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 Breaking News! Actual Doc Bill Video!!!

CommunityAnonymous writes "Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Neighbors, Comrades!  After extensive research I have found the only known video footage of the real Doc Bill.  I give this to you all as a free community service.  Enjoy!



Posted by hostmaster on Friday, July 18 @ 04:53:05 EDT (17 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "This time I give credit to Doc for attempting some level of rationality in his treatment of Professor Finkelstein.  While obviously I'm going to disagree with his picture of the man, at least this time his response was somewhat measured.

First off on a personal note, I stayed at Professor Finkelstein's apartment in Brooklyn for several nights while I attended graduate school in New York City.  A friend of mine knew Finkelstein from Chicago and was subletting his place for the semester ... Norman was in Chicago teaching at DePaul at the time so I never met him.  [shameless name-dropping I admit].

All of Doc's references to communism and radical leftist systems of thought are positive attributes in my opinion.  If by communism one means the thought that humans would benefit from international cooperation, valuing equality and working towards the elimination of national boundaries I too am a communist.  This is the sense in which Finkelstein considers himself a communist, not a Leninist, Stalinist or anything like that.

The Joan Peters book when it first came out received the usual praise from the usual suspects of pro-Israel commentary and was generally well-received in a superficial way.  It was not until Finkelstein unleashed his meticulous critique of the book's methodology, sourcing and so forth that it was recognized as the fraud that it is.  After Finkelstein revealed his findings to Middle East scholars here and in Europe, widespread praise turned into universal condemnation.  Today the Peters book is a punchline representing the most vulgar form of pro-Israel propaganda.

Finkelstein did the same critical analysis of Alan Dershowitz' book The Case for Israel.  Amy Goodman's news program Democracy Now hosted a debate between Finkelstein and Dershowitz in which it's very clear that Dershowitz concocted a fraud.  But Dershowitz has powerful friends at Harvard, Elena Kagan, Derek Bok and so forth and their "official investigation" exonerated Dershowitz of plagiarism.  If you're interested I suggest you research the matter yourselves.  There isn't much doubt that the Dershowitz book is in fact plagiarized, largely from Joan Peters incidentally, and Finkelstein was correct.  Powerful interests aided Dershowitz in his campaign against Finkelstein's tenure.  Middle East scholars and Finkelstein's own colleagues at Depaul supported his bid for tenure; his denial was a political decision and a shameful one at that.

Please see the following links for a primer on these issues:



In closing, Doc's various other claims that Finkelstein has expressed support for Hamas, Hezbollah and the Second Intifada :  Finkelstein supports the idea that Palestinians and Lebanese have the right to resist Israeli violence and occupation.  He supports the democratic principle that the people of Palestine and Lebanon have the right to choose their representatives even if those representatives have distasteful religious-based ideologies (much like the people of Israel have the right to choose Likud, Jewish Home, and Yisrael Beiteinu as right-wing extremist parties governing the State of Israel).  For Finkelstein's own comments on Hezbollah please see:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDe65-nF3FQ

And Finkelstein wasn't the only left-wing Jew denied entry into Israel.  Noam Chomsky was also denied entry to speak at a Palestinian university in the West Bank:  http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/noam-chomsky-denied-entry-into-israel-and-west-bank-1.290701

These are examples of the increasingly repressive nature of the Israeli state as chauvinistic, right-wing elements take over its government and body politic.  The denials of entry reflect poorly on Benjamin Netanyahu and his associates, not on professors Chomsky and Finkelstein.



Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 15 @ 04:55:49 EDT (18 reads)
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 "Islamofascist Bastards"

