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GovernmentAnonymous writes "Peace's pathetic post of today, Friday 18 July, is true to form for a progressive who has reached the depths of desperation. As I have often said, in a debate with a progressive you know when he has run out of the "canned comments" he memorized and has no more rational arguments to add to the discussion. At that point, usually about 30 seconds or so into the debate, the typical progressive starts throwing out all of the ad hominem names he can think of to distract form the fact that he has lost the debate and and lost massively! Such is the case with Peace and his post!

The opposition post, of Thursday 17 July, to my comments regarding Peace's fixation with labels shows us quite nicely that the poster has a total lack of understanding of the point I was making. He obviously has no understanding that I use the label "progressive" precisely because it infuriates progressives just as liberals vociferously objected to being called "liberal" in the past! As time has changed things a bit as todays liberals do find such a label as less offensive and are more proud of the name. This objection to labels that they find offensive is also true with the connections I made between progressives, liberals and socialists with the Nazis. However, progressives will still use unflattering labels against any who oppose their utopian ideology.

Returning to the poster of Monday, 14 July - the poster claimed that my posts are loaded with "hate mongering." I fully understand that to the progressive mind any opposition to their religiously political ideology is considered to be hate. Some time ago I said that there is one thing I do hate - EVIL! I also explained a number of the things I believe are evil to provide the examples for the intelligent reader to understand my position. I did not provide an exhaustive list because that is unnecessary for the truly intelligent as such individuals could make the connection to other situations without my spelling them all out. 

My post which appeared today, Friday 18, provided some new information about those groups which I believe are truly evil and therefore deserve not only my hatred but should deserve the hatred of all truly peace loving people. If you disagree with me on this then it is you who have a significant problem as I stated.

So, I challenge the poster to doc-ument any hate, other than of evil, in any of my posts. While he is at it I would also like him to find any racism he thinks I have exhibited or any fear mongering beyond reasonable warning of problems that are or could arise from current policies. I won't hold my breath because the poster will never bother to even attempt such research as his claims are as bogus as he is.


My post which appeared to day, Friday 18 July was written on Tuesday the 15th partly in response to Peace's words of contrition. In that post I related the probability that Obama and Kerry would ignore the Sunday deadline for negotiations with Iran. As expected Kerry agreed today that the deadline will be moved to November. This has been a typical Iranian tactic - to give a little encouragement fooling their opposition into thinking that more time will have successful results. This gives Iran more time to increase their weapons grade Uranium while having the sanctions against them reduced or eliminated. In the end, if an agreement is reached it will most likely favor Iran overwhelmingly. Sanctions will be lifted, Iran will have its nuclear program just as they want it and Iran will give up nothing in return. Even so, idiots such as Kerry and Obama will hail such an agreement as a magnificent accomplishment. Too bad it will be a disaster for Israel and the rest of the world as the rabid islamofascists in Iran will have what they want to expand their evil.

Egypt and other muslim countries and organizations have come out against Hamas for their continued attacks against Israel. Except for the short ceasefire for humanitarian aid, which I think they did violate at one point, Hamas has rejected every call to stop. 

Twenty Hamas rockets were found in a UN school which the morons turned over to Hamas. Either the UN officials are in league with Hamas or they are blithering idiots. 

Thirteen Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel on a murder and kidnapping mission but were discovered before they got too far for their tunnel. They were greeted with a bomb which probably killed all thirteen of them. Since it was a direct hit there probably isn't much left other than hair, teeth and eyeballs.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has finally come out in opposition to "Common Core." The opposition to this radical curriculum is spreading with more governors and states either dropping it or preparing to do so.

Insanity in California - A couple in the LA area has received a notice to water their browning lawn or else be fined up to $500. However, if they do water their lawn they could be fined $500 for wasting water. Make sense of that!

Those wonderful guys in ISIS have demanded that Christians convert, pay a tax or die! I'm sure Peace has no problems with such demands.

Muslim jihadists say they are going to invade Spain. The muslim Moors were thrown out of the some 500 years ago. These radicals contend that wherever muslims have been is muslim territory in perpetuity. They also plan to take back Italy, all of North Africa and the rest of the world running through India to the muslim Pacific.

More and more cities are objecting to the dumping of illegal alien children on their doorsteps. Health concerns continue to rise as even the government admits to mishandling the health checks of these invaders. Just wait until US citizens start coming down with drug resistant cases of diseases such as TB. Three more cases of of highly contagious PNEUMONIC PLAGUE have been found in Colorado. I don't think this is related to the illegal alien question but it is illustrative of the potential health problems we will be facing in the near future.

The Russian bastards have shot down a plane full of innocent civilians murdering 298. The suppose Ukrainian insurgents are nothing more than Russian operatives, members of Russian security forces and the new replacements of the KGB. Vlad the Butcher is evil and the sooner morons such as Obama realize this the sooner we can deal with his aggression before it involves far more than it does currently. 

