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 i rest my case

StuffAnonymous writes "right after my closing argument: you "two" fellas have finally agreed on something. which is i should divulge my name. hells no...im just a troll making fun of "two" dork"s". you "two" call yoursel"ves" pundits. trolls are always anonymous.... and pundits are PROUD to admit who they are. im really just here to say ; until you admit who you are, theres no reason for even just one person to read your endless compositions. thats how i know absolutely no one pays attn to you "two". you have utterly nothing to worry about as far as people confronting you in real life...that is so psychotic of you to worry about. now that you say something so paranoid, i realize the source of your schizophrenic self aggrandizing and insatiable addiction to reading your own opinions on a daily website

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, October 21 @ 05:04:35 EDT (30 reads)
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 doc bill and peace...blah de blah

StuffAnonymous writes "clack clack clack....faster faster, typing faster...so many words...what i mean is you two(?) are faceless...no one knows if you have any integrity.  the first step of mutual respect, courage to expose your uninhibited true identity, is impossible if you wont even sign your real name to the millions of words you "publish" here. i dont mind that IO is devoid of pertinent towny news, im simply stating the original theme was gossip, but theres no gossip...its just a nice lil city with a great friggin lake to enjoy...there will be a community revival sometime soon...be patient you laptop clacking freaks....i will get my liberal and conservative info from authors who have ballz to sign their real name"

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, October 19 @ 05:53:25 EDT (45 reads)
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 i would take the smack instead of dunkin garbage

StuffAnonymous writes "so funny you mention pointless facts, which actually make you sound worse than a heroin addict...youre bringing your perfect angel kid to fill his veins with awful poison from dunkin at night!?!? and you will never realize how bad it is to ever let children touch such disgusting filth that sonehow passes as food....i repeat...it is in fact not fit for human consumption...never eat that brain shredding $#!+ ever again"

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, October 18 @ 05:23:14 EDT (48 reads)
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 More News

StuffAnonymous writes "Obama says we're better off than when his administration started. Sure we are. 

More people are unemployed, collecting food stamps, working part time and the average family has lost some $3,000 of income. The hated 1% are far wealthier thanks to Obama's policies.

Gas has doubled, food prices are higher. Energy costs are high and could be reduced by accessing our own supplies but Obama is beholding to the econazis and refuses to OK the big pipeline and open federal lands to drilling.

The treasury has received record taxes but that is still not enough for progressives. The federal deficit continues to grow and until it starts to shrink there aren't enough budget cuts. Cutting out all the duplicate programs could significantly reduce deficits simply by eliminating the federal workers. In some cases there are dozens of departments doing the same thing.

Libya is a disaster. ISIS and other islamofascist groups, all connected in some way to the decimated Al Qaeda, are stronger and growing. The leaders of the supposedly decimated "core Al Qaeda" are doing just fine in Syria having moved from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bush 43 predicted in 2007 what would happen in Iraq if we left too soon and his predictions have unfortunately come true thanks to the incompetence of Obama. Obama overruled his military advisors and probably listened to Jarret, Rice and the other idiots who surround him. It is obvious that Obama is great at campaigning but totally lost at leading.

Obama has spent more time on the golf course than attending his daily briefings. While he blamed the intelligence divisions for his failure regarding ISIS those divisions have been providing detailed information on ISIS for two years! Obama also denies that he ever said they were the JV but the record proves him a liar again.

The darling of the Hollywood elite, the cop killing murderer Mumia, is scheduled to be the keynote speaker for a Vermont college. Apparently he's done this before. It was also revealed that he is the host of a radio program. Why is he allowed to do this from prison?????? Pressure from his progressive followers of note in Hollywood? Most likely.

A radical imam who called for the deaths of American service personnel and who was prohibited from entering the US will speak at another graduation, I think it is Yale. If he's doing this in person who has authorized this terrorists entry into the US?

That mystery pulmonary disease has now killed a number of children and is affecting children in 45+ states. Funny how this crapped up after tens of thousands of illegal alien children were secretly shipped all over the country by the Obama administration. Coincidence? Maybe, but that will have to be proven to me beyond a reasonable doubt!

The guy in Dallas with EBOLA lied on his exit questionnaire in Liberia about being in contact or near anyone with EBOLA. Liberia wants him back so they can prosecute him, assuming he lives. There may also be other cases in the country but that hasn't yet been confirmed.

Some African countries are not allowing anyone from the infected countries to enter. England and France have stopped all flights from those countries. WHY ARE WE WAITiNG???

GO REDSKINS! Red Mesa Redskins.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, October 03 @ 03:17:31 EDT (123 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "Peace has been banned from Oswego Lying???!!!! The Emperor really banned him?? Maybe the Emperor isn't so bad after all eliminating such an unpatriotic, hate filled guy especially when it comes to the US and Israel.

Peace got all bent out of shape over Captain Ed's truthful explanations of the responsibilities of citizenship as related to the Second Amendment. Since Peace is so anti-American it comes as no surprise that he refuses to do his civic duty and be prepared to be called up to defend the country.