CommunityAnonymous writes "I think with Doc Bill's dehumanization of Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation, Israeli war crimes, Israeli violations of international humanitarian law and Israeli violations of the Geneva Conventions we are entering racist territory here.  Does Doc Bill have one good thing to say about Muslims, more than one billion members of the human species?  I agree that Hamas has some detestable qualities and it's unfortunate that they have emerged as a leading Palestinian political party.  One does have to understand the rise of Hamas historically however.  Israel incubated and supported fundamentalist Hamas as a counterweight to the secular nationalist PLO.  That reality was part of the larger U.S. project through the Cold War to support Islamic fundamentalism against secular progressive forces in the Islamic world.  The U.S. and its regional allies (Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.) successfully destroyed Arab nationalism and secular/progressive alternatives to groups like Hamas.  But it is what it is.  Much of Hamas' popular support is not due to their religious orientation or political ideology but to the fact, quite simply, that they have actively resisted Israeli domination of Palestinian life.  People under occupation have the right to resist that occupation.  The people of Gaza have suffered under a brutal Israeli siege since 2007.  The United Nations has reported time and again how the Israeli policy violates international humanitarian law and has precipitated a humanitarian crisis for the people of Gaza and qualifies as a form of collective punishment which is illegal.  Why does Doc single out Muslims for the term "bastards" if not for racism?  Are the Israelis bastards for their violent policies and far greater damage they do to Palestinians?  Are the Americans bastards for standing virtually alone in the world in supporting Israeli crimes?  The Israeli government has religious-based parties literally calling for genocide against the Palestinians [please see http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/israeli-lawmakers-call-genocide-palestinians-gets-thousands-facebook-likes for the story of Ayelet Shaked, an Israeli Knesset member for the Habeyit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) party which is part of Israel's ruling coalition (is she a Judeofascist bit-ch Doc, to appropriate your terminology?).  And does Doc Bill not resemble the Taliban and those he openly despises by calling for the destruction of one of the world's great historical landmarks and artistic treasures (the Dome of the Rock)?  He should already be happy that Israeli airstrikes have recently destroyed mosques, hospitals and family homes all throughout Gaza and killed and traumatized growing numbers of Palestinian children.  Doc Bill's "Errata" piece is unusually hate-filled and offensive, even for him.  Cheer up Doc, the Israelis are going on yet another killing spree and torturing the long-suffering people of Gaza as they continue home demolitions and confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank ... all with active bipartisan American political, military, economic, diplomatic and ideological support.  Seems that should put you in a better mood.


P.S. Doc, nobody cares about your typos and struggles with modern computing.  People care a lot more about the rancid content of your pathetic commentary."

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, July 14 @ 06:44:10 EDT (36 reads)
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 Doc Bill References Joan Peters' Fraud

CommunityAnonymous writes "Pretty much all you need to know about Doc Bill.  The Joan Peters book From Time Immemorial, published in 1984, was exposed as a fraud the same year by Norman Finkelstein ... anyone who knows anything about the Israel-Palestine issue knows this.  Doc Bill, apparently still stuck somewhere in Reagan's America, does not. 

The word "Palestinian" refers to the indigenous population of Palestine prior to the Zionist conquest in the early 20th century and to the millions of Arabs presently living in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and refugee camps in the neighboring countries.  It is true that Jews possessed Palestine for a period in ancient history ... many other religions and ethnicities did as well.  2,000 years later, with the advent of Zionism, it is ridiculous to say European Jews have some right to conquer Palestine, create Israel, expel Palestinians who had lived there for millennia.  The same holds true for references to Judea and Samaria.  We're talking about today.  Today the area is the Palestinian West Bank.  It is Occupied Palestinian Territory.  On one side you have the United Nations and overwhelming international opinion; on the other side you have extreme right-wing settler parties in Israel (many of which including Netanyahu's own Likud Party comprise the present Israeli government) and their equally deluded American supporters (like Doc Bill).

For those interested in what Israel is doing in its latest criminal massacre of Palestinians please watch Max Blumenthal and Ali Abunimah on the Real News:http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=12094

For a critique of the standard mainstream American media's narrative surrounding Israel-Palestine violence please see:http://www.commondreams.org/view/2014/07/11-2

As for Doc's pro-Israel platitudes about the Palestinians being the ones who won't be reasonable, won't accept Israel's "generous" offers and so forth all I will say is do your own research ... Israel does not want a just peace, it wants Palestinian land ... that has been true since the dawn of Zionism.  Finally, as I shouldn't have to even mention, criticism of the policies of the state of Israel and American support for those policies is not anti-Semitism.  Equating criticism of Israel's war crimes, human rights record, and illegal occupation with anti-Semitism is just another way for right-wing supporters of Israeli expansion and violence to try to silence the critics.  I challenge Doc to cite one thing I've ever written that is anti-Semitic.



Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, July 13 @ 07:42:43 EDT (189 reads)
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 Re: Peace

CommunityAnonymous writes ""Foul language."  I don't recognize the concept.  I think words like f*** and f***ing are irreplaceable English-language words which convey meaning and emphasis no other words quite can.  So f*** you on that.

"Too smart to work for anyone."  Wrong again.  I oppose the notion of working for someone on philosophical grounds.  It has nothing to do with me or my level of intelligence.  I don't think any human being should subject themselves to domination by an employer regardless of how smart or stupid that human being happens to be.  Like many conservative-thinking Americans, you apparently accept the view that people who grovel like slaves to perform some function for corporate owners on a daily basis are somehow more useful to society than those who resist domination by such authority.  I have the opposite view. 