At least our ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, had the fortitude missing in Obama to stick it to the Russian bastards. Obama's leading from behind has already shown the world that he is an incompetent leader whose actions and inactions are creating more disruption to world peace than anyone could have predicted. This is what happens when an empty suited agitator who has never solved anything is put in such a powerful position. No one beyond the true believing obamatons respect Obama especially other world leaders. Only true believers such as Peace think Obama has made the world safer and that things are better because of him.

I'm sure that Peace is on Vlad the Butcher's side since he is a dyed in the wool, full fledge, rabid socialist.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, July 19 @ 05:20:49 EDT (26 reads)
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 RE: Peace and other things

GovernmentAnonymous writes "It is nice to see a little contrition from Peace after he was exposed regarding Finkelstein. It turns out though that the relationship was far closer than I had imagined. It never occurred to me that Peace had a personal relationship with Finkelstein and actually stayed overnight at his house. 

I have never met in person any of the individuals to whom I refer much less spend an evening with them. None of these political figures, politically active academicians, nor anyone else "in the news" is part of my personal circle of friends. My friends consist of people who prefer anonymity while performing the duties of their ordinary professions, avocations or recreation. That may make my circle of friends and acquaintances smaller than others but the relationships are far closer and truer as a result.


Apparently Iran is hoping that Kerry will ignore the RED LINE of SUNDAY, 20 July 2014, and give these criminals more time to increase their stocks of enriched Uranium. Sunday marks the end of the SIX MONTH deal intended to get Iran to REDUCE is nuclear inventory but when has the Obama administration been serious about such deadlines???? NEVER.

Iran has undoubtedly said some things that Kerry can take back to Obama to use as an excuse to extend the deal and NOT REIMPOSE THE SANCTIONS THAT WORKED SO WELL. With Obama looking for the slightest sliver of progress there is no doubt that he'll jump at the chance to keep the useless talks going just to save face from another foreign relations disaster. 


The peaceful palestinians ignored the Egyptian cease fire to which Israel agreed. They continued firing rockets into Israel without regard as to where the rockets land. REMEMBER, ISRAEL USES ROCKETS TO PROTECT ITS PEOLE WHILE THE PALESTINIANS USE PEOPLE TO PROTECT THEIR ROCKETS! By the time this gets posted Israel may have sent in troops to destroy the rocket launchers and stockpiles.


In addition to that URDO - English dictionary found in Texas KORANS and PRAYER RUGS have been found.

Known members of MS-13 and other Central American gangs are being allowed into the US with the rest of these illegal aliens. These members have the tats to prove their status and some have even admitted to crimes. However, the Obama administration doesn't give a damn about the American citizens it is putting in harms way by sending these criminals to cities across the country WITH OUT NOTICE!.


The goodly gentlemen of BOKO HARAM made fun of the First Lady and all those who go involved in the twitter campaign to #BRINGOURGIRLSHOME! The fine gentlemen still have nearly 300 young women in captivity, most likely as sex slaves.

The goodly gentlemen of ISIS have also demanded that women get involved in a "SEXUAL JIHAD" relieving the stress of the fighters. When the women, young and old, refuse they are simply GANG RAPED. This is reminiscent of the "COMFORT WOMEN," women forced into prostitution by the invading Japanese army during WWII, I posted about not long ago. NOW never gave a damn about those women and I hear nothing from them about these victims of SEXUAL SLAVERY.

If these poor excuses for human beings aren't bastards in your book then you have a significant problem!


The FEC also reports that they have lost vital information from computers, particularly from the computer of one April Sands.


One of the suspects in the 9/11 attack has been found dead. Too bad!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, July 18 @ 04:53:24 EDT (28 reads)
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 Israel & Palestine Video

GovernmentAnonymous writes "For those who don't like to read please see the following video for a (very) short introduction to the Israel-Palestine issue (and how I'm right and Doc Bill is super wrong  :~)



Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 17 @ 05:51:35 EDT (33 reads)
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 The Reasons We Fight The New World Order

GovernmentParanoid writes "“Countless people … will hate the new world order … and will die protesting against it.” H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1940)

Throughout our lives and throughout our culture, we are conditioned to rally around concepts of false division. We are led to believe that Democrats and Republicans are separate and opposing parties, yet they are actually two branches of the same political-control mechanism. We are led to believe that two nations such as the United States and Russia are geopolitical enemies, when, in fact, they are two puppet governments under the dominance of the same international financiers. Finally, we are told that the international bankers themselves are somehow separated by borders and philosophies, when the reality is all central banks answer to a singular authority: the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS).

