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 Darn you Beetlejuice

Anonymous writes "You chomp that gum in the middle of that nuke plant and you don't crack a smile. We tell you our number and then we can safely pass by but still…you just don't smile. Little head, big body!!"

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, September 17 @ 11:16:50 EDT (9 reads)
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 The Second Amendment, etc.

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Oh, so I'm part of the militia!  I never knew that!  Great!  So when is this militia regulated?  When was the last time the militia, apparently existing at all times in all places in the United States since the adoption of the Second Amendment in December 1791, was regulated?  Who regulates it?  Oh the militia itself regulates itself.  Wouldn't the media report such an important occurrence on page 1?  "Citizen Militia To Be Regulated Thursday!  Read All About It!" 

Once again, I do not hate the United States.  I hate genocide, slavery, war, aggression, racism, white supremacy, corporate rule, inequality and environmental devastation.  Insofar as the United States exhibits or has exhibited those qualities I criticize it ... as any responsible citizen would.  Doc Bill is just an uncritical flag-waving jingoist.  There's plenty of people like him watching Sean Hannitty and the rest of the corporate right-wing shock police badgering the people over the head with images of the flag and tales of unique American benevolence.  It's funny, they're like children in adult bodies.

I can't move past the country's unfortunate history because it's still very much part of the country's unfortunate present.  The United States is the biggest purveyor of violence and environmental destruction in the world today.  No other country has combined such brutally aggressive violence over such a long historical time span with such callous disregard for the planetary conditions necessary to sustain human and many other forms of life.  As we speak, the corporate rulers of America are embarking on yet another Middle East War, in partnership with the Arab dictatorships, to combat an enemy U.S. policy itself created.  There was no al Qaeda in Syria or Iraq before George W. Bush's criminal invasion and occupation, complete with mass killing of Arab civilians, systemic torture and mass confinement at various global prison camps like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Does that mean I hate America?  I think it means I want America to modify itself to conform to good citizenship as one of many state representatives of the human species.  I would like my daughter and future generations to live peacefully and sustainably on Earth.  I think my critique comes out of love, not hate ... I'll let the reader decide.

Which countries have worse environmental records than the United States?  Maybe China has pulled ahead just because of the fact it has 1 billion more people?  No serious argument can be made for any other society having a more negative impact on the environment than the United States.

Which countries have worse records with violence and war than the United States since the dawn of colonial America?  Native American genocide, expansionist war in Mexico, Central America, the Philippines, U.S. occupation of Cuba, Nicaragua, etc.  American support for hideous right-wing dictatorships after WWII the world over with incalculable victims.  America's horrific slaughter of the people of Vietnam, chemical warfare (napalm, Agent Orange, etc), dropping more tonnage on the Vietnamese than was used in the entirety of WWII, just brutal violence with millions of victims, destabilizing Cambodia, creating the conditions for the Khmer Rouge [as Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama created the conditions for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria].  I mean I haven't even gotten to the Reagan slaughters in Central America, support for Guatemalan military genocide against Mayan villagers, Reagan's support for right-wing Apartheid states in southern Africa, Clinton's brutal sanctions regime in Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children in the 1990's.  I don't need to even mention the war of terror that has been America's "War on Terror," with its mass killing, drone terror, torture, and destabilization and the resulting misery from North Africa through the Arab Middle East, to Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In pursuit of its system of corporate capitalism and military hegemony of as much of the planet and human species as it can dominate, the United States has a unique commitment to violence [oh yeah, and the whole gun culture thing at home where rational people have to argue with Captain Ed about the relevance of a 1791 amendment passed in a world before the instruments of death and destruction we endure today].

Doc Bill's even defending the 3/5 compromise now!  Wow.  Allowing the southern slave regime to inflate its Congressional representation by including 3/5 of people with no human, political or other rights whatsoever.  Well, that is a pretty good example of Doc Bill's idea of freedom and democracy.  It's amazing that he has the gall to actually publicize such positions.

Oh yeah, Frederick Douglass was a progressive by the way.  And the Western Hemisphere without the United States?  Um, a progressive Canada, Native American entity, and Latin America?  Sounds pretty good to me.  Brazil, Venezuela, and the rest of the left-wing societies in Latin America finally throwing off the shackles of U.S. imperialism as they've done in the 21st century?  One of the great achievements for humankind amid all the U.S.-imposed misery over the same period.  There is hope for humanity ... it's just not centered in Corporate USA.



Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, September 16 @ 04:40:45 EDT (22 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "Yes, the Second Amendment is all about the militia. Apparently that, at least, got through all the clutter in Peace's brain. 

WHO ARE THE MILITIA? As George Mason stated it is THE WHOLE PEOPLE!

The militia of the Second Amendment is composed of the citizens as Captain Ed explained. The Second Amendment is not primarily about hunting, target shooting or even self protection though these are immensely important features of it. 

Peace's hatred of the United States is well doc-umented by his posts overt the years so it comes as no surprise that this hatred is extended to the Founding Fathers of the United States. There is no doubt that the Founders were fallible human beings but even with such human failings they were able to create the worlds greatest doc-uments creating the worlds greatest country.

Peace cannot move past the country's unfortunate history with slavery and the maltreatment of the native inhabitants and more. In his mind these facts negate everything good the country has done in its 200+ years of existence. How does the US compare to the rest of the world? 

Just about every other country on the planet has a worse record than the US and this is especially true of monarchies and dictatorships. I leave open this small space for the possibility of a country having a better record than the US though I cannot think of one. Some of the worst atrocities have been committed by countries formed over the past 50+ years.

Peace loves to harangue us with the negative history of the US and constantly uses these facts to support his convoluted ideology. However, when I or someone else uses history to point out the truth that history is somehow irrelevant, old fashioned and no longer viable. 

I suppose we should then disregard Frederick Douglass who said of the Constitution in 1852, "Interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a glorious liberty doc-ument." 

But, then, progressives have been wrongly interpreting the Constitution since their political ideology came together in the 19th century. They consistently twist the plain meaning of words and provisions with their own twisted definition of words and twisted thinking (logic.) I have to qualify the use of the word "logic" as progressives are incapable of using logic as people commonly do. With all their straw man distractions from reality progressive logic is illogical.

Such twisting and misinterpretation is plain for all to see when one considers the Three-Fifths Compromise. To progressives this provision means that blacks are worth only three-fifths of whites. Douglass understood this provision to be the anti-slavery provision that it was. 

This is all meaningless to Peace. To him and those who think as he does it would have been far better that there be no US then to have this compromise. Of course, what this continent would look like politically without the US is beyond the thought process of Peace and progressives like him. 

Think about what we would have now had the US never been formed! Would the continent or the world be better off? 

I think not!
Doc Bill


Posted by hostmaster on Monday, September 15 @ 07:58:04 EDT (24 reads)
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 Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?

GovernmentParanoid writes "Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?

Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology

Dear World Citizens:

I have read a number of articles from your Internet outreach as well as articles from other sources about the casualties in Liberia and other West African countries about the human devastation caused by the Ebola virus. About a week ago, I read an article published in the Internet news summary publication of the Friends of Liberia that said that there was an agreement that the initiation of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was due to the contact of a two-year old child with bats that had flown in from the Congo. That report made me disconcerted with the reporting about Ebola, and it stimulated a response to the “Friends of Liberia,” saying that African people are not ignorant and gullible, as is being implicated. A response from Dr. Verlon Stone said that the article was not theirs, and that “Friends of Liberia” was simply providing a service. He then asked if he could publish my letter in their Internet forum. I gave my permission, but I have not seen it published. Because of the widespread loss of life, fear, physiological trauma, and despair among Liberians and other West African citizens, it is in*****bent that I make a contribution to the resolution of this devastating situation, which may continue to recur, if it is not properly and adequately confronted. I will address the situation in five (5) points:


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, September 14 @ 03:41:41 EDT (26 reads)
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 How Social Engineers Syphon Human Energy

GovernmentParanoid writes "Cinemas and TVs are spiritual sucking stations

by Zen GardnerHave you ever wondered about all these rousing freedom fighting movies and “outnumbered little guy gets back” scenarios? Don’t they seem counter-productive to the cause of the contained control world we’re being shoe-horned into?In a world of manipulation and social engineering, why would so many heavily promoted dramas regarding rebellion against totalitarian control, and even specifically against a mechanistic, fascist future, be so prevalent?

Think about how you feel after one such moving media event. Spent. You might identify with Braveheart or Leonidas and the 300 and every sinew in your body is pulsing with getting back at the Man. You feel vindicated in your convictions. “Yes, it’s always been this way and it’s so right to stand up to such obvious oppression and fight to the finish! I so relate and feel that!”