On the "corporate welfare" and hypocrisy claim:  There's nothing hypocritical about my thought on this.  Since corporations and the rich largely determine government policy and shape it to benefit themselves, why is it wrong for a regular citizen to use government programs won through popular struggle?  Why should welfare only benefit the rich?  And why do working Americans have such contempt for people who use government programs?  Since we live under an economic system which concentrates wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands over time, citizens unable or unwilling to become slaves in that system are only exercising their rights if they use food stamp or other government programs which start to address the inequality and injustice inherent in the modern corporate capitalist system.  When you see the Walton family or mega-billionaire inheritors of great fortunes literally not having to work a day in their lives, I don't understand why anyone who chooses to be a wage-slave would vilify the poor person on welfare while not having one negative thing to say about the real problem: inheritance, corporate welfare.  It's hypocritical for you to denigrate food stamps, Medicaid and the like while saying nothing about corporate subsidies, tax loopholes, CEO pay, etc.   

On my personal finances:  First of all you're making several false speculations about my personal situation which is not the purpose of this discourse.  It's a common tactic for those with nothing to contribute to a philosophical or political debate to revert to the ad hominem attack on the writer instead of arguing and debating the content of what's written.  It's obvious that you, like many, equate life with the pursuit of money.  If you choose to conform and lead that kind of existence good for you.  I do what I need to do to generate the financial resources necessary to survive.  There are ways to grab money without having an above-the-table tax-paying job every single solitary moment of your adult existence.  Where do you get your drinking money?  Which business enterprise do you sell yourself to in order to give the money right back to the banks, the cable companies, the oil/gas companies, etc.  Whether one works in a fashion acceptable to you or whether one does other things for money we are all essentially in the same condition: a life of relative unfreedom in which we must kneel before large financial institutions and all manner of private corporate tyranny.  If getting up and whistling while you faithfully perform some function in that system in exchange for a little cash makes you fulfilled as a human being then congratulations.  I've done that trip too and will again.  But keep your angry little anti-Peace rants coming if it's what you need to get through the day oh happy and content person you expose yourself to be.  You talk about pathetic ... I write original posts on serious matters ... you, in typical right-wing fashion, react to everything I say and do it with venom and hatred.  Glad all your hard-earned $$$$$$$ has made you so kind.  The readers of this page appreciate it too.  Bye now.


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 08 @ 05:33:49 EDT (67 reads)
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 Doc's Lies About Abortion, etc.

CommunityAnonymous writes "In his latest imitation of Michael Savage, Doc Bill announces "a significant majority of Americans including yours truly, believe that abortion is murder ..."  That is simply false.  A majority of Americans believe abortion should be safe and legal.  The most recent polling shows a near 50-50 split on people's personal identification as either "pro-choice" or "pro-life," with a slight majority being "pro-choice."  http://www.gallup.com/poll/170249/split-abortion-pro-choice-pro-life.aspx  So once again Doc Bill, nice try but you can't lie and get away with it, not with me on this page. 

According to the most recent polling, American women and younger Americans tilt pro-choice while older men (55 and above) tilt "pro-life."  Exhibit A : Doc Bill.  Some old dude who has never had to give birth, carry a growing child for 9 months, endure labor pains or go through anything that a pregnant woman goes through ... much like the five fascists on the Supreme Court Mssrs. Thomas, Alito, Scalia, Roberts and Kennedy.  5 old men pontificating about abortion.  Funny how the 3 women on the Supreme Court came down on the other side in the ridiculous Hobby Lobby decision ... Doc Bill and his right-wing cohorts just will not rest until religious dogma determines policy in this country as it does in their model societies like Saudi Arabia ... hey man that's about as conservative and theocratic as you can get.  No wonder the Bush family loves the Saudis.  Hell they can produce 15 of the 19 9-11 hijackers and the U.S. Empire will still sell them $60 billion in military equipment and give them a free pass on human rights, women's rights, protection for their misogynistic absolute monarchy and ignoring the fact they tacitly fund and support al Qaeda, ISIS and every other Sunni Jihadist f***ing manifestation from Palestine to Pakistan.  Great friends, great allies, the f***ing Saudis.  That's why every time you hear an American politician say "our friends and allies" in any context you should immediately gag on the vomit that should be acc-umulating in your throat.

And in closing, am I the only f***ing one whose getting a little sick of Doc Bill's obsession with "progressives" and "progressivism."  Why don't you stop arguing in a vacuum with your own delusions?  I mean it's like any f***ing American who isn't just like Doc Bill is an enemy entity that must be eradicated.  We got the numbers man.  The white men who share your antiquated, irrational views are aging and fading away ... that's why your rhetoric, the reality of groups like the Tea Party (showing up to rallies armed and with "Don't Tread on Me" flags ... but yeah the Occupy movement and the Left is the scary, potentially violent group lol) is increasingly strident and militant.  It's the psychology of people who feel themselves being eclipsed by history.  Doc Bill and the entire right-wing movement in this country clinging desperately against change, against evolution, against - dare I say - PROGRESS!



Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, July 06 @ 06:45:46 EDT (68 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "lagrafs  8th annual golf tourney..  sat  july 12 9 am at  tamarack..  $60 4 person capt/crew..  sign up soon as teams are limited..go to lagrafs pub  187 east 10th"

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 03 @ 05:51:33 EDT (65 reads)
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 Re: peace/dope and Doc, etc.

CommunityAnonymous writes "I'm not understanding these references to the word "smart."  I think and I write, like any other citizen.  Some of these angry critics must be really insecure with their own knowledge and intelligence [oh you're so smart peace].  If the things I discuss and the way I do it seems "smart" to you the obvious question arises "why are you so stupid?" 

A few points of correction for the prick who is adamant about not being Doc Bill.  I never said I can't afford to move out of Oswego or that I couldn't hold a job.  "Holding a job" is not my idea of the most heroic activity an American citizen can engage in ... I know that's a shocking thought to people so incapable of imagining a life in which they're not abject f***ing slaves to owners, managers, bosses and the capitalist system generally.  The corporations ain't gonna get me mothaf***a!  It's my choice if I don't hold a job, getting fired is my choice.  As far as government assistance, the richest corporations in human history are on government assistance.  Corporate welfare is a f***ing problem, not some meager benefits for those Americans who aren't sufficiently integrated into the corporate capitalist slave system we happen to live under.  If the private corporations and the rich will not allow everyone to live under the system, government ... the sliver of government still under some obligation to ordinary people ... is necessary to redress that inequality and injustice.  So f*** you.  Go worship Exxon/Mobil and the f***ing government handouts they f***ing take every single f***ing year.  Go hang out with Mitt Romney.

And I'm sorry you don't have the energy to respond to the fact that Republicans increasingly resemble fascists.  It's probably not your lack of energy, or your inability to actually craft an interesting and engaging and well-thought out response.  It's because there is no intelligent response to be made.  Doc Bill exposes himself for the imbecile that he is each and every time he tries to include the Nazis under the broad category of "Socialism."  Doc's reference to a strong central government limiting individual freedom must be in the same sense as that conceived by the right-wing Thomas-Scalia-Alito-Roberts-Kennedy bloc on the Supreme Court.  Since corporations are people in our sick jurisprudence, government regulation to try to save the environment for ourselves and all the other future generations of humans is a violation of Exxon Mobil's individual right to acc-umulate as much power and profit as it can by wrecking the health of the environment.  The poor corporations, suffering such limitations of their freedom by the all-powerful socialist government.  All power to the corporations and oligarchs!  Freedom baby yeah!

And to the person wondering why I'm not scrambling to win an election, I'm not very good at taking corporate money and turning tricks for corporate power while f***ing the people of the country and the world.  No political career for me.  Doc can speak for himself as to why he isn't running for office.


Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 03 @ 05:51:15 EDT (60 reads)
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 The Doc Bill Supporter

CommunityAnonymous writes "I think Doc Bill authored "Doc Bill" (6-27-14) himself in a desperate effort to appear like he has some kind of local support to contrast with the recent submissions supporting my views (thank you everyone).  It's revealing that the "Doc Bill" author would refer to the workplace as a place of superiors and inferiors.  I don't recognize the concept of "superiors."  That to me smacks of antidemocratic hierarchy and is a detestable view.  I have worked jobs where I've held my nose and performed a function until the inherent injustices become clear and I challenge authority and am usually fired or leave voluntarily.  I refuse to "play the game" and attempt some kind of careerist, corporate existence.  If there was some kind of socialist workplace in Oswego free of hierarchy and authoritarianism I would love to know about it.  But if you must know my basic existence is very meager and economically simple ... and I wouldn't have it any other way given the horrific system we must endure as citizens here.

