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 Obama to Asia

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Obama is on his way to Asia. There is much concern there about China's aggressive stance on issues particularly some islands it claims that belong to Japan. 

While Obama seeks to reduce our military to PRE WWII levels China is aggressively increasing the so-called "peoples' liberation army." A better name for this bund would be the "ENSLAVEMENT OF PEOPLE ARMY." 

Apparently Obama will try to allay the fears countries in the region. However, I rather doubt that China has any fear of whatever Obama does or says. Having learned from his "TISSUE TIGER" performance in the Middle East and Ukraine they know Obama will crumple like a cheap tissue which they can blow right through.

Also, with the lunatics in North Korea rattling sabers, serious trouble might erupt there. There is currently a good deal of tension between the North and the South which could end the suspension of hostilities. Remember, the Korean war was never actually ended. All we got in 1953 was a stoppage of shooting so a state of war still technically exists between the two sides.

I certainly hope that Obama isn't just blowing smoke rings or drawing those movable red lines he is noted for. No one on our side wants a war but never forget that the other side gets a vote on this. If the North is confident that Obama will do nothing to support and protect the South they will attack. And, since they have nuclear weapons I would not put it past them to use one or more in a first strike.

Let us hope that Obama is up to this task in spite of his horrible record.

Reducing our military with Russia on the march, China getting ready and North Korea flexing its muscles is exactly the wrong thing to do!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 24 @ 02:50:16 EDT (14 reads)
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 Paranoid, the Free Market Anarchist

StuffAnonymous writes "As refreshing as it is to engage with someone other than Doc Bill, I think we're getting into a weird area here.  See, the words "libertarian" and "anarchist" have one set of meanings historically and in most of the world and an entirely different set of meanings in the United States.  So it's kinda hard to even discuss.  Anarchism, traditionally, going back to Europe, back to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), is very much akin to socialism.  The same with libertarianism.  In the United States, what's called "libertarian," as represented by people like Rand Paul, is essentially unfettered capitalism, in other words a frighteningly right-wing corporate order with no government capacity to rectify injustices growing out of such a system.  For Paranoid to say he supports "genuine free markets," he's apparently identifying with the capitalist system and saying, as a right-wing anarchist, he doesn't like things such as workplace safety regulations, environmental regulations, intervention to guarantee workers a certain wage level, Social Security, or any government capacity to soften the edges of unbridled capitalism.
Just to untangle Paranoid's philosophy: he does not believe in democracy.  And he seems to give an homage to the original idea of republic.  So, he doesn't want direct popular control, democracy, he prefers representative authority of some sort ... which seems to contradict his avowed anarchism.  But again, historical development is important.  Technically yes, the founders created a republic but through the early 19th century, through the presidencies of Jefferson and Jackson, the country did develop in the direction of mass democracy.  Democratic popular action in the form of the Abolitionist movement, Populism, Progressivism, early 20th century socialism (Eugene Debs and so forth), the Popular Front, the labor movement, the student movement, the Civil Rights movement, the women's movement, the environmental movement, the LGBT movement, and so forth has been integral to the movement of American history.  Most people seem to think the idea of democracy is good.  Anarchism as I understand it is democratic.  Anarchists seek to abolish unjust forms of control, domination and authority which impede direct democratic control of how life happens in a society.  But unfettered free market capitalism ("free market" being another concept in need of precise definition and in depth historical examination) involves all sorts of its own tendencies towards authority, domination and control.  Does Paranoid think entities like Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs should exist in his ideal anarchist society?  Do people still march off to jobs in hierarchically organized corporate structures and is wealth still distributed unequally in Paranoid's free market anarchist society?  Does the anarchist society produce comparable levels of greenhouse gas emissions? 

Furthermore, just for clarification, I point to the mainstream media and Fox News because a huge number of Americans use those propaganda organs to inform their worldview.  Also, I do not love Democrats.  I simply point to the fact that in the narrow question of which faction of the Business Party is more amenable to the interests of the general population, clearly the Democrats have some advantages over the Republicans.  That isn't saying I love Democrats.  It's saying I prefer soft fascism (Democrats) to outright enthusiastic fascism (Republicans) as any sane person would.

And most importantly, what is wrong with holding hands and singing Kumbaya?

