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 Earth Day

GovernmentAnonymous writes "I suppose all of you econazis knocked yourselves out on Tuesday celebrating Earth Day. Obama and the EPA celebrated it by burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel adding hundreds of not thousands of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Though it might, it should not come as a surprise to you econazis that 22 April is also the birthday of vladimir Ilyich Lenin. He was born in 1870. Though the Earth Day founders claim it is only a coincidence that they picked that day it strains credibility that they just happened to pick the 100 year anniversary of Lenin's birth as their big day.

When Glenn Beck held his 2010,"Restoring Honor" rally in D.C. progressives got all bent out of shape because it was held on 28 August, the same day of the year that M. L. King gave is Dream speech in 1963. The progressives seem to think that they own 28 August and anyone wishing to do something on that day in D.C. has to get their approval. 

The progressives didn't believe in coincidence then yet they want us to believe in it now. They cannot have it both ways. 

I do not doubt that 22 April 1970, was specifically picked to surreptitiously honor of Lenin, maybe as an inside joke on the rest of us. Whatever their reason it was far from coincidence.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:34:53 EDT (1 reads)
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 Paranoid's Climate Post

GovernmentParanoid writes " Peace, I am not a right wing fox news watching republican.   I do not watch any TV news, I unplugged from that propaganda brain washing machine a long time ago, it's obvious you have not. I do not subscribe to the two party system as they are the same, corrupt lying thieving traitors....

I hate seeing what has been done to this world (pollution, hunger, poverty, endless wars) but your love for the democrats does not negate their complacency and guilt in being part of the problem. As to climate change, you seem like you might be intelligent enough to see that all of this chicken little hysteria is a big money making scam.

Peace, your right, I do not believe in democracy, democracy is noting more then two wolfs and a sheep trying to decide whats for dinner. This country was founded on being a republic.... but has been degraded to what you see today by both party's.

Your socialistic ideas/beliefs are part of the problem, true free markets, zero aggression, liberty and freedom are all that will save this world. Not wealth distribution and debt slavery nor holding hands and singing kumbaya....

No Peace, I am not a republican/democrat, (and they do not need to be capitalized because they do not deserve that respect) I am a Anarchist,:

Anarchism: The philosophy of a new social order based on liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms of government rest on violence, and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary." "Anarchism, then, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property: liberation from the shackles and restraint of government. Anarchism stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals for the purpose of producing real social wealth; an order that will guarantee to every human being free access to the earth and full enjoyment of the necessities of life, according to individual desires, tastes, and inclinations."

I could go on an on, but will refrain for now......

Paranoid "

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:34:09 EDT (1 reads)
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 "I'm a conservative" = "I'm an idiot"

GovernmentAnonymous writes "All self-proclaimed conservatives share one invariable characteristic: they just don't think very well.  It's frustrating because we could live in such a better country and a better world if not for large numbers of these so-called conservatives.
Exhibit A: the person who considers himself conservative and wants limited government (oh, Republicans see to it that government for people is very limited, government for the rich and powerful? no limits ... example, the American people suffer immensely from the Great Recession.  Do they get bailed out? Nah.  Wall Street and the rich bankers cause the recession and commit all sorts of crimes.  They get unlimited largesse from the "limited government."  Yippee conservatism!)

Whenever anyone says something like, "I don't want the guvmint in charge a mah health care!" what they mean, apparently, is "I want private for-profit insurance companies and Wall Street and private profit-maximizing corporations in charge a mah health care!"  They also mean, "I don't want guvmint interfering with private insurance company profit and I don't want guvmint to try to do anything about the fact that Americans spend twice as much as other similar societies on healthcare and get worse health outcomes."  In other words, the "conservative" is essentially saying, "I hate democratic action.  I don't want to live in a society in which the people of the country can use government to make life better.  I want expensive inefficient for-profit healthcare.  I want the private insurance companies to keep acc-umulating profits and siphoning big money from the health system.  I don't want government to try to make healthcare more widely available to the citizens of the country and I don't want the government to try to make healthcare more affordable for me and my family and my fellow citizens.  I want private, rapacious, unaccountable corporate tyrannies to run my healthcare system."

