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 The Doc Bill Cult

CommunityAnonymous writes "People and organizations in agreement that manmade climate change is happening and has reached crisis proportions: 99% of scientists who study the climate for a living, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the vast majority of living humans, the vast majority of governments, the vast majority of major political parties of all ideologies, the Democratic Party in the United States, most Americans.

People and organizations in agreement that manmade climate change is a myth:  Republican voters in the United States, the Republican Party in the United States, Doc Bill.

Which group is a cult?

As far as the Constitution, I do personally think it's an outdated doc-ument in need of major revision (not simply amendments which are nearly impossible to pass) if not outright abrogation.  It is the oldest Constitution in the world.  Jefferson, probably the most small-d democratically inclined founder (who was in Paris during the Constitutional Convention), thought revolutions every generation or so were necessary to prevent tyranny, despotism, etc.  We've had no revolution in a long, long time.  We've had some decent periods of revolutionary-type changes but the corporate capitalist thing that really settled in after the Civil War is entrenched and has made America an oligarchy, or plutocracy if you like.  The majority of Supreme Court members (ridiculously appointed for life), the supposed protectors of Constitutional integrity, are actively aiding and abetting the corporate destruction of American democracy.  Roberts' recent opinion in the McKutcheon case is a twisted defense of bribery and rule by the rich.  There is no Constitutional remedy to this rot.  And just for clarification, Bush-Cheney did more to assault the Constitution than any administration in modern history.  Obama is simply carrying forward many of their policies (to his eternal and unforgiveable shame). 

But if we're talking about cults, today's Republican America is the most sinister cult going.  These are frighteningly irrational people who actively wish for the end of the world.  That is not rhetoric on my part, Republicans are driven by a fiercely evangelical Christian perspective that hopes for the return of Jesus and the apocalypse.  These people are in the Air Force, these people are in government, these people are your neighbors.  They are so ideologically committed to corporate capitalism that they must deny the indisputable science that clearly demonstrates that infinite economic growth and infinite exploitation of the Earth's limited resources is a recipe for environmental catastrophe and the extinction of the human species.  That's not so bad for Republican cultists.  Destroy the environmental conditions necessary to sustain human life and you get the end of the world and the return of Jesus.  Republicans' poisonous evangelicalism also infects the entire political culture in the United States: the fact that abortion is still an issue in the 21st century, the fact that references to God and public prayer are still contentious issues in what should be a secular democratic society, the fact that candidates for high office must profess a belief in the supernatural, the fact that evolution by means of natural selection (like climate change) is denied in order to conform to ancient superstition thereby hamstringing education in America, the fact that nothing can be done to control gun violence because of a zealous religious attachment to (an incorrect interpretation of) the 2nd Amendment as if it's the sacred word of God instead of an antiquated 18th century article at a time before professional armies, when state militias might need to be called out, when skirmishes with Indians were a reality (Leonardo da Vinci not withstanding).  Given the immense global power of the United States, the Republican Cult is literally strong enough to destroy the human species and is actively doing so ... all because of the painfully ignorant and irrational "ideas" of the type Doc Bill inflicts upon us with every post.  I for one will not be silent in the face of such a clear and present danger to the survival of our species.


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, April 18 @ 06:36:19 EDT (3 reads)
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 Local Peace

CommunityAnonymous writes "Ok, enough with the Big Issues for a day.  You want some local, here's some local:

Why the bejesus can't the city hire an army of the unemployed to fill potholes and pick up garbage ... it's called public works ... what, we can't rise to the level of the 1930's?  Have you driven around lately?  It's like a goddamn obstacle course, torn up roads, deep car killing holes, need to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid long stretches of stripped pavement.  In order to venture out lately I need to drive blocks out of the way to try to avoid the worst of it.  Instead, we can pay for Terminator-like Police Forces to catch every last incidence of public urination, make sure we fill the courts with college kids pissing on the earth, like humans have been doing for at least 100,000 years.  Honestly, are we so puritanical and rigid a society that humans cannot safely and freely urinate on the ground?  That's what we need to crack down on?  Where's the libertarian outrage on that one?  We're animals here people, we all have the same parts.  I don't think all the children wandering around at 2:00 in the morning are going to care if they see someone's member floating about sprinkling the ground with yellow water.  It's a natural human function and there's nothing wrong with it.   Oh, yeah and pot possession.  Smoking something pleasurable that grows in the ground (again, outlawing the natural because we love freedom so much).  Gotta make sure we strictly enforce that one ... especially with the wave of legalization all over the country ... leave it to Oswego to be dead last in progressive change.  The roads, the parks, the lake, the river?  They can go to Hell, but by God nobody will empty their bladder out of doors!