As far as local issues and local solutions I just don't see any way to break through apathy, ignorance, conformity and obedience.  There might be a few socialists scattered around who have the intellect and energy and moral orientation to do something but without a base of popular support there just isn't any realistic prospect of anything changing.  I do what I can to try to put energy out into the universe but I'm just one guy, Oswego is an especially low-energy place politically and culturally.  Even the "hipsters" around here are pretty right-wing.  I'm acquainted with this guy who bartends at Old City and we stumbled into a political discussion of sorts over drinks at the Raven a month or two ago and he started in with the flag-waving "there's no country I'd rather live in" line and how wonderful America's war record has been as so on.  I mean this is a young guy who works at the local "hippy bar" and he's right-wing.  If that doesn't spell hopeless I don't know what does.  I'm something of an anomaly, I went to college first in Boston then second in New York City, studied with Marxists, made my way back home in what was supposed to be a temporary pit-stop, got tangled up in a personal situation and I find myself pretty much having to live here.  Most everybody I grew up with here that had any talent or critical thinking capacity moved somewhere.  So for me I just see my role as trying to generate a little spark in a community that is essentially dead morally, intellectually, politically and spiritually.  I must admit it is fun to be a lone left-wing voice in a place with so many "Doc Bills."  I mean if I didn't write then there would only be Doc Bill spewing his garbage without challenge.  Even though most readers seem to dismiss his gibberish it still gives me some degree of satisfaction to respond to him at length since most Americans are never really exposed to genuine leftist responses to dominant right-wing narratives.  But I mean if you or anyone else has any ideas about popular organizing here in Oswego I'd be open to doing what I could to contribute. 


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, June 29 @ 04:10:52 EDT (53 reads)
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 Doc Bill, Nazi

CommunityAnonymous writes "The problem with Doc Bill and the American right-wing "Hitler was a socialist" crowd is that they are so poorly educated.  Yeah, when you remove history and in-depth historical analysis from a discussion you can snatch a quote and try to make a point.  And since so many Americans lack even rudimentary historical education, masses of ignorant right-wing people can be convinced that Hitler was not in fact the far-right, anti-communist nationalist that he was.

I give you the following passages from Ian Kershaw's biography of Hitler, volume 1, "Hitler 1889-1936 Hubris":

On Nazi Ideology: "Integral nationalism, anti-Marxist 'national' socialism, social Darwinism, racism, biological anti-Semitism, eugenics, elitism intermingled in varying strengths to provide a heady brew of irrationalism attractive to some cultural pessimists among the intelligentsia and bourgeoisie of European societies undergoing rapid social, economic, and political change."

"Ideas of 'national', or 'German', socialism, in contrast to the international socialism of Marxism, were nothing new in Germany in 1919, though the war had given such notions a strong boost ... the notion of a 'German' socialism came to be wholly associated with the extreme anti-liberal politics of the anti-Semitic and volkisch movement ... rooted in a combination of anti-Semitism, extreme nationalism, and vehement anti-capitalism (usually interpreted as 'Jewish' capitalism) ... combining volkisch nationalism and anti-Marxist, anti-capitalist socialism."

The crucial point of understanding is that "German socialism" is not socialism, what socialists think of as socialism.  The anti-capitalist component of Nazi propaganda grew out of the anti-Semitism, not socialism.  Finance capital, war profiteering, "Jewish" activities in Hitler's formulation, were responsible for German defeat in WWI.  Over and over again Hitler denounced "Jewish Bolshevism," the Jewish socialist regime in Berlin (Weimar Republic).  The Nazis bitterly denounced the German Communists and the ruling Social Democratic Party all throughout the 20's through the Nazi ascension in 1933. 

Kershaw continues, "As we saw in Chapter 5, the initial anti-capitalist coloring of Hitler's anti-Semitism had given way by mid-1920 to the connection in his thinking of the Jews with the evils of Soviet Bolshevism ... ["The Jew"] was of a figure in his imagination so powerful that it was the force behind both international finance capital and Soviet Communism ... By now Marxism and the Jew were synonymous in Hitler's mind.  At the end of his trial, on 27 March 1924, he had told the court that what he wanted to be was the breaker of Marxism.  The Nazi movement knew only one enemy, he had emphasized the following month - the mortal enemy of the whole of mankind: Marxism."

"The imperialist and geopolitical ideas that went to make up the idea of Lebensraum were, in fact, common currency on the imperialist and volkisch Right in Weimar Germany."

Moving ahead to 1932: "The loathing and deep fear of Communism that ran through some four-fifths of society was one important common denominator.  Faced with a stark choice between National Socialism and Communism - which was how Hitler was increasingly able to portray it after his takeover of power - most middle-class and well-to-do Germans, and even a considerable leaven of the working-class, preferred the Nazis.  The Communists were revolutionaries, they would take away private property, impose a class dictatorship, and rule in the interests of Moscow.  The National Socialists were vulgar and distasteful, but they stood for German interests, they would uphold German values, and they would not take away private property.  Crudely put, this reflected a widespread train of thought, not least in the middle classes."