 We are regaled with stories of constant conflict and division. Yet the truth is there is only one battle that matters, only one battle that has ever mattered: the battle between those people who seek to control others and those people who simply wish to be left alone.

 The “New World Order” is a concept created not in the minds of “conspiracy theorists” but in the minds of those who seek to control others. These are the self-appointed elite who fancy themselves grandly qualified to determine the destiny of every man, woman and child at the expense of individual freedom and self-determination.  Such elites are often very open about their globalist intentions and ambitions, much like author H.G. Wells, a socialist member of the Fabian Society and friend to the internationalist establishment who put forth his blueprint for world governance in the book quoted above.  In this article, I would like to examine the nature of our war with the elite and why their theories on social engineering are illogical, inadequate and, in many cases, malicious and destructive.


Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 17 @ 05:51:22 EDT (28 reads)
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 Earn $72,000 a Year - TAX FREE

GovernmentAnonymous writes "This could save Oswego as really good paying jobs are very few. 

An ad in Murietta California by Crittenton Services and Forster Family Agency is looking for people to take care of the illegal aliens children coming across the US Southern Border. Apparently all you need is a hose with an extra room and furniture. Call (714)-680-8200.

Apparently the medical needs of these children will be taken care of by the government so all you'd have to do is take them to their appointments.

Though the as did appear in California we read in the news that many places these children are been sent do not want them. Places like Lynn, Mass. have more than enough of these children and cannot take any more says Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy. Public services hare been negatively affected as the town has to cut back those services to provide for the children's needs including their education. 

Crittenton might just be willing to cut you in on this program and if not there must be a similar program going on in the northeast. Caring people in Oswego could strike it rich by stepping up and taking as many of these children as they can fit in their homes. I have no doubt that the progressives in the area will jump at the change to do good here and earn a few bucks at the same time.

This could put Oswego on the map and get a national identity for such magnanimous actions.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 17 @ 05:50:54 EDT (17 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "I guess I was right, the city is apparently done fixing potholes for the year. East Utica from 1st to 4th, George Street, East 10th, Bridge, the list goes on. Even though there are tons of potholes, I bet it wouldn't take two dump-trucks full and a days hard work to fix them all. Where the fluck is my tax money going? Looks like they don't bother mowing anymore either, my street is a fricking hayfield, the public land part of it. I can think of at least 5 stop signs that are completely blocked by tree branches too. All this may sound trivial but its just more proof of the ineptness of this city's government. When I first moved here people used to always joke about what a dump Fulton was, well guess what, the jokes on you Homies.

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, July 16 @ 07:37:34 EDT (38 reads)
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 RE: Peace and the other one of 14 July

GovernmentAnonymous writes "I sent a post early this morning, I had much to do as my schedule is quite varied. Anyway, I find it interesting that Peace is all upset over my referring to the islamofascists as bastards. My early morning post was about Peace's fixation on labels and he has just reinforced my contention that such labels are the life and death of progressive ideology.

The mythical muslim moderate to which Peace refers in his post of 7/14, are virtually none existent. Oh, there may be a few out there but they amount to nothing. The vast majority of muslims prefer sharia law as I showed in previous posts and so they cannot be called moderate. Any true moderates, should they even exist, are cowed by the violence of the rest of islam.

So, when the real moderate muslims, if they really do exist, actually come out of hiding and voice their disapproval of the islamofascist bastards actions THEN AND ONLY THEN will I say something positive about them!

Peace tries to equate an intention act with a random act when he compares my statement about the Dome of the Rock and the Taliban's purposeful destruction of a historically significant religious monument that they did not like. As I said, it would be Karma if one of the hundreds of rockets the islamofascist bastards fired into Israel every day hit the Dome and destroyed it.

Speaking of religious monuments, ISIS is destroying many of these historic monuments as they conquer territory. In fact, ISIS says they want to go to Mecca and destroy the big cube with the meteorite in it as they believe if is evil. So, who is really out to destroy islam's holiest monuments? ISIS, not me!

Mexico blames the US for the death train. You should have seen pictures of this by now. Anyway, if you haven't you may have seen pictures from India with people riding on top of and hanging onto trains. This was the case with one train caring untold numbers of future illegal aliens on it when it derailed. Since the Mexican government is responsible for monitoring what is going on within their borders they should have stopped this train long before it began its nearly 2,000 mile trek. Mexico lets the trains move and the deaths are on their hands.

Bodies of children are washing up on the banks of the Colorado River in Texas. This is blood on Obama's hands and those in his administration.

A Texas rancher discovered an Urdo - English translation guide on his property this past weekend. For those of you who do not know Urdo is one of the many muslim languages! So there are muslims sneaking into the country. Are they here to work or kill? I say they are coming here to kill as many of us as they can.

Peace says "People under occupation have the right to rest that occupation. The people of Gaza have suffered under a brutal Israeli siege since 2007."