And then there's just the pure stupidity of things like erecting stone barriers around the Fort so people can't drive through.  One of my fondest childhood memories was driving with my dad on a weekend and just cruising through the fort, driving around the ball fields, taking that nice circular trip around the whole facility.  Now you can't do that.  Why?  Why the frig is it necessary to impede travel there?  Because some jerk on a power trip gets off on blocking the way just because he can.  I want to know who's responsible for that.  Speak up sir (or madam).  I want to drive through the damn fort, I want those stones moved, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 16 @ 05:35:57 EDT (17 reads)
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 Have some guts...

CommunityAnonymous writes "Since no one on this board seems to have any guts when they openly bash or slander another person, I figure this is the only way to respond to the same. 

Just because YOU have had a bad experience with a person, business, or official; don't slam them on a public board because you don't have the guts to say it openly to others, or to their face no less. 

There are things called slander and libel laws.  Or, you can go old-school, drop the second-grade-kiddie-behind-the-keyboard-crap and say it in public, get your a$$ kicked for running your ridiculous mouth, and call it a day. 

It's boards like this that need to be shut down permanently - or be renamed growuposwego.com instead of insideoswego.com.....

Note: Sorry but I think you meant to post on Oswego Lion as that is there agenda not ours. If we are mistaken please let us know so that we can address it. Thank You.

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 13 @ 05:32:00 EDT (23 reads)
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 close 2016 about obama

CommunityAnonymous writes "Obama has messed up alot of things!!!!!"

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, April 11 @ 05:01:21 EDT (23 reads)
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 re 2016 conservatives.

CommunityAnonymous writes "ok libtard.we have some of our guns but no ammunition.because an illegal gay african muslim has unconstitutionally made them illrgal.sharia law has been implemented since the illegal president put a convicted terrorrist in charge of things.the economy is worse now than ever in bushs terms yet you libs say its a recovery.the illegal pres put tens of millions of people out of work with his liberal health scam,epa scams,atf scams,etc,etc.yet you blind imbocils still chant his name.hes admitted hes muslim ands hates whites yet you still say hes a christian who loves america and whites.hes admitted to being a druggy and haveing a gay affair with his drug dealer and theres even pics,yet you say its not true.this is the most corrupt,obominable leadership in hystory,99% black,gay and muslim yet you denie and say its the whites that are racist.the entire political system from the scotus ,white house,congress on down is a bunch of treasonous greedy filthy s***** yet you say its great.blacks are attacking and beating and killing whites all across america yet you say its not true.51% of america is low life welfare turds now and you think its great.by now anyone with a nats brain can see its you idiots destroying america with your anti american political correctness and need to be elliminated.

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, April 11 @ 05:01:05 EDT (19 reads)
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 Fascist America

CommunityAnonymous writes "Noam Chomsky discusses the slogan "Support our Troops":
Nazi Germany, right-wing U.S. media (and right-wing Americans):
Campaign Funding and Government Policy:


Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, April 05 @ 06:03:50 EDT (28 reads)
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 The Problem With Success