I mean if anyone can explain why in hell anybody would want to live in that ^ "conservative" society I'd be very interested.  But I never see arguments.  All I see is the mindless regurgitation of either Rush Limbaugh or Fox News or Republican Party talking points.  Why can't "conservatives" try thinking for themselves instead of simply taking a script provided to them by the defenders of wealth and privilege?  "Conservatives" are responsible for the ridiculous state we find ourselves in.  We should be on the verge of revolution against the corporate state and yet half the population, the "conservatives," are enthusiastically screaming, "more power to the powerful!  more inequality!  more carbon emission! more policies benefitting the very few and screwing the majority!"  At some point you have to just call it what it is: stupid.  Conservatives are stupid.  It's a shame.  They have brains, they can read, they can learn to think.  What is the goddamn obstacle?  

And "conservatives" also seem to like to deflect attention from American crimes and point to the savagery of other societies.  What is the logic in that?  We are citizens of the United States.  We can hope to influence the policies of the United States.  Some of us think aggression, torture, mass killing, drone terror, an empire of foreign bases, support for major human rights violating-regimes like Israel and Colombia and Saudi Arabia, arms dealing, CIA subversion of democratic governments, are not characteristics of a society we should accept.  It might make ya feel good to condemn policies in Nigeria or the Roman Empire but such condemnations have zero moral content given the fact that American citizens are not the agents of change in those societies, they are the agents of change, potentially, in American society.  Conservatives obviously are well-adjusted to injustice in the United States and even defend it.  "We" can torture and kill because other societies have done it.  Why is that an excuse?  Why should we torture or kill or carry out any moral atrocity even if every other society does it or has done it?  And some crimes are uniquely American.  The continental-wide genocide of Native American civilization is a pretty severe crime.  American slavery and its consequences right up to the present is a 400-year crime.  If conservatives don't like reading surely they can watch "12 Years A Slave" to get a good idea of what slavery was like and what kind of country this was not so very long ago.  The United States unnecessarily dropped atomic bombs on civilians, twice, the only society savage enough to have made that choice.  The United States has terrorized the people of Iraq since the early 1990's through war, a genocidal sanctions regime (see Joy Gordon's Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions), and a second more brutal war and occupation and torture regime.  For conservatives to argue we should ignore or minimize or justify America's most horrific policies and point the spotlight elsewhere is to announce their complicity in, and support of, those policies.  Do conservatives want "limited government" as regards U.S. intervention in every foreign dispute?  Republicans in Congress (and some Democrats showing how the rot is indeed bipartisan) are actually arguing Obama is not doing enough to support the coup regime in Ukraine.  Why doesn't the United States simply leave the situation alone?  We have 3 million long-term unemployed begging for help, begging for an extension of unemployment benefits.  The government is limited for its actual struggling citizens, victims of corporate capitalism.  But Ukraine?  Spare no expense! 
Finally, the new conservative poster gets "a kick" out of the fact that some American citizens criticize the society while they "enjoy all that it has to offer."  Has a clearer expression of totalitarian sensibility ever been expressed?  Apparently conservatives think no American should dare criticize or draw attention to injustice within the society.  This is why people are increasingly comparing the Republican Party and Republicans to fascists.  They have a fascist mentality.  Many of us think democracy inherently involves citizens struggling for a more just society ... in order to do that you have to discuss the injustices.  Conservatives want none of it.  If you are working 3 minimum-wage jobs for corporate masters and living a completely soulless existence with little freedom you should shut up, follow orders and do it with a smile.  If the United States puts more of its "free" people in prison than any other country, even "dictatorships" like China who have a billion more people and don't imprison as many of their citizens as does the US of A, you should shut up and follow orders and enjoy all this wonderful society, this perfect society, has to offer.

Conservatives, I hate to put it this way, are stupid.  They are stupid unthinking people and they are destroying all that America could be and doing their damnedest to impose it on the wider world too.  Conservatives suck and should really entertain the notion of not being conservatives anymore as soon as is humanly possible.  Thank you.



Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:33:53 EDT (3 reads)
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 100 Ways Republicans Are Just Like Democrats

GovernmentParanoid writes "There is a widely-held perception that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are drastically different in their policy, proposals, philosophy of government, and general modus operandi. While there are certainly some significant differences between the two parties, the number of similarities are astounding.


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 20 @ 06:57:48 EDT (27 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "So Peace, what exactly is your answer to all the troubles in the world today? How would someone such as yourself, who is obviously so much smarter than the rest of us, go about saving mankind? Lets hear some real ideas, not just your typical socialist rant.

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 20 @ 06:57:13 EDT (29 reads)
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 RE: Hypocrites

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Another progressives who believes trotting out all the old progressives talking points will win the debate. Such immature and uninformed actions gain you nothing.

Why do you opposed requiring people to prove they are eligible to vote with a photo ID? Everybody has them because you can no longer live without them as was done in the past. It must be that you progressives believe that minorities, blacks and hispanics, are too stupid to know how to obtain a photo ID! Why am I required to show a photo ID when purchasing a firearm? This is a right also guaranteed by the Constitution. The standards should be the same of all of these rights!

As I recently posted there is mounting evidence of massive voter fraud with tens of thousands registered to vote in multiple states. We have counties where there are more registered voters than people over 18! In some cases more votes were cast then here were registered voters! But, to you progressives this isn't a problem. Do you think it is right and/or legal for illegal aliens to vote? They have no stake in this country and have not made a commitment by becoming a citizen so why should they be allowed to vote?

The Obama administration is the hypocrite when it comes to equal pay by paying the women less than the men. Then they try to explain that difference talking about education, experience, etc. all of the same things that cause differences in pay for women in the private sector. That 77% figure that Obama threw around was discredited long ago but those of you who believe everything your lord and master says don't bother to check such things out.

Conservatives have never supported denying people health care. Apparently you do not understand the difference between HEALTH CARE and HEALTH CARE INSURANCE! NO ONE can be turned away from any hospital because they are unable to pay for the care. THAT IS THE LAW! Even ObamaCare will not give everyone health care insurance according to the CBO report. And on top of that, for those who have Obamacare insurance now the plans are so bad that they will still be paying thousands of dollars every year before the "benefits" kick in. Of course, if you're one of those who gets a subsidy from the taxpayers then you probably done give a damn how much it all costs because you're not really paying for it. 

More and more people who currently have ObamaCare insurance, especially those with life threatening diseases, are discovering that their medications, doctors and hospitals are not on the approved list. These people are terrified that they will be left to die by you supposedly caring progressives.

It is you progressives who view people through the prism of race, color, sex, etc. We Conservatives couldn't care less what color Obama is, WE OPPOSE HIS POLICIES! This is impossible for you racist, sexist, hate filled and angry progressives to understand. You do not comprehend the difference between and individual and his policies and so you do not comprehend how anyone can separate the two. 

When liberals were civil they used to say, just as Conservatives still do, "I disagree with your position but I will fight to the death to support your right to differ." Now that progressives have taken over the democrat party they want to eliminate all opposition just as all tyrants do. It isn't possible to have a civil disagreement with progressive because progressives are no longer civil!

Get your obamaton head out of the sewer of progressivism and learn the facts of what is going on around you. All you know is what they tell you. You are incapable of thinking for yourself as proved by your post. You do not have the basic understanding of what real human rights violations are yet you throw about such charges with abandon just because it sounds good and make you feel superior.

You need to educate yourself. It will not be easy especially when the truth goes against all those religiously held beliefs you've had for so long. Biting the bullet and doing this will open your eyes and mind to the reality that progressivism shuts out. If you don't do this and continue to wallow in the cesspool of progressivism you'll never understand what is going on around you and will wonder why things are not turning out as they told they would. Again, that is because none of this progressive crap works. 