Israel exited the Gaza strip by 12 September 2005. So, how is it possible for the people of Gaza to be occupied and under siege? Israel left Gaza as part of a peace deal which the islamofascists broke almost immediately. Thousands of rocks every year are fired into Israel from Gaza. Is Israel supposed to ignore these attacks? Of course Israel is concerned about the importation of the weapons of war to Gaza which is the biggest bone of contention here. Non military materials are not prevented from entering Gaza but the bastards continually try to get such military materials ion through Egypt or their ports. The current situation is what Israel gets for giving land for peace. These islamofascist bastards do not want peace. They agree to cease fires for the sole purpose of rearming themselves 

In another post, Peace brought up the fact that no Israelis have yet died in this conflict while 100 or so muslims have died. As Judge Judy said "When you start a fight, just because you get the worst of it doesn't mean you have a case!" The islamofascist bastards started this with the first rocket they fired into Israel last week.

Oh, my calling them bastards has nothing to do with anything other then their behavior. The Islam these bastards adhere to is not a race it is a perverted religion so racism plays no part in this though Peace and other progressives see everything in those terms as I have explained before.

As for the other guy, this is nothing more than the usual ranting of a progressive who supplies no original thought to the debate. And He accuses me of cut and paste! AGAIN, I charge you with proving you claims. Go through my posts and detail where I have cut and pasted. Do the same with comments you believe are not originally mine. Do not count quotations which are not cut and paste and not stolen information.

If you were smart enough you would never reply to anything I write. You just love to complain as it gives you a few seconds of feeling important repeating the same idiotic things others have said over the years. None of those things bother me and will not determine if I continue to post or not. It is you who gets off on responding. I couldn't care less if you read my posts or not or respond to them so stop projecting your own insecurity onto me.

YUP! Peace has really been handing it to me. He really got me with his reference to Finkelstein, didn't he? I was really blasted out of the water with that one! And there were other times too, weren't there? Of course you probably couldn't connect my rebuttals to Peace's vacuous claims which are part of his utopian progressive universe and far from reality.

Finally, I explained my computer problems because it is the polite thing to do. If I hadn't I have no doubt that Peace or some other lonely leftist would have made some outrageous claim about my mental abilities, etc. far beyond what they normally do. I know Peace doesn't give a damn but I do so I let any readers know that I had some difficulties which normally do not happen. I own up to my errors unlike progressives.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, July 16 @ 07:35:52 EDT (20 reads)
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 Additional Items

GovernmentAnonymous writes "With all of the distractions I've had recently there are a few things I have forgotten to mention. I'm also adding a few recent news items which are relevant.

Peace has obviously run out of facts to support his anti-Semitic views. He scraped the bottom of the progressive barrel to come up with Finkelstein to support his position against my post. Peace's desperation is quite obvious.

Labels - progressives live and die by labels. They love to apply what they believe are offensive labels to those whose ideology they oppose. This is why they refer to the Tea Party Members with the homophobic label "Tea Baggers." The progressives would be greatly offended to be so labeled and so they project/transfer their own feelings about such activity onto the Tea Party Members whom they think get angry because of it as they would. The same is true with the labels of racism, sexism and the rest. Of Course, it really makes no difference to the Tea Party Members because we know the truth about why the the term is used, it's just progressives trying to distract the less informed about their own beliefs.

This is why Peace goes to such extremes fending off the truth about the connections between progressives, Nazis, communists and the rest of the socialist ideologies. Though Peace obviously hates the Jews he recoils at the anti-Semitic label for the truth it provides and truth for progressives is the death of their ideology.

Speaking of anti-Semitism, I just read an item about the twits on twitter. Apparently the anti-Semitic leftist wing nuts are now adding the following tag lines in their twits - #HitlerWasRight, #SavePalestine, #SaveGaza. The left's anti-Semitism is on full display for all to see.

Last week ISIS got their murderous hands on nearly 100 pounds of Uranium! This is most likely not weapons grade Uranium but it most certainly can be used in a DIRTY BOMB which can contaminate massive amounts a land and people. With our open border how soon will ISIS agents sneak in and detonate a DIRTY BOMB in one of our major cities??? ISIS definitely wants to strike at the US and Obama's incompetence, or fouled up plan with illegal aliens, is giving the islamofascist terrorists the perfect opportunity to hit us worse than 9/11

There was also a report on how the terrorists in Gaza are using neighborhoods in their rocket attacks against Israel. They even put a video on the net which show a terrorist pushing a "Bread Cart" into an alley and firing off a couple rockets. 

Apparently Obama's charm has worn off his HOMEBOYS AND HOMEGIRLS in Chicago. Realizing that the invasion of illegal aliens is taking benefits out of their mouths and hands Obama's former supports are mad as hell over this issue. They must be a bunch of racists based upon Holder's characterization of Obama's opponents. 