"At the end of 1932, images of Hitler continued to reflect, as they always had done, the main ideological divides and sub-cultures of German society.  For the Socialist and Communist Left - with only minor differences between them in this regard - Hitler was portrayed as the hireling of big capitalism, the front-man for imperialists, the political strike-force of the enemies of the working-class.  Such views were to persist after 1933 in the left-wing underground resistance organizations ..."  In other words, the Socialist and Communist Left were opposed to Hitler and vice-versa.  Left-wing underground resistance organizations?  Hmm ... if Hitler was a left-wing socialist as the idiot demagogues claim, why were there left-wing underground resistance organizations in Nazi Germany?  Doc and his internet cohorts, preying off historical ignorance, taking a quote here and a quote there, crafting their ahistorical memes, just devastating true knowledge and genuine understanding. 

January 30, 1933 - Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany.  Kershaw, speaking of a German girl's reaction to Hitler's rise to power:  "like so many who had found their way to Hitler from middle-class, national-conservative backgrounds, she had wavered the previous autumn when she thought he was slipping under the influence of radical socialist tendencies in the party.  Now that Hitler was in office, but surrounded by her trusted champions of the conservative Right, heading a government of 'national concentration', her joy was unbounded." 

How did the German SPD (Social Democratic Party) respond to Hitler as Chancellor?  SPD Reichstag deputy Julius Leber "being taken into custody the very night after Hitler's accession to power after being beaten up by a group of Nazi thugs.  'We know their aims.  Nobody knows what their next measures will be.  The dangers are enormous.  But the firmness of German workers is unshakeable.  We don't fear these men.  We are determined to take up the struggle.' ... "Leber's fellow SPD-deputy Kurt Schumacher: "With the construction of this government, the last veil has fallen, National Socialism has openly showed itself as that which we always took it for, the high-capitalist nationalist party of the Right."  "The lurid rhetoric of the Communist proclamation of 30 January was closer to the mark: 'Shameless wage robbery and boundless terror of the brown murderous plague smash the last pitiful rights of the working class.  Unrestrained course towards imperialist war.  All this lies directly ahead.'"

"... what made Hitler's triumph possible were important strands of continuity in German political culture stretching back beyond the First World War - chauvinistic nationalism, imperialism, racism, anti-Marxism, glorification of war, the placing of order above freedom, caesaristic attractions of strong authority ..."  "Within a month, civil liberties - as protected under the Weimar Constitution - had been extinguished.  Within two months, with most active political opponents either imprisoned or fleeing the country, the Reichstag surrendered its powers, giving Hitler total control of the legislature.  Within four months the once powerful trade unions were dissolved.  In less than six months, all opposition parties had been suppressed or gone into voluntary liquidation, leaving the NSDAP as the only remaining party."

"Hitler's opening gambit stretched no further than new elections, to be followed by an Enabling Act.  His conservative partners, as keen as he was to end parliamentarism and eliminate the Marxist parties, had played into his hands ... The Reich Chancellor himself provided the government's slogan: 'Attack on Marxism.'  'Fourteen years of Marxism have ruined Germany.  One year of Bolshevism would annihilate Germany.'

As always, read books, rigorous scholarship is the only way to combat Doc Bill and the American Right's internet bulls***, out-of-context deceptions, and stupid memes.  Hitler was a fascist, the Nazis were genocidal right-wing super-nationalists, they were an extreme form of the type of Republican/Tea Party conservatism we see in America today.


P.S. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder with a perfectly succinct analysis of why the right-wing gun people f***ing suck, enjoy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhHD76Io46U"

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, June 27 @ 05:18:54 EDT (55 reads)
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 Conservative/Republican America and Nazism

CommunityAnonymous writes "What are typical features of Nazism?  militant nationalism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia
Which of the two main parties in the United States has a membership more likely to reflect those attitudes?  Obviously the Republican Party.

Republicans are militant American nationalists.  They oppose institutions like the UN reflexively due to their intensely nationalistic ideology.  If the UN can be strong-armed into supporting American violence great; if the UN opposes American aggression then the UN is irrelevant, its Charter is meaningless, its agencies should be defunded, its climate studies ignored and US participation re-evaluated.  Progressives and leftists seek international cooperation; conservatives and Republicans insist America should be a rogue superpower and the opinions of humanity maligned. 