I do wonder though if Captain Ed isn't an alter ego for the Emperor himself. That would certainly explain Peace being banned when he tried to respond to the Captain's great explanations of how the Second Amendment works and the responsibilities for citizens. It is something to consider.

Now Peace his ranting about all the bad countries were are allying with to fight even worse guys who want to take over the world. As far as Peace is concerned we should stay out of it and let ISIS, or whomever, take over the Middle East. Peace would not be sad to see that bunch take out Israel. As far as Peace is concerned the Jews have no right to any land in the Middle East and should be removed, or killed I suppose. Just another pogrom. 

Peace still harps on his delusion that Israel is occupying the nonexistent palestinian homeland. While Peace loves to go back in history to bring up all the bad things he loves to harp on he cannot see any historical significance to the Israeli claims to Jerusalem and the surrounding area even though Israel consisted of it present size PLUS parts of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. 

Even when the muslim Ottoman Empire was at it height they never bothered to consider Jerusalem as their capitol. Suddenly, now it becomes important to these palestinians mostly because it denies the Jews their most sacred place. Again, remember that the Temple Mount is only the THIRD most sacred place to muslims while it is the First for Jews. The Dome of the Rock and the other mosque there should be razed or moved to let Israel build it's third temple. 

For all of Peace's hatred for the US government because of its bad history one has to wonder why he is pushing for a massive progressive/socialist government. I have never denied the sins of the US Government but I have no doubt that an even stronger progressive/socialist government would be far, far worse. Peace probably thinks that because he is a proponent of such a massive government that he'll receive some kind of special treatment and not be subject to all of the massive constraints on individual freedom such a government will bring.

In his simplistic thinking everyone will be equal, receive the same pay regardless of the work they do OR DO NOT DO. We'll all live in the some kind of home or apartment, except for the political elite of which Peace expects to be part of.

Oh, well, it is difficult to figure out a delusional, fractious mind such as Peace's. His love/hate relationship with government probably adds to his conspiracy theory view of everything which I mentioned in my last post. He should really attempt to come to grips with his inconsistencies.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, September 29 @ 06:10:50 EDT (113 reads)
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 RE: Peace's Conspiracy Theories

StuffAnonymous writes "It is apparent that Peace is one stupendous progressive conspiracy theorist. From all his anti-American conspiratorial theories to his ant-Semitic conspiratorial theories to his newest US/European Union/NATO Triumvirate conspiracy theory all are conspiring against what in his delusional mind is the pure utopian ideal of the ultimate progressive society.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, September 20 @ 06:38:00 EDT (103 reads)
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 The Truth

StuffAnonymous writes "I find it interesting that the same slugs on the other site are telling Captain Ed to get lost. A few are trying to connect him and me. At the very least they claim he is a carbon copy of me. If he keeps posting it won't be too long before they make the false claim that he and I are the same just as they claimed Paranoid and I were the same individual. The simple truth of the matter is that these individuals are afraid of the truth. Captain Ed is telling like it is and they cannot stand that reality. These individuals have to live in their fanciful utopian universe and condemn anything or anyone who challenges their religiously held beliefs.

I also found the history lesson by George M. Clark to be extraordinarily valuable. He has provided an excellent explanation of the reasoning behind the Second Amendment. He emphasized the fact that the true understanding of that amendment and the entire Constitution is dependent upon understanding the meaning of the words used by the writers as they were defined at the time. As I explained some time ago just as in contracts one has to determine, to the best degree of understanding possible, what the intent of the parties was at the time a contract, or provision of a contract, the agreement was reached. 

Since the Founding Fathers were prolific writers it is far easier to understand what were their intentions 200+ years later then it is to understand the intent of negotiators who agreed to a contract provision that could be years or decades old when some have retired, died, moved away or are unavailable for other reasons.

Mr. Cclark has provided the reader with a excellent opportunity to understand why the Second Amendment is there as well as what it means. Interpreting this amendment or any other provision of the Constitution without applying the definitions of words the Founders understood the words to mean will keep you from realizing the truth.

Those who oppose the private ownership of firearms continually misinterpret the Second Amendment and erroneously apply today's definitions of the words to fit their preconceived belief that private citizens have no need for firearms of any kind. This convoluted thinking and application of meaning is typical of those who seek to empower the government at the expense of the freedom of the individual.

Mr. Clark's partial family history also grabbed my attention as my grandparents also came from that same region of Eastern Europe. They too came to the US prior to WWI. There is no relationship between Mr. Clark and I so you idiots can disabuse yourselves of any claim to the contrary though I doubt that will dissuade you. Your myopic view of reality and ignorance of basic truths make it impossible for you to believe that more than just one or two people could disagree with your belief system. As many progressives said in 1968, "I don't know anyone who voted for Nixon. How could he have won?"
Doc Bill 

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, September 13 @ 08:20:13 EDT (105 reads)
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 RE: Boring Peace

StuffAnonymous writes "A perfect description of himself.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, September 11 @ 06:41:40 EDT (104 reads)
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 Doc Bill's "Ignorance" Piece

StuffAnonymous writes "Boring.  


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, September 10 @ 04:22:12 EDT (104 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "So the whine a$$ gets his crew leader position back, who do you think on that crew will give a $hit what you say. Dangerous place to work.