Do you see that happening? Why do you think the droids of Orwell’s 1984 were encouraged to participate in the “2 minutes of hate” against the staged enemy of the day?

Think maybe they knew this innate craving to rebel had to be vented? Sure don’t want it directed at the Elite PTBs now, do we?

Another Great Read


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, September 14 @ 03:41:21 EDT (18 reads)
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 Doc Bill, Captain Ed and Dumb Americans Generally

CommunityAnonymous writes "What is it with right-wing worshippers of corporate dictatorship and gun violence like Bill and Ed using titles like "Doc" and "Captain" as if to manufacture some kind of authority to spew their uneducated drivel?  I mean what kind of a conceited Nazi prick would title an opinion piece "The Truth"? 

I am so sick of listening to these slave-owner worshippers talk about the intent of the founders.  Who cares what the slave-owners, militarists, bankers and racists who founded the genocidal expansionist white supremacist world conquering ecosystem-destroying gas and oil-guzzling planet destroying United States intended?  Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia are not the only people with opinions on the Constitution.  Thomas Paine, one of the actual democrats who participated in the revolution, wrote eloquently about not enslaving the living to the commands of generations past.  Even if Doc and Captain's idiotic commentary on the 2nd Amendment was actually what the so-called founders intended, we the living still shouldn't give a s*** unless we wanted to live as abject slaves to people who lived before evolution, before airplanes, before industrial capitalism, before nuclear weapons and before the kinds of "arms" Americans routinely possess in the 21st century.

But they are not correct.  The 2nd Amendment clearly talks about a right to keep and bear arms in the context of a well-regulated militia.  The right was clearly framed in what is now a completely antiquated context.  If they intended for any American at any time to have a right to own any conceivable firearm then they would have written the damn thing that way, and they would have written that the 2nd Amendment should never ever ever ever be questioned by any future generation of Americans.  But they didn't write that.  Anybody who thinks George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and company would oppose restrictions on gun ownership when weapons are so much more lethal and gun terror against civilians and children is such an obvious problem in the United States is so ideologically rigid that it really defies human understanding.  [one should also bear in mind that the amendments were not solely products of the narrow group of "founders" but were passed by Congress theoretically representing the people etc etc.  To try and disentangle some monolithic "original intent" from such a broad constituency of 18th century property-owning white American males is an exercise in futility.  Doc and Captain's lengthy, boring contortions to try and justify the NRA/Republican Party Line is crude barely veiled propaganda and should be dismissed by any thinking American.]

Instead of beating around the bush, why don't Bill and Ed simply come out and explain directly why they support the indiscriminate killing of schoolchildren and 9-year-old girls blowing off gun instructors heads with Uzis.  And don't hide behind 18th century white elites.  Tell us what you really think.


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, September 14 @ 03:41:06 EDT (27 reads)
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 The Truth

StuffAnonymous writes "I find it interesting that the same slugs on the other site are telling Captain Ed to get lost. A few are trying to connect him and me. At the very least they claim he is a carbon copy of me. If he keeps posting it won't be too long before they make the false claim that he and I are the same just as they claimed Paranoid and I were the same individual. The simple truth of the matter is that these individuals are afraid of the truth. Captain Ed is telling like it is and they cannot stand that reality. These individuals have to live in their fanciful utopian universe and condemn anything or anyone who challenges their religiously held beliefs.

I also found the history lesson by George M. Clark to be extraordinarily valuable. He has provided an excellent explanation of the reasoning behind the Second Amendment. He emphasized the fact that the true understanding of that amendment and the entire Constitution is dependent upon understanding the meaning of the words used by the writers as they were defined at the time. As I explained some time ago just as in contracts one has to determine, to the best degree of understanding possible, what the intent of the parties was at the time a contract, or provision of a contract, the agreement was reached. 

Since the Founding Fathers were prolific writers it is far easier to understand what were their intentions 200+ years later then it is to understand the intent of negotiators who agreed to a contract provision that could be years or decades old when some have retired, died, moved away or are unavailable for other reasons.

Mr. Cclark has provided the reader with a excellent opportunity to understand why the Second Amendment is there as well as what it means. Interpreting this amendment or any other provision of the Constitution without applying the definitions of words the Founders understood the words to mean will keep you from realizing the truth.