Many forget that Hillary was on the team writing up the various charges for the impeachment of Nixon. Most who might have known about that forget that HILLARY WAS FIRED from the team for obstructing the probe and unethical activities. Apparently she lied a lot then too just as she does now. This is in a new book by Roger Stone. While Stone is a Republican and Peace will get all excited about that the fact is that HILLARY WAS FIRED FOR HER UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. Unethical behavior we saw demonstrated many times while she and Billyboy were in the WH, as our do nothing Senator and as a failed Secretary of State.

Brisbane, Australia hits it coldest temperature in 103 years. Also, this has been the COLDEST JUNE IN HISTORY FOR ANTARCTICA! 
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 15 @ 04:55:02 EDT (25 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "As I indicated at the end of my last post which appeared Saturday I had difficulty wiht he first IPS I used. I had lost my first attempt completely and switched to another IPS. Unfortunately with that IPS every word is underlined in red as if it were misspelled making it difficult to discern where errors occurred. Also, at one point I lost part of that attempt and had to re-receate it. After reading the post early this afternoon I noticed about a dozen typos I missed. I am not perfect and it those problems bothered any of you yoctowit progressives I'm happy it happened. 

With all those distractions I did forget to mention one thing - With all of the rockets the islamofascists bastards are firing into Israeli cities each day I hope that one accidentally hits the Dome of the Rock destroying it. That would be Karma, for sure and it would serve the bastards right!

In the news

We learned that the mistress of the IRS actually attempted to conduct her illegal business of persecuting Conservative groups in ways the the Congress could not oversee. Rather than following the law and having everything archived, she told her people to use a communications method that did not preserve those communications. 

In reporting this "smoking gun" the ObamaMedia said that Republicans claimed she said those things when they were plainly written in an email from her to her minions. Lerner said those things, they were not comments which Republicans "CLAIMED" she wrote! 

And Obama said that there was not even a smidgen opt corruption at the IRS! Either he's an idiot or a liar. I believe it is the latter case!

We learned that Mexico is conspiring with the Central American countries to facilitate the transportation of the illegal aliens through Mexico to the US. Mexico is even giving the illegals ID's valid for their trip through Mexico. It is time to punish Mexico and the others for this violation of US Sovereignty. 

Believe it or not but military officers ON THE BATTLEFIELD are being given pink slips by the Obama administration. Obama still claims that the border is secure and the the world is more peaceful then before he came not he scene. These beliefs fly in the face of reality. With the rise of more and more islamofascist aggression this is no time to be reducing the experience officer ranks in our military.

Obama's popularity amongst muslims is at an all-time high! Is it any wonder???

The TSA is allowing illegal aliens to fly around the country without valid picture ID's. All they need is an easily copied piece of paper indicating when they are to appear for a deportation hearing which they will never appear at. We have not era proof of who these people are as they can use any name that comes into their mind and that is what is written on the form. If the murderous islamofascists who are undoubtedly taking advantage of the chaos at the border manage to use these forms they could put planes in serious jeopardy.

Moronic Harry Reid is angry at the FIVE WHITE MEN in the SCOTUS who ruled in favor of the Hobby Lobby Company. The is an obvious racist slight of Justice Thomas who Reid believes is an Oreo and an Uncle Tom. Princess Pelosi completely mischaracterizes that decision in a press briefing without any of those supposed journalists calling her on her lies. After FOX NEWS broke the story Politico finally graded Pelosi's comments as lies.

Very cold temperatures are coming to parts of the US next week. Antarctic ice levels far exceed those predicted by the AGWers again showing that their models are wrong! 

For you true believers, please tell me what the temperature in the St. Louis region on 1 January 1650. What was the average daily high and low temperatures for the region in that year? How about in East St. Louis across the river? I rather doubt that you will find that information anywhere but you can try if you want.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, July 13 @ 07:43:15 EDT (39 reads)
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 Mid East

GovernmentAnonymous writes "    Peace, while I somewhat agree with your interpretation of the "mid-east" conflict, Hamas and Hezbollah are NOT fighting for the Palestinian people, just as the Arab League wasn't fighting for them. The Palestinians and the Israelis have both been getting screwed by "others" for years. Britain and France (and the UN) stuck their noses in the area over a hundred years ago and totally f'd it up. Europe basically threw the Jewish people out, the Arabs didn't want to deal with the Palestinians, so they were packed into what they both believed to be their "homeland".  The West was in on the whole debacle too, though we were newcomers to the mess we haven't done better than anyone else to stop the BS.

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, July 12 @ 06:00:32 EDT (44 reads)
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 The Philistines and other things.

GovernmentAnonymous writes "If the situations weren't so serious the ramblings by yoctowits such as Peace and his comrads would almost be comical. Unfortunatley things are that serious and so his machinations are outrageous.