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, September 06 @ 09:40:10 EDT (132 reads)
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 Another Massive Israeli Land Grab

StuffAnonymous writes "http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.613319


Israel has announced the largest confiscation of West Bank land since the 1980's ... around Bethlehem in the West Bank (who would Jesus expropriate?)  The ethnic cleansing and genocide continues.  Yes that's right genocide.  It's time to call it what it is.  Israel is carrying out genocide against the people of Palestine, slow genocide, methodical genocide, the kind of genocide that takes decades, perhaps centuries, but genocide nonetheless, the persistent and planned erasing of Palestine from the map, its land and its people, its culture and its history, and replacing it with Greater Israel.  Because it has full US government and media support [and US-taxpayer support incidentally], most Americans follow like sheep and regurgitate Israeli and American talking points no matter how obviously illegal and immoral Israeli policies become.  If an official enemy of the American state did the same thing, if Russia did this, or China, or Serbia under Milosevic, etc.  If Iran was doing this, if Cuba was doing this, if Venezuela was doing this it would be widely condemned by US officials and their obedient servile corporate media outlets ... and therefore by the sheep people of America. 


Posted by hostmaster on Monday, September 01 @ 10:14:14 EDT (95 reads)
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 french drains

StuffAnonymous writes "Does anyone know of anyone who cleans french drains???


Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 30 @ 06:12:26 EDT (103 reads)
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 RE: Peace

StuffAnonymous writes "WOW!!!!!

Maybe I shouldn't say anything Peace can agree with as it seems to have set him off. His post of today, 24 August, is little more than a diatribe of religion hating propaganda with such convoluted analogies that I will not even try to dissect it. I think it would be better for all of us if he continues to disagree with me as the reverse apparently sends him into a frenzy. And you progressives think I write long posts?

The problem with Peace is that he becomes unhinged when I do not constantly refer to the bad things that the US has done over the years. I have agreed with him that many of the country's actions were horrendous and should never be repeated. I especially pointed out the country's horrible treatment of Indians. With the reservation system, the schools that attempted to destroy the Indian's heritage and the absolutely horrendous treatment they received under the BIA. We should never want to be subjected to such treatment at any time.

Unfortunately for Peace this system which so mistreated the Indians is just they type of system he supports for everyone. Having the government run your lives as they did for the Indians is an atrocity that none should stand for. But, Peace's indignation over how the government treated the Indians does not relate in any way to how the government will treat every citizen once it has total control over our lives as it had over the Indians on the reservations.

This is where there is a tremendous disconnect in Peace's thinking to which he is completely blind. All of the negative things he posts about the US doing will probably come to pass once the government has the control over our lives that Peace and other progressives long to see. OH, there may not be as much violence, the militarization of local police might prove me wrong, but just as many people will probably die from lack of services for one reason or another. Whether they are denied medical treatment because of age of other factors or from general neglect from a uncaring political bureaucracy makes no difference. Peace is totally incapable of seeing the connections.

As for the palestinian flag on the Brooklyn Bridge being "cool" as he says, Peace's sick attempt at humor is appalling. Maybe you didn't see it but there was at least one person in Ferguson holding an ISIS sign saying they're here! I do not find any of that to be cool in any way. It should cause one's blood to go damned cold!

Peace supports hamas, hezbollah and the rest of the muslim terrorist groups in their contention that Israel is illegally occupying palestinian land. I'm not sure if he fully understands the palestinian position or not. Maybe Peace is just thinking of the West Bank, maybe not. In any event, the palestinians believe that all of the land that constitutes Israel is really palestinian land illegally occupied by Israel. I tend to think that Peace is in full agreement with the palestinian view that all of Israel is really palestinian land and all of Israel must go. Therefore, Peace agrees with the palestinian view that Israel must be destroyed and erased from the maps and memory. Whether or not Peace agrees that all Jews should be murdered is another point for him to live with.

It is a fact that thousands of ISIS fighters hold American, Canadian, British and other European country passports. Assuming that they are not killed fighting in the Middle East they will eventually return to their respective countries. Considering that many of these people will not require visas to enter the US they could easily regroup into terrorist cells. While we may not see the organized massive attacks that happen over there we could very easily see small group attack at soft targets such as schools, malls and anywhere they view as the best target for maximum effect - that is deaths. We already find one terrorist has been arrested for some murders. Even though he says they're in retaliation for our actions against muslims he'll probably not be labeled a terrorist under this administration just4 as the Fort Hood terrorist isn't one to them.

Ignoring this possibility is foolish. I'll get back to this and some other Peace rantings in another post.

One final point. It seems that our gubnor, Cuomo, has a credibility problem. He establishes a committee to investigate ethics but hastily disbands it when it starts looking into his actions. What has Cuomo got to hide?? 
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, August 25 @ 06:14:32 EDT (118 reads)
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 more stuff

StuffAnonymous writes "NazIsrael ... now that says it all"

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 23 @ 05:45:29 EDT (106 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "NazISIS......i think that says it all.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 22 @ 08:15:09 EDT (88 reads)
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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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