The sad truth is that progressivism doesn't raise the living standards of anyone. All it does is lower the living standards of the majority of people not "in the in crowd." Sure, it makes most people equal but by spreading out the misery to most people, not eliminating the misery just as all socialistic policies have done every time they have been tried. This is part of the reason socialism never works!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 20 @ 06:57:00 EDT (48 reads)
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 Climate Change Hoax

GovernmentParanoid writes "http://blog.heartland.org/2014/03/a-history-of-the-disastrous-global-warming-hoax/





• Censored portion of UN report leaked; says data exaggerated

By John Friend

 The recently released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is comprised of an international group of scientists sponsored by the United Nations (UN), is extremely alarmist in nature, despite the fact that numerous top climate scientists have admitted that many of their “global warming” predictions were wrong or seriously exaggerated. The 36-page summary report, issued to governments and world leaders last week, contends: Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, in global mean sea level rise, and in changes in some climate extremes. It is extremely likely that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century. The full 2,216-page report entitled “Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis,” “was accepted but not approved in detail,” whatever that means. The summary report goes say that “warming of the climate system is unequivocal” and that many of the changes “are unprecedented over decades to millennia.” The report also emphasizes that “human influence on the climate system is clear,” noting that “man-made climate change is almost certain,” according to a report by CNN.

I am not a republican/democrat nor am I a libertarian.   I do not believe in government.   I see fools go back and forth about which party is the best. Both R&D are nothing more the tyrannical elites pulling the wool over your foolish sheep eyes, the only difference between the idiots in government is how they tell their lies.  Follow the money if you dare to know the truth.  I don't believe for a min you will, you would rather debate while the would turns to crap.  And that's exactly what the elites want.  Your all slaves to the system.

By the way you can't hurt my feelings with you idle words!

Peace out......



Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, April 19 @ 06:58:20 EDT (41 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "The Nigerian islamofascists have done it again! They shot their way into a school and kidnapped some 100 girls. These poor girls were loaded into trucks and drive off. When I first heard about this latest outrage the number was closer to 200 and it is reported that many of the girls jumped out of the trucks to get away.

This murderous islamofascist bastards will most likely use these poor girls as sex slaves also forcing them to do other work for these followers of the religion of peace.

These islamofascists oppose any education for women and particularly oppose what they call a "western education." Keeping the women illiterate and subservient to the followers of allah is all part of there demand for sharia law. In the twisted muslim mind Christian women are whores and deserved to b e raped!

Where is NOW? They don't give a damn about these poor girls and couldn't care less about the plight of women in muslim countries!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 17 @ 08:00:51 EDT (35 reads)
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 Peace is off the wall again with another tirade

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Peace, along with most left-wingers, obviously HATES AMERICA and believes that America is the source of all the problems facing the world. It is irrelevant to them that America saved the world from despots throughout most of the 20th century. One has to wonder why they haven't moved to one of those progressive socialist countries they so want to emulate. I guess the challenge of trying to convince people that they really know how to make socialism work when so many others have failed throughout the millennia keeps them here.

Peace and his leftist comrades are fervently anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic, aside form being anti-American. They do not recognize the fact that Israeli arabs prefer to live in Israel where they are very much freer than they would deb in Peace's enlightened muslim countries. Israeli muslims have more freedom in Israel than any Jew or Christian has an any of the muslim counties Peace supports. His idea that there was any ethnic cleansing of "palestinians" by Israel is a complete fraud. Israel's enemies ordered all muslims out of Israel before they first attacked after Israel was recreated. These became the "Palestinian refugees" that the press spoke about for decades. None of these people were assimilated into the neighboring countries just so they could keep the hate going. Those people were used by the islamofascist leaders for decades. By the way, the Jews were referred to as Palestinians prior to WWII. The name comes from Latin.

Just recently those islamofascist bastards in Nigeria murdered 200 Christian students on their way to exams. Just Monday evening an islamofascist bastard shot and murdered a Jewish man, wounding his pregnant wife and son on their way to Sedar. Not surprisingly hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh praised this act of terror. These are the evil people the left expects Israel to trust with a peace treaty giving them historically Jewish lands in the misbegotten hope for peace.

