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 Tobacco Free but Not Heroin Free Campus

SchoolsAnonymous writes "End the Bridge Street Run"

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, May 12 @ 05:56:48 EDT (199 reads)
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SchoolsAnonymous writes "Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, an arena of ideas?? Only a Neo-con conservatard  would believe that. And yes I use that description of you with the same veiled hatred you share using the word Progressive. You're all over the map with your Googled ideas. Who plagerizes more,  you or Rand Paul?  90 % of posters and readers disagree with your rants. You say you are just trying to inform the people who aren't as enlightened as you. Bull----! You throw out vitriol to stir up emotions and you get off on it. Nothing you rant about will be changed by you or anyone else. You are frustrated by the fact that OUR President is Black! That is one of the underlying reasons you are full of hate. Have a nice day!

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, November 11 @ 05:43:44 EST (183 reads)
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 Where's the outrage?

Schoolscrazyworld writes "Last night board member Tom Decastro's granddaughter got a position created for her and passed- grandpa even voted in favor. Only 2 board members had the guts to stand up against the clear case of nepotism."

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 31 @ 23:40:38 EDT (518 reads)
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SchoolsAnonymous writes "http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/08/english_and_math_test_scores_for_new_york_state_see_how_your_school_or_district.html?appSession=291402742868895"

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 08 @ 14:16:25 EDT (211 reads)
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 oswego lax

SchoolsAnonymous writes "high school sports is recreational chump ... go thank the coach for taking time to work with the program instead of spewing negativity ... let me guess you have a senior on the team ... boo hoo ...

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, May 09 @ 08:06:17 EDT (216 reads)
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 oswego girls lax

SchoolsAnonymous writes "hey looks like the girls lacrosse team (3 time defending section 3 champs) are not going to make it into sectionals, guess that speaks volumes of their coach.  They lost the best graduating class of school history and look at what has happened, hope the BOE plans to rectifiy that situation."

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, May 02 @ 06:23:40 EDT (226 reads)
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SchoolsAnonymous writes "Apparently your whole world is Oswego. Since Oswego has lots of Republicans they must be controlling the country. You should get out more and find out what is really going on. The Republicans controlling the city or country can do very little about unemployment. That has far more to do with the disastrous crap coming out of Washington than any thing else. But, we've been all through that and apparently you haven't been paying attention. See my other posts for the answers to that problem.  

Yes, the vast majority of teachers in this country are liberal/progressive as are the lecturers, like Obama, and professors in the colleges and universities. You apparently have no idea of the hell Conservative students go through in this country's institutions of higher learning where exploration of ideas used to be the norm but now only progressive ideas are allowed. Go against the grain and you get severely punished and even expelled.

I'm full of hate and ignorance? Why didn't you also call me a racist, sexist and homophobe? That is the typical progressive ad hominem attack. If you want those charges to stick you had better identify what I have said that is hateful or ignorant. You might want to throw in comments I made that are racist, sexist and/or homophobic while you are at it. BE SPECIFIC. No generalizations are allowed here such as saying I hate Obama therefore I'm racist. What did I say that indicates I hate Obama as a person and how is anything I have said racist and so on. 

Remember, my opposition to Obama's agenda does not mean I'm racist or fill with hate just because you hate those with whom you disagree. And kindly explain how and why I am so ignorant!  What ignorant things have I said? Remember, being ignorant is not a crime and not something to be ashamed of if you work to reduce your ignorance. We are all ignorant to one degree or another and I have spent my life trying to be less ignorant than I was the day before. Ignorance is not knowing and there is a lot I do not know. However, I imagine that there is a lot more that you do not know.

You threw down the gauntlet and I have picked it up and responded. Let's hear back from you with some intelligent debate of what you've said and answers to my questions. By the way, I have challenged many others in the same way and none of them have yet to have the courage or wherewithal to engage me in honest debate of these charges.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 24 @ 06:22:45 EDT (171 reads)
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 Help me choose my dress!!

SchoolsAnonymous writes "Hey ladies

I have done a bit of shopping around and internet hunting and found I really really love the strapless wedding dresses. I have found two in an online shop named Dudool. I love both for different reasons and need to choose one in the next week or two.

These are the two:

Click for details

Click for details

They are pretty different but both so feminine and lovely! Let me know your thoughts. Any feedback would be great!

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 09 @ 07:03:03 EDT (176 reads)
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SchoolsPoSoAb2013 writes "What the heck is wrong with schools now? Apw has a gang and the kids suposidly actually have tattoos on their hands of a tear "the teardrop gang" what parent in their right mind lets their fifth graders get tattoos. And mexico has gangs too in high school. And even the elementary school there has issues with kids hitting other kids trust me i know because mine has got off the bus with a bloody nose and im to the point where i want to take him out! If parents actually payed attention to their kids instead of shoving video games infront of them and shoved them outside to play i bet there wouldnt be these problems! Aggitated with people!"

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, March 07 @ 00:10:16 EST (207 reads)
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Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, January 22 @ 23:08:42 EST (175 reads)
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 School District Again

SchoolsAnonymous writes "Who pays for the law suits against Oswego City Schools?  Rumblings again of the Oswego Middle School getting sued along with 10 plus teachers there.  No one can stop this school administration leadership and its bullheadednes from ruining this district?  "

Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, December 30 @ 02:45:19 EST (575 reads)
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 secure schools

SchoolsAnonymous writes "if society uses armed security guards to protect stuff like money, then why not a more precious commodity: our students! "

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, December 18 @ 01:57:29 EST (248 reads)
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 re; Leighten school

SchoolsAnonymous writes "I hope you are the same person that is posting correction - you see I need to correct you now  - Leighton school is spelled LEIGHTON!!!!!!!!  "

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, September 04 @ 06:04:20 EDT (198 reads)
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 Leighten School

SchoolsAnonymous writes "What is the story about Leighten School.  No comment from the school board?????

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, September 03 @ 04:34:13 EDT (200 reads)
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 Why do we need an assistant AD at the high school

SchoolsAnonymous writes "We the tax payers are going to pay 145 thousand dollars for two football coaches to coach football and the ad job? Make sure you go and be heard Tuesday 7/24. Don't the board waste money on football when we are lacking in the classroom.


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, July 20 @ 06:12:13 EDT (189 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)

Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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