CommunityAnonymous writes "The thing Doc Bill cannot wrap his Social Darwinist mind around is that in the 21st Century, in a world threatened by climate disaster, in a country with the worst socioeconomic inequality since the 1920's, in a country with a Republican Party buying political power and wrecking popular democracy, all ideas about "success" and "making it" and "individual initiative" are antiquated and actually injurious to the long-term prospects of human life on Earth.
Let's say you're a bright guy or gal, you work really hard, you craft a great resume, you interview really well, and you become an executive at Exxon Mobil, or Goldman Sachs, or Halliburton, or Lockheed Martin, and you make lots of money.  Is that success?  No.  It's failure.  It is contributing to the environmental death of the planet, or the financial dictatorship of Wall Street, or imperial aggression in Iraq, or war profiteering.  In the 21st Century, there is no correlation between individual economic success and positive benefit for humanity.  The two are usually in direct opposition to one another.  If humanity made a new set of goals: our purpose as a species is no longer to destroy the planet, burn every last fossil fuel we can extract from the earth, dominate the globe militarily, enrich a narrow sector of private plutocratic oligarchic corporate power, regiment people into working for private corporate tyrannies with profit motives instead of people motives.  We're going to simply do away with all that, to create a new society in which solidarity and fraternity are the guiding principles in place of selfishness and greed.
In the 18th century, in a country of yeomen farmers, in a world before industrial capitalism, in a world before any notion that our labor would literally destroy the planetary conditions necessary for human survival, you could maybe believe in some of the ideas that Doc Bill stubbornly holds onto.  But you can't believe such things today.  Those ideas are not only antiquated but are destructive.  Telling every person that he or she is an individual whose sole purpose is to maximize his or her financial potential working for any business entity regardless of the moral, political, social, civic or environmental consequences of that business' activity was morally and intellectually reprehensible 200 years ago and is significantly more so today.
The capitalist system concentrates wealth and power over time.  Bill likes to say socialism has never worked.  First of all socialism has never been attempted in the societies Marx and any other intelligent person realized it had to flourish in ... namely the industrial countries of Western Europe and the United States.  Those are precisely the places the United States organized into the 20th century anti-socialist bloc.  It's all well and good for Mother Russia and Cuba to attempt a distorted socialist project but socialism, real or otherwise, could never succeed when the most industrially advanced and militarily powerful nations were arrayed against it and actively pursuing its downfall.
But capitalism is a system that clearly does not work either.  It unleashes too many selfish impulses, it destroys the earth and exhausts its resources not for the benefit of humanity but for corporate profit motives, it destroys political democracy by allowing the rich to buy politicians and distort the makeup of Congress, the presidency and the Supreme Court.  Capitalism forces each individual to enslave him or herself to a hierarchically organized business entity and to forget about any obligation to one's fellows in the sole pursuit of profit maximization and market share.  Capitalism rewards greed, acquisitiveness, pollution, selfishness.  It is a system that has run its course and needs to be abolished.  Today, the truly successful person is the one who resists conforming to the system, who refuses to become a cog in the capitalist machine, who stands up for peace, justice, equality, the environment, democracy.  Today it is better to be poor than rich, to be unemployed rather than working in the service of a private corporate tyranny or small business of any kind whose purpose is profit over people.  I say maximize unemployment!  Sit down!  Stay home!  Refuse to subject yourselves to the humiliation of your bosses!  Stop working for the destruction of planet Earth!  As the immortal Mario Savo once proclaimed, "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious - makes you so sick at heart - that you can't take part.  You can't even passively take part.  And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop,  And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all." 
Peace  "

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, April 04 @ 05:50:17 EDT (40 reads)
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 Re: Too Many People

CommunityAnonymous writes "Soooooo what exactly is your program to solve the too many people conundrum?  I agree, there are too many people, that's why global social planning is necessary.  We have to transcend nationalism, all these artificial borders and imagined communities.  There is one community: human.  We're all the same species with the same animal needs.  We need to empower women globally to take control of their own reproductive cycle.  We need to end the stupid pro-life theocratic arguments against safe, legal abortion.  We need to limit the number of children families are permitted to have (again, sorry Bible Thumpers with your "go forth and multiply" horses*** but like the person says we've done enough multiplying).
I have nothing to say in response to Doc Bill's healthcare spiel.  Anybody with any intelligence knows his arguments serve the interests of the rich, of Wall Street, of private insurers, of the Fascist Republican Party. 
And I would like to apologize to the reader who reduces my writing to "rhetoric."  I'm really sorry that you feel that way.  Unfortunately, I think it takes words and ideas and arguments to stand up against corporate tyranny, against decades and centuries of pro-capitalist propaganda, against the doctrinal system in the United States.  People need exposure to ideas outside the box of corporate media and received pieties.  It's called consciousness raising, it is an essential revolutionary tactic to wake the people from their obedience and apathy, there is no alternative to good old-fashioned speechifying.  If my words are too many for you I suggest you train your mind to function at a level higher than "there are too many people" and "shut up."  That's not going to get it done and the human mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Humans are capable of so much more intellectually and yet because of the deliberate dumbing down of the population so that they passively serve destructive corporate purposes and follow authority uncritically words like mine are consigned to oblivion as too complicated, too verbose and too discomforting to those who choose to live in the warmth and comfort of blissful ignorance.  Viva la revolucion!

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 03 @ 07:29:44 EDT (46 reads)
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 The Greatest Cartoon Ever

CommunityAnonymous writes "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6ZsXrzF8CcEat the rich folks.  "

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 02 @ 06:20:06 EDT (48 reads)
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 Hey America! (Hey Republican Oswego!)