Peace "

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 24 @ 02:50:02 EDT (3 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "You have the bad habit of putting words in other people mouths don't you? I didn't see any of the things you posted in your rant actually mentioned at all in the "conservatives" post. Why is that Peace? Why do you feel the need to speak for others? You bring nothing but hate and contempt to the forum, you cannot debate so you grandstand. I

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 24 @ 02:49:36 EDT (3 reads)
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Anonymous writes "
Who cares if thousands of tons of carbon dioxide are added to the atmosphere? There is no global warming, let alone man made global warming according to you.


Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 24 @ 02:49:06 EDT (2 reads)
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 Need your House Painted? Bullseye Painting Inc.

Anonymous writes "Mention this add and receive 10% off any exterior painting.  
See our work- bullseyepainting.com or Facebook- bullseye painting
Not to be combined with any other coupons.
Born and raised here in Oswego.  CNY's only 3 yr warranty. 11 yrs exp. 

Free estimates!!

Call Steve

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, April 24 @ 02:48:52 EDT (2 reads)
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Anonymous writes "From: Campus Wide Announcement List <announce-list@ls.oswego.edu>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:09 PM
Subject: Tobacco Free 2015
To: announce-list@ls.oswego.edu

SUNY Oswego will make the healthy choice and go tobacco free on January 1, 2015, everywhere on campus. This will include tobacco use in any vehicle on college premises. In our efforts to support the educational mission of the college and to provide a safe, clean and healthy working, living and learning environment, the college will provide cessation assistance and resources to members of the campus community who wish to stop smoking or using tobacco in any form. We'll also support exercise and nutritional changes to help all of us enjoy the vitality and freedom that a smoke- and tobacco-free lifestyle affords. In accepting the recommendation of the campuswide Clean Air Committee -- meeting since the fall of 2011 to consider the evolution of college smoking policy -- SUNY Oswego takes this opportunity to make a dramatic but well-supported statement on behalf of all college citizens: No degree of secondhand smoke is safe, no amount of smoking-related pollution is acceptable, and any form of tobacco use is damaging to health and is highly addictive. To find helping resources online and to view the college's complete tobacco-free rationale, the upcoming new policy on tobacco use, links to resources, research and other support to help us count down to 2015, visit Oswego.edu/OzQuits. The significant lead time until January 1 will afford us an opportunity to redouble our efforts to provide information and to give tobacco users time to explore the range of cessation options through the Mary Walker Health Center, the Lifestyles Center and other public and private resources dedicated to kicking the habit. SUNY Oswego is in good company in announcing the coming of a tobacco-free college. More than 810 colleges and universities nationwide have taken the step, and nearly 1,200 are now smoke free. Our college has done its own homework: a campuswide survey, focus groups and other input from constituencies across college; talks with other institutions of higher education; and marshaling research from the Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Surgeon General, NY Quits, American Cancer Society and many others. One among many numbers stands out: Smokers understand the dangers, and nearly 70 percent report that they want to quit. A tobacco-free college community is the right thing to do -- for all of us. It is consistent with our commitment to the health and wellness of all our citizens, our learner-centered culture and our global responsibility. Let's begin celebrating a healthier SUNY Oswego today and be completely tobacco free by 2015. Deborah F. StanleyPresident


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:35:54 EDT (17 reads)
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 Earth Day

GovernmentAnonymous writes "I suppose all of you econazis knocked yourselves out on Tuesday celebrating Earth Day. Obama and the EPA celebrated it by burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel adding hundreds of not thousands of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Though it might, it should not come as a surprise to you econazis that 22 April is also the birthday of vladimir Ilyich Lenin. He was born in 1870. Though the Earth Day founders claim it is only a coincidence that they picked that day it strains credibility that they just happened to pick the 100 year anniversary of Lenin's birth as their big day.

When Glenn Beck held his 2010,"Restoring Honor" rally in D.C. progressives got all bent out of shape because it was held on 28 August, the same day of the year that M. L. King gave is Dream speech in 1963. The progressives seem to think that they own 28 August and anyone wishing to do something on that day in D.C. has to get their approval. 

The progressives didn't believe in coincidence then yet they want us to believe in it now. They cannot have it both ways. 

I do not doubt that 22 April 1970, was specifically picked to surreptitiously honor of Lenin, maybe as an inside joke on the rest of us. Whatever their reason it was far from coincidence.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:34:53 EDT (5 reads)
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 Paranoid's Climate Post

GovernmentParanoid writes " Peace, I am not a right wing fox news watching republican.   I do not watch any TV news, I unplugged from that propaganda brain washing machine a long time ago, it's obvious you have not. I do not subscribe to the two party system as they are the same, corrupt lying thieving traitors....

