Oh, lets not forget "demographics" man, using some little tidbit of vague information as the basis for his whole political ideology. Listen up stupid, I am not old, in my 30's actually, and I know plenty of people my age who have not fallen for the liberal hypocrisy that fools like you spit out.  z

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, March 27 @ 07:00:49 EDT (42 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)


StuffAnonymous writes "You're just another moron , shut the hell up.LOL

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, March 26 @ 05:58:54 EDT (44 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

 RE: Replies of 3/17/14

StuffAnonymous writes ""There were never WMD in Iraq." 


Then how did all those Kurds murdered? 

Did they just drop dead one day? 

Did they decide to pose in death in exactly the way bodies are contorted when exposed to poison gas? 

Did they murder their own children and pose them in those contorted positions and commit suicide?

Your statement does not conform to the known facts and doc-umentation that is easily found if you bother to check things out for yourself.

Saddam murdered thousands of Kurds with poison gas! Therefore he had WMD's!

The situation in the Middle East is volatile and has been so for thousands of years. Obama's handling of the situation did not improve anything and in fact made things worse. He basically told the Egyptians to go for democracy and supported, at least with words, the demonstrations and ouster of Mubarak. Then they elected the muslim brotherhood and that bunch then did away with democracy and moved toward an islamic state under sharia law. The people realized their grave error and now were are where we are.

I agree in part with you regarding the Republicans and democrats. I have stated numerous times that there are far too many "elite," or "RINO" Republicans running things and they are far too in tune with the democrats. These people are really in the "government party" which has a Republican section and a democrat section. I have said many times that they are only interested in gaining and keeping power over the people and gathering as much money and economic power to themselves to give out as they see fit to those who subordinate themselves to the ruling elite.

As for the democrats, this is not the party of JFK. It has been taken over by the 60's radicals and they are very far to the left of Kennedy and far closer to the radical progressives that have poisoned politics and society for 100+ years. I have explained all of this ion previous posts so refer to the archives.  

The best way for the people to control the government is to keep things local. That means a smaller federal government. With politics on a sate and local level the people will be able to exert far more influence than they presently can. 

There is not much that separates your comments from mine, except your incorrect statement about WND's in Iraq. You can classify me any anything you want, I do not care as it does not matter one iota. I am a Conservative, libertarians are also Conservatives and vice versa but with some differences, and I explained how I changed from a moderate numerous times.

Regarding poster number 2. Again, I am not the issue and not the cause of the problems we face. Therefore, attacking me solves nothing. Again, this is a typical progressive ad hominem attack to distract others from the fact that you are unable to debate issues.

Please explain how my posts are delusional. If they were then there would not be any cohesiveness to them and they would not flow within a topic or between topics. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It is insane to continuously push socialism because it has never worked and never will. Therefore, the progressive political agenda is exponentially insane.

You believe whatever you want about Sarah Palin. The left is so terrified about her they had to make up all kind of lies to discredit her and destroy her personally. You believe all that crap which definitely demonstrates your lack of intellect or curiosity. If someone is so stupid how did they manage to become so vilified by opponents. It never occurs to you that the orchestrated attacks against Sarah Palin and other Conservatives and Conservative organizations was created because the left so feared these people and groups. The leftists were at a loss to deal with the issues and resorted to the personal attacks according to the "Rule for Radicals."

I am not going to do your homework for you. If you want to know what the Republicans in the House have done just go to the House's website and find out what legislation has been passed and what each bill was about. Then go to the Senate's website and see what happened to them. You sill find that Hapless Harry has done nothing with most of them choosing to freeze action on many important issues. 

You will never do this because it involves far too much effort. You'd rather get all you information from the ObamaMedia which is nothing more than a part of the Obama administration. You will get far more facts and real information from Fox News but you've never watch them because to accept without thought that they are always wrong.