CommunityAnonymous writes ""We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." - Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court Justice (1856-1941)
"Behind every great fortune is a crime." - Honore de Balzac, French novelist (1799-1850)
"The form of law which I propose would be as follows: In a state which is desirous of being saved from the greatest of all plagues - not faction, but rather distraction - there should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor, again, excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil ... Now the legislator should determine what is to be the limit of poverty or of wealth." - Plato, Greek philosopher (427-347 b.c.)

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, March 31 @ 04:55:46 EDT (32 reads)
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 Shame on : Comfort Windows

CommunityAnonymous writes " This is about my experience with Comfort windows. Do whatever you want. I don’t work for any window company or any company that competes with Comfort windows. Just bought some windows from them. This is just for info on my experience, and I expect someone to complain about this, like they always do here. Undoubtedly, someone from Comfort will write in as a “customer” to defend Comfort Windows. I really don't care.  They were running a special with 35% off, so I called them. I talked to one of their salesmen. I asked him on the phone, how much were windows were running and he told me probably around $350.00. So, I had him come out. The windows started at $900.00 when he got there, his reason was because we lived outside of town. When he got done, the windows ended up costing $500.00 and when I mentioned the discount after his price, he stated that already included the discount. I should have sent him on his way. My bad, and do I ever regret that! I ordered windows and they screwed everything up. When the crew came to install the windows, they didn’t have the right amount of windows. They had to use the OLD window wood because they didn’t have any replacement wood with them as they usually do. The wood was rotted. The salesman knew this as he saw the windows. Two of the windows were done so badly, that Comfort had to send out another crew to fix them. I demanded that they send out someone other than the crew they had originally sent. I didn’t have any faith in the crew that they sent out! At this point, I wasn’t impressed with Comfort either, and still aren’t! So a few thousand $$ dollars later, I had windows. I am still not a happy camper, and they know it. But they didn’t offer anything to make it right, not that they could have I guess. ZAX

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, March 31 @ 04:54:38 EDT (27 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "This City needs a Mayor that will put parties aside, and strictly govern with common sense and integrity. The power in Oswego is held by the top 1% a few lawyers and top party officials. These select people have been running the show for years. It stops when we vote someone in that refuses to be bought. Lets get someone younger than 50 in office, someone willing to do their job and represent the people's best interests. 
We don't need this sewer separation! Oswego was willing to make a deal with the engineering and construction companies. We have to pay for the mistakes made sometime  in the 1800's? Doesn't sound like we negotiated properly. I guess that's the kind of government you  get when lobiests have free reign, and are able to put money in the pockets of elected officials. 

Vote for someone other than Democrats and Republicans after all they're the ones screwing it up. 

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, March 27 @ 06:58:42 EDT (27 reads)
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 new taxi now here

CommunityAnonymous writes "new taxi now in oswego give ny transportation a call at 315 341 8671
all rides in the city of oswego are only 3.00 open daily 6am to 6pm  senior citizens ride for only 2.50 no charge if u need to make a stop along the way 


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, March 25 @ 08:03:42 EDT (30 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "I just love all the moronic, brain dead fantasies that come out of the liberal fool with nothing better to do than sit home on welfare. Eating junk food and smoking cigarrettes i bought for them, talking on his Obamaphone to his drug dealer, and making sure hes got his Obamacare i pay for as well. Telling all his foolish liberal friends and family what the left teachas and actually believes is real. It just shows how disqusting and backwards America has become under liberal influence. Revolution soon, liberals go by by.

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, March 23 @ 07:34:48 EDT (27 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "Its funny how all the liberal media and others are attacking conservatives and christians claiming to be the ones wanting whats best for America. Yet conservatives and christians are the only ones fighting for the constitution and freedoms of America that made us the greatest nation on earth. So if liberals aren't for the same values of freedom, god and our country then how can they be for whats best for America. All they stand for is special rights for everyone thats illegal, gay, or anything else thats un American and un godly. They stand for communism and evil yet project their fallacies onto the ones doing good and fighting to keep America free and great so our children and their children can have a happy meaningful life without the invasion of government and evil doers telling them what they have to do, all the while government and evil doers are leeching off their every penny. Americas are at a crossroads, liberals have brainwashed our children in our schools for decades to believe their foolish backwards thinking based on lies and fears and now think they have enough followers to destroy this country. Time to wake up, you eather stand with conservatives and god for freedom and the American way,  or you stand with all the others for evil and communism, and the end of our way of life as we new it. Its up to you.

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, March 23 @ 07:20:37 EDT (31 reads)
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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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