Peace refers to the government-business suppression of workers early in the 20th century as if I agree with it. He ignores the times I posted about the "Battle of Blair Mountain" where the term "redneck" originated. The difference now is that we have a union-government conglomerate which also suppresses the workers under the guise of helping them. That is a typical progressive tactic we can see in welfare programs and elsewhere. Sure, they're there to help as long as you toe the line and do not seek independence from the unnion-government dependent machine. It is all about who has the money and has the power to control.

Peace ignores the millions who were murdered by the communists after we left Vietnam and left Pol Pot to murder millions more. Ah, but to create the perfect socialist utopia one has to eliminate those who harken back to individualism and freedom. The same things happened in the USSR and China. Just breaking a few eggs to make the socialist omelet. 

Peace finally goes way off into fantasy land with his claim that the right attempts to define the language. This is purely an attempt to transfer or project the progressive mastery of the definition of terms. It is the left that has used its outrageous interpretation of the language highjacking it in its attempt to fool people. I have provided mountains of proof for this. However, I do support us Conservatives taking back the language simply by refusing to accept the left's definition of things. I have done this much to the annoyance of the left.

It is obvious that Peace is threatened by how things are going for his side of the political spectrum. This is why he has gone so far off the wall of reality.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 17 @ 07:59:31 EDT (29 reads)
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 RE: Peace Diatribe of 4/14/14

GovernmentAnonymous writes "First off, I sign my posts. There have been couple of times due to distraction or being rushed that I neglected to do so but I owned up to the error as soon as I could. As far as John Lennon is concerned I do not know if he beat his wife and at this point in time it is irrelevant. He lost me as a fan with is "Imagine" attack on religion and the rest of this idiotic song.

It is interesting to see Peace incorporate nearly every progressive sound bit and talking point in this latest screed of his. I know that he truly belies all these lies he repeats having never bother to research any of them. If some progressives says it Peace takes it as gospel.

Take peace's adherence to the AGW myth. It doesn't matter that this entire fraud is replete with some of the worst science ever put out as truth, none of which is verifiable by standard Scientific Method means. It doesn't matter to Peace that the release of emails from East Anglia proved their entire position was a fraud nor does he care that Mann's "Hockey Stick" was a fraud or that Gore's movie was also filled with errors and lies. 

NOTE - The House Science Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight has been stonewalled by the EPA for the past couple of years. Most recently the EPA has admitted that "the data provided are not sufficient in themselves to replicate the analysis in the epidemiological studies, nor would the allow for the one to one mapping of each pollutant and ecological variable to each subject."

This shows that the EPA standards are not based on real science and therefore the rules and regulations they create are arbitrary.

As for the Second Amendment - there can be no doubt that the Founding Fathers anticipated the improvement in arms based upon the work of Da Vinci and others. There is no new science in the minimal differences between the arms of the Revolution and those of today. However, if we look at the entirely new science of electronics it is obvious that the Founders could never have envisioned Radio, TV or the internet. Therefore, according to the "logic" used by progressives these media venues are not covered by the Constitution.

Peace, Obama and the rest of the progressives hate the Constitution because it prevents them from simply ordering that their failed political agenda be implemented in the US. Why else would Obama go around the Constitution at every opportunity? It is sad that the Republicans are gutless in correcting this and that the democrats wallow in the present joy they have in allowing it to happen. I have no doubt that the democrats and Peace will be shrill in their attacks on Republicans if they were to use the same tactics to eviscerate the progressive agenda when holding the Congress and Presidency.

It is clear that Peace hates religion, Conservatives, Republicans, the US and it's Constitution. He would be quite happy in the old USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela or any other socialist pretend utopia. 