The question of racism and xenophobia (hatred of foreigners) are closely linked.  Republicans and conservatives once again come down on the side of racism and xenophobia.  The white American South, solidly Republican since Nixon, continues to reflect the most obvious example of widespread racist culture in the United States. The white Republican establishment in the southern states have been trying all sorts of tactics from voter suppression laws to gerrymandering to disenfranchising blacks and other non-whites as a result of disproportionate incarceration policies. White Republican America has an irrational fear and hatred of what they call "illegal" immigrants (were the European settler-colonialists who dispossessed the Native Americans and established the U.S. "legal" immigrants)? Democrats and people to their left (progressives, socialists, anarchists, etc.) generally believe diversity is good for the country and the world while Republicans and their extreme right-wing supporters generally vilify anyone who is not just like them (from the vitriolic and mostly irrational attacks on the first black president, his citizenship, his religious beliefs and so forth right on down to Spanish-speaking immigrants let alone Arabs, Muslims or other non-white inhabitants of planet Earth, only about 80-85% of the human species).  The loud Fox News/right-wing talk radio campaign against immigrants appeals to and reinforces the beliefs of almost exclusively white Republicans and conservatives.  It's not a huge leap of the imagination or the intellect to see the connection to Nazi "Master Race" analyses.  The Nazis hated Jews, Gypsies, those deemed inferior ... today's conservatives hate Spanish-speaking immigrants, Muslim Americans and so forth. 

Finally, the question of homophobia.  Once again we have conservatives, Republicans railing against gay marriage, equal rights for homosexuals.  They don't send them to the concentration camps like the Nazis did but they share the general disdain for homosexual orientation.   

The basic point is that conservative and Republican Americans of whom Doc Bill is an obvious example for the readers of this page are in the same moral and intellectual universe as the Nazis and extreme right-wing thought generally.  With Republicanism becoming evermore extreme, the rise of the Tea Party and so on, it is not an overstatement to label contemporary American conservatism a form of proto-fascism.  Let us hope this unfortunate cultural phenomenon in this country, feeding off economic deterioration and widespread ignorance, makes no further gains lest it develop into an outright Nazi-Republico-Conservative goose-stepping red-white-and-blue nightmare.

"When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." - attributed to Sinclair Lewis


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, June 25 @ 02:00:09 EDT (85 reads)
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 Doc's Most Recent Lies and False Statements

CommunityAnonymous writes "1) The illegality of the Iraq War is due to its violation of international law.  The UN Charter stipulates 2 cases in which nations can lawfully engage in war: 1) If the war is a response to imminent armed attack from another nation, a clear act of self-defense, until the UN Security Council convenes and charts a course of action.  The Iraq War, as many UN officials, international lawyers, and thinking people the world over, including in the United States, have pointed out, the Bush invasion was textbook aggression, not self-defense.  2) If the UN Security Council authorizes the war.  In the case of Bush's and "allies" (the token contributions from the so-called "coalition of the willing," i.e. the countries Bush bribed, arm-twisted, threatened, coerced, ordered to participate) invasion, the war did not have UN Security Council authorization.  The war, therefore, was illegal.  Doc seems to think Congressional votes have something to do with the legality/illegality of a war.  It does not.  Of course the U.S. stopped following its own Constitution after the 1941 declaration of war against Japan so there are obvious domestic war powers questions as well.  But the issue of illegality is an international one.  Bush and company should be facing charges at the Hague if the citizens here don't care to hold their own rulers accountable for heinous crimes.  [crimes Doc apparently thinks did not go far enough as evidenced by his call to "overwhelm and devastate the place," i.e. commit mass murder against helpless Iraqi civilians ... that is an instructive example of the "conservative" American mentality ... commit mass murder against civilians, you see why "conservatives" are the Nazis yet Bill?]
2)  Any informed person knew before the Bush attack that Saddam's regime had no WMD.  UN inspectors had verified the elimination of Iraqi WMD in the early 1990's, teams of inspectors were on the ground in Iraq prior to the Bush-Blair war crimes.  The use of chemical weapons took place in the 1980's with Ronald Reagan's full support.  After 1991, Iraq had no WMD.  The recent ISIS takeover of an old WMD plant is not "chock full of sarin gas," it's not chock full of anything.  Doc knows this if he can read and he is clearly trying to manipulate impressionable opinion.  There were no significant WMD stores in Iraq before Bush's invasion.  Doc is not only still trying to justify Bush-Cheney-Blair lies but trying to resuscitate the myth of American soldiers being betrayed in Vietnam for crissakes!  What's next Bill, if only Marie Antoinette hadn't been such a bit-ch Louis XVI and his successors would still be on the throne in France! 