Those who oppose the private ownership of firearms continually misinterpret the Second Amendment and erroneously apply today's definitions of the words to fit their preconceived belief that private citizens have no need for firearms of any kind. This convoluted thinking and application of meaning is typical of those who seek to empower the government at the expense of the freedom of the individual.

Mr. Clark's partial family history also grabbed my attention as my grandparents also came from that same region of Eastern Europe. They too came to the US prior to WWI. There is no relationship between Mr. Clark and I so you idiots can disabuse yourselves of any claim to the contrary though I doubt that will dissuade you. Your myopic view of reality and ignorance of basic truths make it impossible for you to believe that more than just one or two people could disagree with your belief system. As many progressives said in 1968, "I don't know anyone who voted for Nixon. How could he have won?"
Doc Bill 

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, September 13 @ 08:20:13 EDT (32 reads)
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 The highly Un-American Synthetic drug trade

Anonymous writes "Here is something to think about on this day of 9/11 grievance:


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, September 12 @ 05:39:22 EDT (40 reads)
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 10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop

GovernmentParanoid writes "10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Has the ISIS psyop calmed down a bit? Before it dies out let's examine some incredible ironies and oddities surrounding CIA's ISIS. After all, the ISIS psyop deserves a thorough analysis from every angle, so I thought it appropriate to outline for the sake of humanity. Hopefully, humanity can use the ISIS psyop as a tool for the final or further awakening. It may be wishful thinking, but it is worth exposing every crack and corner of this psyop and let government know that we are not going for it this time.

I declare humanity too intuitive to buy into this psychological operation and hopefully I'm right. So while the core TV-watching, mainstream media-believing community drinks the government Kool Aid, let us get started by pointing out several glaring observations regarding the ISIS psyop.

Glancing ahead, the ISIS kids have knowledge of things that require you to have education, modern technical skills, a little bit of decency, structure, conformity to societal norms and somewhat transparent connection to the outside world. What are these things and what are some of the surreal oddities surrounding ISIS? Let's examine:

1. Professional Camera, Editing Software and Skills

2. Professional Image Editing Software and Skills.

3. Internet Connection, Video Uploading Capabilities, and Social Media Accounts.

4. ISIS Intelligence Operation Apparently Far Superior to CIA/Mossad

5. Super Secret Database Holding the Secret Names and Identities of Their Members

6. Anti Surveillance Technology- Able to Avoid All Existing Surveillance

7. Endless Secret Water, Food, Farming and Meals Supply

8. All American Timing! - Common Enemies, Lucky Gift

9. Complete Ongoing Immunity and Hidden Identities

10. Untraceable Money and Endless Spending


Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, September 11 @ 06:41:53 EDT (34 reads)
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 RE: Boring Peace

StuffAnonymous writes "A perfect description of himself.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, September 11 @ 06:41:40 EDT (21 reads)
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 Oswego's next mayor?

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Any names out there of who may be taking a shot at running for Mayor in the coming time?


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, September 10 @ 04:22:24 EDT (58 reads)
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 Doc Bill's "Ignorance" Piece

StuffAnonymous writes "Boring.  


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, September 10 @ 04:22:12 EDT (24 reads)
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Anonymous writes "why is novelis a dangerous place to work??
my sister works there

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, September 10 @ 04:22:00 EDT (39 reads)
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 Our nuke plant came in at #3 on the list

Anonymous writes "http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2013/11/07/6-nuclear-plants-that-may-be-next-to-shut-down/"

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, September 09 @ 07:28:30 EDT (39 reads)
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 The Ignorance of Peace

GovernmentAnonymous writes "It is quite obvious that Peace is stunningly ignorant of the Constitution, which included the Amendments. For legal purposes they are commandments. 

Now, being a progressive/socialist Peace believes that the government should be all powerful in all things and that the people should do what they are told. This is the polar opposite of what our Founding Fathers created. The Founders created a Representative Republic, not a democracy. They feared the "tyranny of the majority" and so they provided us with the mechanisms we needed to avoid such tyranny. Unfortunately over the past century or so we have lost sight of that. With the help of a century plus of progressive pressure we have lost personal liberty and freedom because we have allowed the federal government to exceed the limits placed upon it by the Constitution!

Peace and all progressives hate the Second Amendment because it empowers the individual to take responsibility for himself, his family and community while at the same time pushing the governments, especially the federal government into a secondary role. As with just about all progressive issues it is about power and control, nothing else. Oh, sure, they try to terrify us with all their machinations of the evil and horrors of such freedom but this reasoning does not stand up to close scrutiny as is the case with all their claims.