Peace is not dealing with reality. He is lost in his progressive utopian universe and no amount of truth or reality will dislodge him from his cultist beliefs.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 16 @ 05:34:51 EDT (33 reads)
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 Right-Wing Justifiable Violence vs. Left-Wing 'Terror' ... and Margare

GovernmentAnonymous writes "If the American Empire attacks the Philippines (1898-1910) and kills a few hundred thousand people fighting for independence it's not a problem.  If Margaret Sanger gave a speech in a building where "radicals" met and planned an unsuccessful bombing then she's Satan incarnate.  If the American Empire slaughters a few million Vietnamese struggling for national liberation after French, Japanese, French and American colonization efforts it's not a problem.  If the Weathermen carry out targeted bombings preceded by evacuation warnings they are Satan incarnate. 
This goes back to at least the French Revolution.  Centuries of absolute monarchy and clericalism?  Not a problem.  The Jacobins lop off the heads of the aristocrats?  It's Terror with a capital T!  Even the revolutionary American colonists using guerrilla tactics struggling for national liberation ... were they terrorists too?
Israel ethnically cleanses 80% of Palestine?  No problem.  Palestinians resist?  Terror!
You're goddamn right Margaret Sanger joined socialists, anarchists, rebels, those resisting the corporatization of American society and its domination by Big Business.  People struggling for workers' rights?  Terrorists!  Do you know why we have some rights for workers in America?  Rules about workplace safety?  Collective bargaining?  Work hours?  Child labor?  You can thank socialists, anarchists, progressives. 
Was business-police-private security violence against American workers during Sanger's era terror?  The Right always likes to sweep their far worse violence under the carpet while exaggerating and shining a light on left-wing "terror," just one more method of discrediting any resistance to domination and authority.   
Despite right-wing attempts to define the language, the word 'radical' is not pejorative.  It means people getting to the root of matters and opposing oppression and injustice head-on.  Margaret Sanger was a really groovy revolutionary chick who unfortunately latched onto some of the eugenics arguments floating around at the time.  She was not alone.  Which radical Marxist terrorist organizations funded the American eugenics movement?  How about the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Harriman railroad fortune?  Eugenics was considered mainstream science in the United States and studied in major universities.  Doc Bill writes as if Margaret Sanger and a small group of anarchists were solely responsible for promoting eugenics in opposition to mainstream attitudes.  Wrong.  Eugenics was as American as apple pie for decades before WWII (and even after unfortunately, take a look at the eugenics program in North Carolina through the late 1970s!).  Compared to many in the movement advocating euthanasia and forced sterilization, Sanger's positions were rather moderate and her attachment to eugenics was a small component of her much larger project to prevent unwanted pregnancies, children born into disadvantaged circ-umstances and so forth.  Many states enacted forced sterilization legislation validated by Supreme Court decisions, policies Sanger opposed..  It was not Margaret Sanger but the Rockefeller Foundation that funded German eugenics programs.  So, ya know, nice try with the efforts to vilify Sanger and the Left but, again, take a look at the big institutions of American society, the war machine, the rich, the powerful, and the total history of eugenics in America.  Thank you.

Peace       "

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 15 @ 06:54:10 EDT (62 reads)
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 Peace and the Redneck

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Its interesting how Peace will submit a post as an illiterate redneck Conservative, then the very next day will post a long winded response to his own post. Laughable Peace.

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 13 @ 05:25:53 EDT (33 reads)
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 RE: Margaret Sanger

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Well, it didn't take long for peace to revert to old habits and respond to my post after saying, again, that he was finished doing so. He just cannot help himself especially when I reveal the truth about one of the icons progressives worship.

I have no doubt that reading one of the sanitized biographies of Margaret Sanger one would find little if any mention of her eugenics or racist beliefs. Remember when Hillary described herself as a classic progressive from the early 20th century? She was either ignorant of the real progressivism of the time or figured that most people wouldn't bother to check them out. Even if they did Hillary undoubtedly counted on the sanitized versions of progressivism to be the only resource anyone wool find.

Keep in mind that there are very few people who are 100% good or 100% evil. We are all mixtures of the two extremes and fortunately the vast majority of us tend to the good side of the equation. However, even those who have shown themselves to be closer to the evil side didn't necessarily start out that way.

Stalin started out with a religious education and either began or contemplated entering the priesthood. (I don't remember and haven't taken the time to double check that so I leave it to the reader to do so.) In any event we know how he turned out - as one of the greatest mass murderers in history, murdering nearly 50 million of his own people including some 12 Ukrainians in only 18 months from 1931-33 through starvation, the gulag and outright executions.