I hate seeing what has been done to this world (pollution, hunger, poverty, endless wars) but your love for the democrats does not negate their complacency and guilt in being part of the problem. As to climate change, you seem like you might be intelligent enough to see that all of this chicken little hysteria is a big money making scam.

Peace, your right, I do not believe in democracy, democracy is noting more then two wolfs and a sheep trying to decide whats for dinner. This country was founded on being a republic.... but has been degraded to what you see today by both party's.

Your socialistic ideas/beliefs are part of the problem, true free markets, zero aggression, liberty and freedom are all that will save this world. Not wealth distribution and debt slavery nor holding hands and singing kumbaya....

No Peace, I am not a republican/democrat, (and they do not need to be capitalized because they do not deserve that respect) I am a Anarchist,:

Anarchism: The philosophy of a new social order based on liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms of government rest on violence, and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary." "Anarchism, then, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property: liberation from the shackles and restraint of government. Anarchism stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals for the purpose of producing real social wealth; an order that will guarantee to every human being free access to the earth and full enjoyment of the necessities of life, according to individual desires, tastes, and inclinations."

I could go on an on, but will refrain for now......

Paranoid "

Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:34:09 EDT (5 reads)
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 "I'm a conservative" = "I'm an idiot"

GovernmentAnonymous writes "All self-proclaimed conservatives share one invariable characteristic: they just don't think very well.  It's frustrating because we could live in such a better country and a better world if not for large numbers of these so-called conservatives.
Exhibit A: the person who considers himself conservative and wants limited government (oh, Republicans see to it that government for people is very limited, government for the rich and powerful? no limits ... example, the American people suffer immensely from the Great Recession.  Do they get bailed out? Nah.  Wall Street and the rich bankers cause the recession and commit all sorts of crimes.  They get unlimited largesse from the "limited government."  Yippee conservatism!)

Whenever anyone says something like, "I don't want the guvmint in charge a mah health care!" what they mean, apparently, is "I want private for-profit insurance companies and Wall Street and private profit-maximizing corporations in charge a mah health care!"  They also mean, "I don't want guvmint interfering with private insurance company profit and I don't want guvmint to try to do anything about the fact that Americans spend twice as much as other similar societies on healthcare and get worse health outcomes."  In other words, the "conservative" is essentially saying, "I hate democratic action.  I don't want to live in a society in which the people of the country can use government to make life better.  I want expensive inefficient for-profit healthcare.  I want the private insurance companies to keep acc-umulating profits and siphoning big money from the health system.  I don't want government to try to make healthcare more widely available to the citizens of the country and I don't want the government to try to make healthcare more affordable for me and my family and my fellow citizens.  I want private, rapacious, unaccountable corporate tyrannies to run my healthcare system."

I mean if anyone can explain why in hell anybody would want to live in that ^ "conservative" society I'd be very interested.  But I never see arguments.  All I see is the mindless regurgitation of either Rush Limbaugh or Fox News or Republican Party talking points.  Why can't "conservatives" try thinking for themselves instead of simply taking a script provided to them by the defenders of wealth and privilege?  "Conservatives" are responsible for the ridiculous state we find ourselves in.  We should be on the verge of revolution against the corporate state and yet half the population, the "conservatives," are enthusiastically screaming, "more power to the powerful!  more inequality!  more carbon emission! more policies benefitting the very few and screwing the majority!"  At some point you have to just call it what it is: stupid.  Conservatives are stupid.  It's a shame.  They have brains, they can read, they can learn to think.  What is the goddamn obstacle?  