You are the stupid one because you refuse to educate yourself to the truth. You'd rather stick with what makes you feel good rather than what you need to know is the truth.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, March 20 @ 04:19:54 EDT (37 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

 RE: Anonymous

StuffAnonymous writes "I've never said that it is wrong for others to use the word "hatred." That is the purview of you progressives, making the use of certain words a crime. What I have said is that you are wrong about your claim that we progressives hate people. Pick your favorite group, women, democrats, liberals, progressives, blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, other minorities, the old, children, the handicapped, left handed people, right handed people, etc. Heck, you might as well throw in things such as clean air, clean water, clean land, etc. What you are doing is projecting or transferring you own hatreds onto us and then trying to make it look as if you are the ones who are so loving and care for all these groups and other issues. The truth is you care about all these issues only as long as they can provide you with the power and money you crave so much.

Would you please provide me examples of how my posts are disjointed? This site has an archive so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to pick out numerous examples. The last thing I am is sophomoric! I am most assuredly self-assured and definitely opinionated but nothing I have posted could ever be described as immature.

What is immature is your response. As usual you have resorted to vile accusations typical of the mindless progressive ad hominem attack. I could not care less what you think of me. I AM NOT THE ISSUE NOR THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS THAT THIS COUNTRY FACES. 

As far as our energy resources are concerned I believe that we need to use all of them. It is unfortunate that Obama had wasted billions of our dollars on failed "Green Energy" frauds. Quite a number of those companies that got government funding were in deep financial trouble at the time. Fortunately for them, their owners or supporters were BIG OBAMA DONORS and so they got free money from the taxpayers. The list of those companies that have gone bankrupt is significant. I believe that many of these actually involved fraud as some went belly up very soon after cashing that government check.

Fracking has not been proven to cause any significant problems. I remember reading about fracking possibly being responsible for a minor earthquake but do not remember if any specific causal relationship was definitively determined. There are a lot of people who claim tracking caused problems but none of those claims proved to be valid. We see a tremendous increase in the amount of oil coming out of N. Dakota where people are making 6 figures right out of the starting gate. Like it or not fossil fuels are not going away any time soon. If we do not produce them someone else will and both China and India will use all they can get their hands on. 

Remember, in the 1970's the "Experts" told us that we had only 15 years more of oil left and then the tanks would run dry. Every decade or so the "Experts" told us that there were only 15 more years of oil left and they have been wrong every time. The US has more energy reserves than the entire Middle East has COMBINED! We are importing less oil now, thanks to fracking, and if Obama would listen to reason we could be energy independent very soon. Maybe we could then stick it to the rest selling them our energy. This, far more than any other possible way, will provide the funds necessary to perfect alternative energy sources.

You fear of Sarah Palin is very apparent. She isn't running for anything and yet she occupies your every moment! You undoubtedly have nightmares about her running things and you wake up with a big puddle in your bed or maybe dirty sheets after loosing control of your bowels. It is easy to tell who progressives fear the most as they are the ones progressives attack with the most vicious ad hominem vocabulary they can think of. This happens even when the subject of their hate and wrath hasn't done or said anything.

I am well aware of the futility of trying to get anything into those closed mines that progressives have. You call me closed minded? Again this is nothing more than your projection of your own mindless, religiously held feelings totally depended upon the cult of progressivism. Just like Chris Matthews, you get a thrill up your legs when you think of Obama, see him or hear him. You undoubted climax uncontrolably every time you get that thrill which is why you attempt to transfer those reactions to me. You believe everything he and his minions say and you cannot nor will you ever try to find out on your own what is really going on. You make a great serf at least as far as you being controlled by the masters is concerned. Whether or not you are a good worker cannot be determined at this time do to lack of information.

Do some research and check out more than the ObamaMedia and your eyes might open a bit. If Hillary does win in '16, this country will be truly lost. Hillary, though somewhat more viable than Obama, still has nothing in her portfolio that indicates she'll be a great president. The biggest accomplishment in her career was heading the "bimbo eruptions team" when her felonious husband was president. She did nothing as our Senator and her mistakes as Secretary of State approach being catastrophic. She, just like the rest of the Obama administration, lied about almost everything ESPECIALLY BENGHAZI!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, March 19 @ 05:13:43 EDT (30 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "Right on my man, right on.

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, February 25 @ 04:04:16 EST (47 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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