There has never been a country called Palestine!

Palestine was a region of the world identified by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It derives from the Philistines who were originally from the region of Greece and Asis Minor. Prior to the Balfour in 1917 only the Jews were referred to as Paletinians. (Rerad Joan Peter's book "From Time Immemorial.") Owning 99.5% of the Middle East was not enough for the muslims.

King Faisal's bother got got 78% of the original Jewish Homeland as a consolation prize, but that and the rest of it didn't suit them. Even so, prior to the 1960"s Jews were still referred to as Palestinians until gthe PLO and the terrorist Arafat usurpted the term.

The re-creation of the State of Israel in 1948 only partially returned to the Jews what had been stolen from them by the Romans and others over the centuries. Read what Mark Twain said about hte region when he traveled through it over a century ago. He dsesctribed it as a wasteland and so it was under muslim rule. It was the Jews who revitalized the land and truly made it a "Land of MIlk and Honey!" Maybe the murderous war criminal, who wanted to own a milk and honey farm, that Obama released from Gitmo for the deserter  wants to live in Israel as a non-violent citizen? I THINK NOT!

What Peace and the other yoctwits who agree with him fail to understand is that the so-called occupoied West Bank is ancient JUDEA AND SAMARIA which were part of ancient Israel. So Peace's claim that this is somehow ancient Palestinian land is erroneous.

Peace compounds his falatious arguments with the claim that I believe that the recent events began the whole thing. "Hey Doc, history didn't begin with the thrree illegal Israeli teenager settlers who were brutally murdered." I NEVER SAID OR IMPLIED THAT!

Since 1948 the so-called Palestinians could have had peace but they rejeected every opportunity. They even stuck it to Clinton by rejecting every Israeli offer which hould have solved the problems. Even now all they will settle for is the complete destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew in the region. YOU CANNOT BARGAIN WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT BARGAIN WITH YOU!

Face it, Peace is just as anti-semitic as Hitler even though he recoils at the thought of being compared to the National Socialists of the times. The truth hurts and hurts deep when it is the real truth of the issues.

Back to the border.

According to Wikipedia,

"In law, an alien is a peerson in a country who is not a citizen of that country"

Therefore all the people within the borders of the USA who are not citizens are BY LAW ALIENS!

Some of those aliens are resident aliens and some are non-resident aliens who are defined by IRS laws.

Those people who are in the USA and have not gone through any of the LEGAL pathways to entere the USA have entered the USA ILLEGALLY.

A Citizen of the USA can enter the USA ILLEGALLY. If so, that individual will be processed according to the law.

A non-citizen of the USA who enters the USA illegally is by definition an illegal alien.

Peace's idiotic reference to space aliens is nothing more than another progressive attempt to obfuscte the issue and demean his opponet with lies.

As I have said many times before I do not comply with politically correct languagae and reject it with zero tolerence. Therefore, all those illegally crossing our southerw border, in this instance, are illegal aliens by definition.

Though some want to reclassify them using what they believe are less descriptive words are just trying to obfuscate the issue. Maybe Peace and his yoctwit comrades have been trading too often at their undoc-umted pharmacy to have a real understanding of th eissues at hand?

How many of these illegals will Peace and his progressive friends put up in their homes for the duration? NONE! They talk a great game when they do not have to put up species for support.

Some years ago I attempted to have some relatives from Eastern Europe come to the US. I had to pledge that I wouold support them until such time as they could support themselves and not become a burden to society. Though I did so willingly the venture never came to fruition for reasons not relevant here. Who among you progressives will sponsor and suport each and every illegal alien you want to come here until such time as they are not a burden on society??????????????? I DOUBT THAT ANY OF YOU WOULD SUPPORT EVEN ONE WHO WAS NOT A FAMILY MEMBER! If I am wrong prove it to my satisfaction!

I understand the issue far better than Peace does. It was Obama's refusal to follow the law that initiated this invasion which they knew was coming in Janusary! Though the message was undoubtedly made far more positive by the criminal gangs running the operations it still originated with Obama. They think that if they get their kids here they will become citizens of the US and then be able to bring in their parents and all other relatives.

This is a cruel hoax started by Obama and kept going by his political goals. Obama may not have intended this to be the result but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is just another Obama plan that was poorly thought out like ObamaCare and the rest.

The suffering of these children and others is on the heads of Obama, his administration and every inidividual who supports this invasion. The parents who give their children over to criminals to move them thousands of miles to a foreign country as criminals themselves. The Mexican officails who facilitate this invasion are criminals too as are most of those officials anyway.

Peace avoids all of these issues to trumpet his talking points about how evil the US has been throughout history. Such diversons will not solve the problems. He also forgets that I agreed with him about many of those issues in the past to show that we cannot trust the government to do right by us when it has total control. Peace convenients forgets and avoids all those implications.