And "conservatives" also seem to like to deflect attention from American crimes and point to the savagery of other societies.  What is the logic in that?  We are citizens of the United States.  We can hope to influence the policies of the United States.  Some of us think aggression, torture, mass killing, drone terror, an empire of foreign bases, support for major human rights violating-regimes like Israel and Colombia and Saudi Arabia, arms dealing, CIA subversion of democratic governments, are not characteristics of a society we should accept.  It might make ya feel good to condemn policies in Nigeria or the Roman Empire but such condemnations have zero moral content given the fact that American citizens are not the agents of change in those societies, they are the agents of change, potentially, in American society.  Conservatives obviously are well-adjusted to injustice in the United States and even defend it.  "We" can torture and kill because other societies have done it.  Why is that an excuse?  Why should we torture or kill or carry out any moral atrocity even if every other society does it or has done it?  And some crimes are uniquely American.  The continental-wide genocide of Native American civilization is a pretty severe crime.  American slavery and its consequences right up to the present is a 400-year crime.  If conservatives don't like reading surely they can watch "12 Years A Slave" to get a good idea of what slavery was like and what kind of country this was not so very long ago.  The United States unnecessarily dropped atomic bombs on civilians, twice, the only society savage enough to have made that choice.  The United States has terrorized the people of Iraq since the early 1990's through war, a genocidal sanctions regime (see Joy Gordon's Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions), and a second more brutal war and occupation and torture regime.  For conservatives to argue we should ignore or minimize or justify America's most horrific policies and point the spotlight elsewhere is to announce their complicity in, and support of, those policies.  Do conservatives want "limited government" as regards U.S. intervention in every foreign dispute?  Republicans in Congress (and some Democrats showing how the rot is indeed bipartisan) are actually arguing Obama is not doing enough to support the coup regime in Ukraine.  Why doesn't the United States simply leave the situation alone?  We have 3 million long-term unemployed begging for help, begging for an extension of unemployment benefits.  The government is limited for its actual struggling citizens, victims of corporate capitalism.  But Ukraine?  Spare no expense! 
Finally, the new conservative poster gets "a kick" out of the fact that some American citizens criticize the society while they "enjoy all that it has to offer."  Has a clearer expression of totalitarian sensibility ever been expressed?  Apparently conservatives think no American should dare criticize or draw attention to injustice within the society.  This is why people are increasingly comparing the Republican Party and Republicans to fascists.  They have a fascist mentality.  Many of us think democracy inherently involves citizens struggling for a more just society ... in order to do that you have to discuss the injustices.  Conservatives want none of it.  If you are working 3 minimum-wage jobs for corporate masters and living a completely soulless existence with little freedom you should shut up, follow orders and do it with a smile.  If the United States puts more of its "free" people in prison than any other country, even "dictatorships" like China who have a billion more people and don't imprison as many of their citizens as does the US of A, you should shut up and follow orders and enjoy all this wonderful society, this perfect society, has to offer.

Conservatives, I hate to put it this way, are stupid.  They are stupid unthinking people and they are destroying all that America could be and doing their damnedest to impose it on the wider world too.  Conservatives suck and should really entertain the notion of not being conservatives anymore as soon as is humanly possible.  Thank you.



Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, April 23 @ 05:33:53 EDT (6 reads)
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Anonymous writes "     I consider myself a conservative but I do not believe in "no government", I believe government should be limited, that's all. I think the government is NOT the group we want controlling the health care system, just look at how Medicaid and Medicare are so easily abused. I believe the poor should be helped, as long as they at least attempt to help themselves and not just live off the system. I think neighborhoods, towns, churches, can and do help. I believe that we need immigration reform, not because I hate Mexicans but because I think if someone wants to become a citizen of the US they should follow the rules, pretty simple. I believe that foreign affairs are important to the extent that savagery and genocide should be stopped, a semblance of peace should be in everyone's interest, and yes, economic reasons are valid if its in the best interest of the people involved.
    I get a kick out of people who condemn this country while they still enjoy all that it has to offer. Any idiot can make a list of all the "wrongs" we have perpetrated on the world, but they always fail to mention all of the good we have done. Look at history, the Romans, the British Empire, the Greeks, the Chinese, all of them at one point in their history have invaded and occupied and eventually decimated entire cultures, but it is only our short history that is condemned and used as the example.

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 22 @ 05:45:58 EDT (21 reads)
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 Hosted a child abuse fundraiser

Anonymous writes "And then 48 hours later, you both end up on a Florida cruise. hmmmm"

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 22 @ 05:45:47 EDT (21 reads)
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 Exact Answers To All The Troubles In The World

StuffAnonymous writes ""Here's a piece of advice about asking a question: try and narrow it down a bit, try and make it more incisive ... you give me too much to choose from." - Christopher Hitchens
Even though I can go on at length, I don't think I can submit an exhaustive response to the question, "What exactly is [my] answer to all the troubles in the world today," in this forum.  First, we would have to agree on what the troubles are. 
But since I was asked I'll say a few things. 

1) On the problem of the climate crisis: stop emitting so many fossil fuels.  The United States could decide to join the rest of the world in developing a global agreement which would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and convince other large countries which have followed the American development model, China, India and so forth to reverse course for the good of the planet and the long-term viability of the human species.  It seems to me that Americans could play a role in that by withdrawing all support for the Republican Party immediately and doing the same if Democrats proved unwilling to take serious action in defense of the planet and the species.
*of course many scientists claim that it might already be too late, that we might have already done sufficient damage and that catastrophic climate change is irreversible.  Obviously we should still act according to the idea that saving our planet/species is possible and do so immediately.