Look at a picture of Hitler as a young boy and he is a cute as any other boy of his time. Again we know how he turned out - he started a war that cost the lives of some 50 million people with at least 12 million of them slaughtered in murder factories especially built for the job.

However, in both cases Stalin and Hitler did some great things for their respective countries. A biography of either could be written to maximize their positive accomplishments and minimize their atrocities. The same could be said of Mao, probably the worst of the lot being responsible for the murder of up to 100 million of his people. Mao helped defeat the invading Japs and defeated the Nationalists fighting them both before WWII and after. Let us not forget Mussolini who was the lesser of the four but still quite evil in his own way. At least he supposedly got the trains to run on time.

Again, I am not surprised that any biography of Sanger would minimize any negative associations she had with any of these radical groups but those associations cannot and must not be ignored. While Sanger did some good with her efforts in regard to the rights of women, which I made reference to in my original post, her reasons for supporting these efforts were not as pure as progressives would have us believe. She and the other progressives of the time hid their racism in the generalities of their rhetoric but it is plainly there if you bother to look and think.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 13 @ 05:25:40 EDT (30 reads)
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 Margaret Sanger

GovernmentParanoid writes "Margaret Sanger (1879 – 1966) was a birth control, population control, and eugenics activist. She changed the world, but for the worse.

By 1911, Sanger had moved to New York City, where she became heavily influenced by anarchist, socialist, and labor activists. She began joining and participating in radical groups and causes. In March 1914, Sanger published the first issue of her own paper, The Woman Rebel. Along with providing information about birth control, Sanger wholeheartedly supported the use of violence to achieve political, economic, and social goals. Case in point, the Lexington Avenue bombing. On July 4th of that year, a bomb accidentally exploded in a Harlem apartment, killing three men and one woman. The three men were planning to bomb the home of industrialist John D. Rockefeller, but the bomb exploded prematurely. The plan was devised at the Ferrer Center, an educational institution, which also served as the meeting place for a movement of radicals. Sanger lectured at the institution, and was active in the movement. After the failed terrorist attempt, Sanger wrote a commentary, calling the deaths a display of “courage, determination, conviction, a spirit of defiance.” She argued the “real tragedy” was “the cowardice and the poisonous respectability” of the movement’s leaders who offered apologies, rather than defiance, for the episode. Sanger urged those in the movement to “accept and exult in every act of revolt against oppression,” including terrorist acts. She also published a complementary article that defended the assassination of political or industrial leaders.


Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, April 12 @ 04:51:36 EDT (39 reads)
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 Right-wing Vilification of Barack Obama