3)  As far as "illegal" children and the like, Obama has deported large numbers of "illegal" immigrants throughout his administration.  If conservatives really cared about the root causes of immigration to the United States, they might ask why American imperialism has spent the past 200 years economically depriving Latin America, supporting right-wing death squads, torturing the island of Cuba, maintaining an American naval base and gulag against the wishes of the Cuban people and the Cuban government at Guantanamo Bay, invading Mexico, Haiti, time and again, overthrowing democracy in Guatemala in 1954, Chile in 1973, Haiti in 2004, supporting neo-Nazi military regimes from El Salvador to Guatemala to Brazil to Argentina all through the late 20th century, imposing NAFTA on the people of the hemisphere and on and on and on.  U.S. imperialism in Latin America is the fundamental fact of life in this hemisphere for all those "illegal" people Doc likes to vilify.  Does he understand that the same reality exists in Europe with thousands of North Africans crossing the Mediterranean Sea to get into Italy, France and so forth?  Victims of Western imperialism gravitate toward the imperial centers.  You want to stop that you need a global Marshall Plan ... you need peace, equality ... you need international socialism.  Doc's alternative is more war, more militarization of everyday life, building more walls between people, vilifying humans with different languages, cultures, historical experiences.  Doc is a typical right-wing racist militarist jingoist and his commentary reflects that.


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, June 24 @ 05:43:23 EDT (132 reads)
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 Thank you :)

CommunityAnonymous writes "Thank you to the "Peace/Doc" author for his/her encouragement.  I will keep posting.

I think sometimes people get a little hung up on vocabulary.  There's the ideas of socialism and then there's capital S-Socialism or capital-C Communism and then we get lost in the vortex of history, misuse and abuse of terminology and so forth.  Hopefully I haven't been misunderstood; I'm not sitting awake at night fantasizing about the Soviet Union. 

What I mean by socialism is a way of thinking which values equality, democracy, universal human brotherhood, environmental sustainability, the replacement of corporate profit with human well-being as the fundamental animating force around the globe.  I don't think those are difficult ideas to comprehend.  Hard hat types like the "Peace/Doc" author are always badgering thinking people with some variation of "you don't know how the real world works," or "we heroic people are busy working for a living."  I know how the world works.  The vast majority of people spend 5 of 7 days doing what they're told in a system designed to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the few while destroying the environment that sustains life.  That's how the world works.  Most of those wage-slaves convince themselves that they are living fulfilling lives even though they spend most of their time in completely undemocratic institutions, corporations or private businesses, while decisions are made by small numbers of owners, investors, and board members.  The life of the average worker is the antithesis of democracy.  Yet we preserve the myth that "we" live in a democracy while the Russians or the Chinese or the Cubans don't.  Obviously there are freedoms in this country that do not exist elsewhere, won through generations of popular struggle, but the fundamental fact is that "we" are not free, are not involved in the decisions that impact our lives, our communities, our future as individuals and as a species ... and it's getting worse.  From 1973 through the present we Americans have endured a corporate counter-revolution against the popular achivements of the 20th Century ... progressive progress, New Deal progress, Great Society progress, civil rights, workers' rights, and so on.  The ruling class - the corporate class, the bankers, the oil and gas folks - they have struck back and "middle-class" people are clinging to some semblance of a decent existence as wages for the many stagnate and decline while enormous wealth is concentrated at the very top.  You can wave the flag for that reality if you want and you can applaud as the 1% take everything for themselves and destroy freedom and wreck social harmony and devastate the environment.  You can be solidly "in the real world" and convince yourself that your function is not to care and not to think while you march off to work and participate in the ruining of our society and our planet.  You are free to do that, you are free to be a conformist and a cheerleader for private corporate power.  I can't do anything about it other than ask the simple question, "why?"

Peace "

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, June 23 @ 06:14:54 EDT (52 reads)
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 social media

CommunityAnonymous writes "What do you call someone in Oswego who takes a photo of themselves? Welfie Selfie!

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, June 20 @ 03:28:51 EDT (62 reads)
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 Wow, Just Wow

CommunityAnonymous writes "So I ask for facts and I get the Ahnenerbe.  That's about right I guess.  Now he's too lazy to even try to provide facts, historical evidence, etc. for his lunatic claims.  I'll take that as a concession on his part ... there aren't any facts or evidence to cite when you're religiously committed to the idea that fascism and socialism are in the same ideological universe.  We get simply a vague "look for the truth."  Well, you can look for it in the past 75 or so years of historical scholarship, in the doc-umentary record, in fact and reality ... or you can conjure up the "truth" as Doc puts it by investigating ... what exactly?   

And his claim that Las Vegas shooters were "leftist" politically.  Right, that must be why they joined Cliven Bundy at the ranch.  Must be why, as the Los Angeles Times reports http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-vegas-shooters-20140610-story.html#page=2, they put a "Don't Tread On Me" flag on one of the cops they shot, the flag having been "adopted by a string of ultra-conservative and libertarian groups."  I actually agree with the conclusion of investigators that the two shooters were, and I quote, "two wacko idiots," much like Doc William himself.


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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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