2) On War: The United States should fold up its global empire, close all foreign military bases, dismantle its weapons industry and stop being the world's pre-eminent arms dealer.  The United States should also comply with international law enshrined in the U.N. Charter which states that nations can only engage in war if they are responding to direct or imminent attack or if the action has the authorization of the U.N. Security Council.  Further, the U.S. should stop its rogue activities by joining international treaties and conventions.  The U.S. should have a decent respect for the opinions of mankind by, for example, ending its cruel embargo of Cuba (while the U.S. actively supports far more repressive regimes all over the world and in Latin America).  The U.N. General Assembly votes every year to condemn and demand an end to the continued U.S. blockade of Cuba.  The last vote in October 2013 was 188-2 (U.S. and Israel, alone as usual against overwhelming world opinion).  There are dozens of examples where the U.S. is alone or virtually alone in its policies.  You can do your own research.

3) On Social Equality:  The United States could immediately shift from a society organized to produce massive economic and social inequality to one which pursues democracy and equality.  That would solve quite a lot of the other problems which grow directly out of the fact that special interest groups (e.g. the rich, Wall Street, military-industry, etc.) run the United States and determine its policies instead of the American people.  The American people themselves have responsibilities of course.  They are not educated enough and freethinking enough to transcend decades, centuries in fact, of pro-capitalist, pro-war, pro-pollution, pro-greed, pro-selfishness and myriad other sorts of propaganda.  The people need to improve.  Right now Americans are obviously too obedient, too indoctrinated, too confused and too distracted to do much in the way of revolutionary change. 

Obviously there's sooooo much more to say but the point is that solutions are out there, there are things that could be done immediately that would go a long way towards a healthy beginning.  But I'm not an optimist.  I remain hopeful, as long as humans exist we could think and act in radically different ways.  Unfortunately, I don't see any evidence that Americans are much inclined to do anything other than following their bosses' orders, trying to have a bit of fun when they're not working, wrecking the environment, transferring wealth upwards, applauding state violence and cheering the apocalypse. 


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, April 22 @ 05:45:25 EDT (5 reads)
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 Mr. Bill's nonsensical responses

Anonymous writes "No one wants to debate you Mr. Bill because you're so set in your dinosaur philosophy it doesn't do anything to argue with a bull headed, old, bitter curmudgeon. You just come back with your tired old rhetoric conservative negative obstruction baloney. Just one thing on Easter for you hypocrite conservatives. Jesus helped the poor, fed the needy, healed the sick...mmm sounds like a liberal.   "

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, April 21 @ 06:24:49 EDT (19 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

 Re: Paranoid's Climate Post

StuffAnonymous writes "Another right-wing, Fox News, Republican Party, fossil fuel industry, pro-pollution post, this time from someone called Paranoid (who is indeed paranoid).

Look, any argument on behalf of the notion of a hoax as regards climate change is nothing more than service to the plutocracy and corporate guardians of the status quo.  You may think you're really clever and original but actually you're serving the interests of Exxon Mobil.  You're not a "republican/democrat" [those words need capitalization when referring to the American political parties, otherwise you're announcing you don't support democracy] yet you proffer ideas identical to the irrational and apocalyptic Republican Party position.  You don't believe in government?  Well, then you obviously would prefer to live in an outright corporate dictatorship given the fact that government is the only tool Americans have to protect themselves from the injustices inherent under industrial and financial capitalism.  That's why Rand Paul and his dad are so frustrating ... they have a lot right on the foreign policy part, their antiwar, anti-imperial positions.  But their domestic ideas are just savage and would lead toward an Ayn Rand-like corporate hell that no sane person could possibly support.  I do admire Paranoid's attempt at discrediting the two-party system and that ultimately money rules the United States.  But a big reason "the world is turning to crap" is because of the manmade climate crisis and the efforts of corporate America to convince impressionable people that the interests of Exxon Mobil surpass the interests of all current and future generations of human beings (which there won't be many of if the machine grinds on). 

Peace "

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, April 21 @ 06:24:38 EDT (22 reads)
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 100 Ways Republicans Are Just Like Democrats

GovernmentParanoid writes "There is a widely-held perception that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are drastically different in their policy, proposals, philosophy of government, and general modus operandi. While there are certainly some significant differences between the two parties, the number of similarities are astounding.


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, April 20 @ 06:57:48 EDT (30 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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