GovernmentAnonymous writes "How do we describe politics in America?  Gore Vidal put it this way: "We have one party in the United States, the Business Party, or the Property Party.  We have one party with two right-wings."
Barack Obama has been basically an ineffective forgettable president at a time when the country desperately needed an FDR or LBJ ...  a Democrat who could twist arms and get s*** done.  If he wasn't a black man, if he wasn't the first black president, much of the racist vilification of the man (see yesterday's post addressed to "libtard") would take the form of the sort of irrational criticisms Republicans threw at Bill Clinton, the sort of moderate Republican "Democrat" Obama most resembles.  Aside from Obamacare, a very tepid reform, a plan formerly supported by Republicans as an alternative to genuine universal healthcare programs, what has Obama really accomplished?  Whence all the right-wing rage?
Republicans like to reduce everything to the individual as if history begins anew every time a new president takes office.  The fact of the matter is that Obama became president in the wake of the Great Recession, the worst economic crisis since the 1930's.  Without bold action, without a workable Congress, neither Obama nor any president was going to accomplish much of anything to resuscitate the economy.  So Obama continued the Bush policy to bail out the bankers and the superrich, continued to shrink the middle-class, sat idly as poverty gradually increased, and managed the tightening of corporate strangulation of American government and society.  Any liberal or progressive agenda Obama may have had (I don't know that there's any evidence Obama actually had such an agenda given his main backing came from Wall Street and his policies, if you can call American government policies from 2009-present "Obama's" even though Republicans have still continued to dominate policy options, reflected Wall Street's priorities) was more or less blocked by the Republican Party in Congress.  The combination of the historical process Obama inherited, namely the devastation wrought by the Great Recession, and the complete intransigence of a Republican Party that simply does not accept the legitimacy of Democratic Party administration in the United States, and Obama's own personal weakness (as opposed to, again, FDR and LBJ) has made for a presidency short on progress.
Of course there have been some achievements around the edges - LGBT rights, state-level marijuana initiatives (despite peculiarly strong anti-marijuana policies from Obama's administration).  But overall Obama's presidency can hardly be regarded as progressive.  Wall Street profits at an all-time high, drones slaughtering innocents all over predominantly Muslim populations, civil liberties under assault, massive government surveillance programs, continued FBI targeting of left-wing citizens' organizations (peace groups and so forth), American support for the right-wing government in Colombia and continued embargo against Cuba and demonization of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela alongside general opposition to the Latin American Spring which has seen pro-American right-wing governments replaced by popular democratic governments all over Latin America in recent years.  Obama's America has seen the rich get richer and the rest get poorer, the corporate devastation of the environment continuing despite empty rhetorical gestures (the US under Obama continues to actively scuttle international efforts to really address the climate crisis), sustained massive military, empire and surveillance programs. 
I do give Obama some credit for negotiating with Iran and winding down American aggression in Iraq and the intervention in Afghanistan.  It seems that John Kerry did his best to twist Mahmoud Abbas' arm into accepting an historic defeat on the Palestinian people while irritating the Israelis by requiring them to at least give the illusion that they are negotiating.  But Obama continues longstanding U.S. policy to act as Israel's protector, shielding it from UN Security Council resolutions requiring Israel to comply with international law.  Israel's illegal colonization of the Occupied Palestinian Territories has continued under Obama, with US taxpayer support.  The question of Israel's nuclear weapons stockpile is unmentionable in U.S. officialdom despite the fact that the existence of those weapons alongside Israel's belligerent rhetoric and threats against Iran, and Israel's expansionist policies opposed by the entire world outside of the United States, is the main factor pushing Iran towards developing a nuclear capacity to deter American or Israeli attack.  Obama and Kerry have done nothing to exert genuine pressure on Israel to make concessions, to release Palestinian prisoners, to withdraw to the internationally recognized 1967 borders (despite the fact that even those borders represent an immense injustice against the Palestinians), to stop the illegal settlement programs, and so on. 
I just struggle to understand why right-wing Americans hate Obama so much.  I mean Wall Street has benefitted immensely, Muslims are being slaughtered by drones at unprecedented levels, the environment is under assault, civil liberties are continuing to erode, the U.S. is still aligned with right-wing dictatorships and subverting democracy all over the world ... I mean what is there to complain about?  The man is half-black?  What impact has that had on public policy?  African Americans were disproportionately poor, jobless and imprisoned before Obama, African Americans will be disproportionately poor, jobless and imprisoned after Obama.  The man is a Muslim?  Well, he isn't, but even if he was, what has the impact been on America?  Did Obama find and kill Osama bin Laden?  Did he kill Anwar al-awliki?  Has he not increased the use of drones?  Has he changed longstanding U.S. support for the Saudi monarchy and the rest of the Persian Gulf dictatorships and opposed democracy for Muslims?  Nothing has changed under Obama.  He's done nothing about the Israeli blockade of Gaza, he's imposed sanctions on Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are still on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations.  He overthrew Gaddhafi.  Would Ronald Reagan not have applauded that?  What, prey tell, all you people who are scared to death that the "gay Muslim Marxist" is "destroying Murrica," has Obama actually done to substantiate your irrational paranoid condemnations of the man?
Obama's almost done.  His ineffective presidency has basically run its course, gridlock in Washington is as entrenched as ever and will probably be more so after Republicans buy most of the contests in November, all you Obama haters can rest easy knowing that either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush will soon rescue America from "black Muslim rule."  And he hasn't even replaced the Constitution with Sharia law despite his sincerest efforts.  Dagnabbit!

Peace     "

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