As I posted once before the Founders had more knowledge and understanding of what improvements in weapons could be possible than they had in foreseeing the internet, computers and all the electronic stuff we have today. As I said then, by Peace's reasoning none of those inventions would be covered by anything in the Constitution. The Founders could easily see rapid fire machine guns as the Puckle Gun had been invented at the beginning of the 18th century, 1718 to be exact. The Puckle Gun was a rapid fire weapon. Besides, Da Vinci had previously shown other rapid fire weapons besides tanks, submarines and flying machines. Sure, there were technical problems but the Founders knew that human ingenuity would eliminate those technical problems.

As with others who hate guns in the hands of a free people Peace see all kinds of massacres occurring. By only paying attention to the ObamaMedia Peace has no idea that mass shootings in this country are not rising out of control. He also doesn't know that the overwhelming number of such shootings have occurred in GUN FREE ZONES! To make matters worse for Peace the overwhelming number of the shooters in these cases are LEFT-WING NUT CASES, not right-wing Conservatives!

Those on the left refuse to acknowledge that firearms are use some 2,000,000+ times a year for protection and most of the time the weapons are not fired. Just the sight of a victim with a weapons scares the stool out of these cowardly criminals. As recently reported in the Arizona Republic a 47 year old widow shot an home invader who attacked her. She had to shoot this thug while on the phone with 911 waiting for the police to arrive. The piece of scat did not die and has been in the hospital for quite a while.

Gun haters like Peace probably believe OBama's lies about 40% of gun transfers taking place without a background check. This is typical for progressives to fill up their statistics with extras that do not fit the picture they paint. He based this figure on a small study that was made largely BEFORE BACKGROUND CHECKS WERE REQUIRED! Using the word "transfers" is also deceptive. Transfers not only include sales but inheritances and gifts within families. Remember, again this was mostly before background cheeks were required.

What Obama and Peace don't want most people to know is that as the number of CCW permit carriers increases the number of crimes go down. This is what is happening in Chicago, of all places. Then we have the Police Chief of Detroit telling the citizens to arm themselves because the city is going to hell thanks to progressive politics and the police cannot be counted upon to be there in time. As he said you can plead with the criminal not to hurt you or protect yourself. Oh, and the Police Chief is black. He used to believe that people shouldn't have guns when he was a cop in LA but moved to Maine a few years ago and discovered a completely different culture which changed his mind by the time he took the Detroit job.

Since gun free zones are magnets for evil doers who want to murder as many as possible they will undoubtedly be targets for ISIS jihadists. They do not necessarily have to be returning from the Middle East as we have lots of home grown jihadists right here thanks to our politically correct handling of mosques which are the jihadi schools. So far quite a few have come from Minnesota. Fortunately a couple of them have died over there but there are undoubtedly many more here who could attack schools, malls, restaurants and other places where progressives do not want guns in the hands of persons of good moral character. 

If and when this happens I have no doubt that any jihadi connections will be covered up and the blame will be on Conservatives and the gun. Obama is incapable of saying that anything is jihadi or use any other term to describe violence perpetrated by muslims. Such terminology has been scrubbed from all official doc-uments just as Foot Hood was "work place violence." We all know that he was a lone wolf jihadist bent on sending as many infidels to hell which gaining 72 virgins for himself.

In other news we find a mysterious virus attacking teenagers and children in a number of states. This raises questions about where all the illegal aliens kids have been sent since they were not screened for diseases which are rampant in their home countries. Is there a connection? I do not know and maybe it is only a coincidence but I have little faith in coincidences. 

A black gang beats up a white couple. No racism here, move along!

A 16 year old black girl is beaten up at a school bus stop by other blacks for acting white. No prejudice here, move along!

A Black woman in NYC forces whites out of their apartments and robs them because she is tired of white people moving into the area. No racism here, move along!

A Gang of black teens beats a white grocery store employee unconscious. No racism here, move along.

In other news the first species, the Aldabra banded snail, to become extinct because of global warming has been found alive and well.

A recent report points out that there were larger 50 year warming periods in the middle to late 18th century and mid 19th century with equally large cooling periods!

Our current cooling period may last until 2040.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, September 09 @ 07:28:21 EDT (25 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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Darn you Beetlejuice

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