Wherever these illegal aliens are placed all city, coounty and state services will be deminished. Just weait until schools have to raise taxes to educate these kids and medical services become far more expensive because of them. Will police and fire services, road care and much more need to be cut to pay for the illegal aliens? Probably! But that will nest year or the year after if progressives are lucky.

Unfortunatley, for progressives too many people across the country already see the very negative side of this issue and are opposing it just as they ahve in Murietta, California.
Doc Bill

PS - I had some difficulty with spellcheck his time using a different IPS. Any typos I missed shoul dbe plainly obvious an dunderstandable. I apologize for any problems in advance.

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 Occupied Palestine and "The Border"

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Once again we have Doc Bill doing his best Benjamin Netanyahu/Avigdor Lieberman impersonation with his Israel-Palestine commentary.  Hey Doc, history didn't begin with the three illegal Israeli settler teenagers who were brutally murdered.  Every time Palestinians are murdered, official Israel or West Bank settler murderers are "retaliating."  Um, have you ever considered the fact that Palestinian "terrorism" is a retaliation for the fact that Israel has taken 78% of historic Palestine and is actively settling, colonizing, annexing and occupying the remaining 22% which the international community and the Palestinian government consider the future state of Palestine?  Hamas rockets HAHAHAHAHA ... as of this morning, the Palestinian rockets have killed precisely ZERO Israelis.  Israel's high-tech assault on Gaza, meanwhile, has killed 81 Palestinians, many women and children, and injured more than 500.  Oh the terror!  The Israelis are the real terrorists ... they have been ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people since the 1940's, they are strangling the people of Gaza with a brutal siege which has precipitated a humanitarian crisis and they are literally wiping Palestine from the map in pursuit of Greater Israel.  Yet right-wing Americans like Doc Bill, Christiano-fascists if you will, continue to make any excuse to justify Israeli terror and bipartisan U.S. support for it.  Many idiotic people make some variation of the statement, "well, would any other country accept rocket fire being fired at it, would the U.S. let Mexico fire rockets?"  The crucial point these people miss is that Israel is not some innocent bystander ... it has been occupying the remaining 22% of Palestine since 1967.  The Palestinians are stateless people living under brutal Israeli occupation ... if the United States was occupying Mexico and killing Mexicans and imprisoning Mexicans en masse and denying Mexican national self-determination in Mexico and funding American settlement in Mexico and wiping Mexico off the map, and some Mexicans fired rockets into Texas which killed zero Texans we would have a little bit more of an accurate analogy [as an aside, the U.S. did steal half of Mexico in the 1840's much like the Israelis have stolen much of Palestine].

And just one other thing, in Doc's latest "news" piece he refers to 65,000 children as "illegal aliens" no less than 4 times in a rather brief "ON THE BORDER" passage.  I mean Jesus Christ you'd think the children came from Mars and had two heads or something.  These are children, many trying to reunite with their families, from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, etc.  These are American children too ... Latin American children.  The use of the impersonal "illegal alien" terminology shows just how insular right-wing Americans really are ... they just hate anybody with brown skin whether it's Mexican, Salvadoran or Arab.  These are human beings Doc, what kind of immigrants were the people who settled what became the United States at the expense of the Native Americans?  Were the Puritans somehow legal?  Many of the Latino immigrants are simply moving into areas the United States stole from Mexico.  Was the U.S. invasion and annexation of what we now call the American Southwest somehow legitimate?  If the United Nations had existed in the 1840's the American conquest would have been condemned as a criminal violation of international law and a blatant violation of the principle that states cannot gain territory through war.  So Americans, that is United States Americans, should have a little humility about the borders and the name-calling.  We're all human, you look at Earth from outer space and none of these arbitrary national borders are visible, and maybe we should focus on why there is such disproportionate wealth concentration and economic development causing all this migration.  Chill out, the history of America is the history of immigration.  One day national borders will be a relic of the past.  "Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too!"


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, July 11 @ 05:30:29 EDT (54 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "No one seems to be interested in the Hildebeast's new book. Very poor sales have dropped it into the basement of the Best Seller List. Apparently those who purchased it are having a difficult time reading it. Reports indicate that people hardly get past page 33 before putting it down for good.

Three top Colorado democrats ignore Obama's arrival in the state, even one for whom Obama was attending a fund raiser. The magic is finally gone even for these liberal democrats. They do not want the radioactive Obama around them as they are looking to get reelected.

Barack Hypocrite Obama has apparently given female White House staffers lower raises than their male counterparts. This is on top of the fact that the females earn less than the males. This is while the hypocritical Obama chastises everyone else about the wage disparity for females.


The Obama administration apparently knew in January that tens of thousands of kids would be invading the US as the government sought contracts for taking care of up to 65,000 illegal alien children. Then, when the news breaks that the little ones are here Obama plays dumb. Incompetence? I doubt it this time as this has all the traits of a plan.

Now that tens of thousands of children have navigated the thousands of miles to our border, trying to avoid getting raped or murdered, the Obama administration is dumping these kids on local communities that are angered by situation. The kids are being held in deplorable conditions and then flown and/or bussed to other states where they become a burden.

Serious diseases have been found in these illegal aliens but they are being shipped all over nevertheless. Some of these diseases are very difficult to treat especially TB which is drug resistant. On top of that some of these "kids" are MS-13 members and they are still being shipped all over. MS-13 graffiti has been found in facilities where these illegal aliens have been held.

Some of these "children" have admitted to torture and murder but they are still being released into American communities. 

Sheriff Babeu of Pinal County, AZ, just south of Phoenix, indicates that the feds are releasing criminal illegal aliens into his jurisdiction who have been deported 10 - 15 times. 

Worse yet, it appears that ISIS is paying the drug cartels up to $50,000 per individual to get their terrorist members into the US.

Middle East

Some islamofascist terrorists murder three Israeli teenagers and Hamas praises the bastards as heroes. In retaliation some Israelis murder a palestinian teenager. Israel condemns the crime and arrests some individuals in the case. Hamas fires hundreds of rockets into Israel daily to which Israel responds by taking out terrorist hiding places. The islamofascist sycophants condemn Israel for aggravating the situation. You cannot make peace with people who want to kill you!

Back Home

MSMBC has a poll with the question -

"Do you believe that people should be allowed to carry guns in public?"

They are shocked when nearly 90% of the respondents say YES! OOPS, I may have been suckered in again by another Conservative organization's lies.
Doc Bill

PS - In deference to Michelle O's professed superior intellect and knowledge I have used her terminology when referring to HRC. Not doing so might cause some progressives to claim that I am somehow bigoted in someway.

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 10 @ 07:14:03 EDT (40 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "Recent Noam Chomsky article:


"The misery caused by Israel's actions in the occupied territories has elicited serious concern among at least some Israelis.  One of the most outspoken, for many years, has been Gideon Levy, a columnist for Haaretz, who writes that "Israel should be condemned and punished for creating insufferable life under occupation, [and] for the fact that a country that claims to be among the enlightened nations continues abusing an entire people, day and night.

He is surely correct, and we should add something more: the United States should also be condemned and punished for providing the decisive military, economic, diplomatic, and even ideological support for these crimes.  So long as it continues to do so, there is little reason to expect Israel to relent in its brutal policies."

And from Gideon Levy in Haaretz (major Israeli newspaper) an article titled, "Israel Does Not Want Peace:  Rejectionism is embedded in Israel's most primal beliefs.  There, at the deepest level, lies the concept that this land is destined for Jews alone."

"Israel has never, not for a minute, treated the Palestinians as human beings with equal rights.  It has never viewed their distress as understandable human and national distress."

If any American citizen who comes across this post wants to understand a little reality as regards the Israel-Palestinian conflict, please read the two articles ... seriously, it'll stimulate your mind for a few minutes beyond what you're seeing on corporate television.


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 08 @ 05:33:37 EDT (49 reads)
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 Withdraw Your Consent: 25 Ways to Declare Your Independence

GovernmentParanoid writes "Withdraw Your Consent: 25 Ways to Declare Your Independence

Our government has crossed the line and become tyrannical. Through insidious acts of terror inflicted upon their own people, they’ve enacted terrifying, sweeping legislation that give them almost unlimited power…the NDAA (indefinite detention) and the ironically named “Patriot Act”, to name two. Law enforcement is just a gang with badges, serving the government and not the people. The “authorities” are running amok, blowing up babies in their cribs and killing homeless people and family pets because they know they’ll get away with it. They are nothing but revenue generators, looking for the smallest infraction for which to fine you.

It’s everyday things that allow us to be self-sufficient and independent from “the system” that are becoming outlawed. What on earth has our nation come to, when growing your own food is an act of revolution? When being armed in order to defend yourself and your family is considered some kind of subversive act? When the public schools, which used to teach useful things like Home Economics and Auto Shop, and used to have extracurricular sports like marksmanship, now suspend children for pointing their fingers and saying “bang”? When collecting a bounty of rainwater for dry times is against the law?

How is it acceptable that the government can attempt to force people to inject toxins (in the form of mandatory vaccines) into our bodies and our children’s bodies? How is it acceptable that they can attempt to force us to send our children to approved schools to learn approved curriculums? That they force us to pay each year in order to drive our cars and live in our paid-for homes?

Read on....

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, July 06 @ 06:46:52 EDT (81 reads)
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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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