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 Another Synthetic seller gets major prison-time

Anonymous writes "http://news.yahoo.com/synthetic-drug-seller-gets-17-years-prison-220656003.html

"City officials considered The Last Place on Earth to be blight on downtown Duluth. Scruffy customers would form long lines out the door. Hospital emergency rooms handled countless cases of people suffering ill effects from the drugs, such as paranoia, agitation, seizures and racing heartbeats. Police said one customer pulled out some of his teeth and another gouged his eye with a fork."

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, August 19 @ 08:21:00 EDT (11 reads)
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 Darkness Falls and Seasons Change

GovernmentAnonymous writes ""We'll see summer come again!"

Obama was an important symbol historically, the power structure didn't let him do very much, he was clearly in over his head, or Democrats really are just actors playing a role, they provide a slightly more palatable rhetoric as they bomb and help the rich get richer relative to the rest of the society. 

May there be justice in Ferguson, Missouri [as white mobs continue to murder black males as they've done all through American history.  A police force of mostly whites basically occupying Black American neighborhoods throughout America terrorizing black people ... and militarized now!  Yay!  I love violent white men with guns and badges running around my community!  Makes me feel so safe!  As they fire weapons which violate the Chemical Weapons Convention because "tear gas" is outlawed in war.  But it's okay if you're dispersing peaceful protesters in the streets of America.]

... and other such speeches Obama didn't give. 


P.S.  A "police force" and all the propagandistic treatment of police forces in our society ... akin to our sickening glorification of all things "military."  These people are psychotic white men and anyone else they can hire to run around with guns being violent and authoritarian with people.  Imperialism abroad and police repression at home.  America is a very aggressive nation ... and a police force is still just a mob of gun-toting white guys paid to violently protect the property and power structure in U.S. society Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, Inc.


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, August 19 @ 08:20:51 EDT (8 reads)
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 professor peace

StuffAnonymous writes "Peace, I really couldn't give a rats a$$ who you are, its what you are that amuses me.

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, August 19 @ 08:20:33 EDT (3 reads)
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 RE: Peace and other things

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Anyone with any basic knowledge of history understands that no civilization which has preceded us can measure up to our standards. For the most part they were all barbaric and condoned standards that the vast majority of us find reprehensible. 

Go back as far as our records indicate and you find slavery, wars of conquest, significant class distinctions and unrest if not warfare and much worse. The Bible is replete with wars of conquest not only by the Israelites but against them. The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Philistines, the Greeks, the Romans and others did the same things. Even on this side of the Atlantic things were not better. The Incas conquered other tribes enslaving untold numbers and subjugating the rest. The Mayans did the same as did the Aztecs. In the latter case it is precisely because the Aztecs were such vicious masters that the subjugated tribes joined with the Spanish to overthrow them.

The Indians of what is now the US and Canada were no better. Oh, the econazis would have us believe that the American Indians lived peaceful lives, never bothered other tribes and lived in complete harmony with the land. This is part of the progressive utopian myth and it far from reality. The numerous tribes fought against each other for centuries in their efforts to get as much of the available resources for themselves. They even enslaved members of other tribes. Sure, there was the Iroquois Confederacy which managed to maintain more or less peaceful relationships between the Six Nations as there were other treaties between various tribes some of which lasted for long periods while others were routinely broken.

Even the French and Indians war didn't actually change much in terms of the rivalries between the various Indian Nations. The weapons were, of course, modernized but the tribe were still acting on old grudges with their new alliances. Peace and other no doubt attribute all of the animus in these instances to the white man but there was plenty of animus between tribes to go around. 

It is a fact that the vast majority of native people in the Americas died as a result of diseases that were inadvertently introduced by colonists. I'm not ignoring the purposeful and murderous contamination of tribes by some but by then the greatest damage had been done. One must never lose sight of the fact that Columbus wasn't the first the reach the Americas and though those previous adventurers aren't as well know it was inevitable that the Americas would be discovered.

If Columbus hadn't discovered the Americas when he did someone else would have. Suppose it had taken another 100 years to discover the Americans, would the disastrous effects of disease been less? Far from it. It would have been at least as bad if not worse and combined with an even greater disparity between the technological aspects of the two sides things would have been far worse for the natives. It is unlikely that the Native Americans would have progressed much farther than they were in the 15th century by the 16th century or even later.

I guess Peace is saying that it was the opening of Japan in the mid 1800's that caused them to be the bastards they were a century later. Do not forget that prior to this time Japan was a feudal society with the vast majority of the people having no rights. The various portions of the country were run by the leaders of these domains and their rule was enforced by the Samurai. The Samurai began losing power in the mid 1800's, coinciding with the opening. It was actually a return to the "good ole days" of the Samurai that brought about the atrocities of which I spoke. So, reminiscing about the past isn't good in this case as things were far worse for the average person.

So, when I said that we cannot evaluate the past based upon the values and mores of today Peace and anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of history should understand what I meant. Of course, I do not expect Peace to acknowledge this just as he will not acknowledge his numerous losses to me. But, though is serves little purpose to evaluate past civilizations with today's values, standards and mores we must never forget that it is important to avoid their most reprehensible aspects. 

The fact that all past civilizations had their dark side should never be lost on us today. By ignoring such negative aspects of anything will inevitably result in us repeating them. We see such a repetition in the anti-Semitic rhetoric coming out of Europe and some area here in reference to the current problems in the Middle East. ISIS and other islamofascist groups all have the same objective - the total destruction of Israel, the killing of every Jew and the destruction of America and the subjugation of everyone on the planet to their interpretation of islam. 

In other matters we find that the governor of Texas has been indicted for doing his job. Should this case ever reach the conclusion that the democrats want then every governor AND THE PRESIDENT could be indicted for threatening to veto any legislation. Obama will be in terrible trouble if this comes to pass as he has threatened to veto legislation many times.

As for the whack job who posted some irrational thoughts pretending to be me - I do not hate progressives. I know you cannot understand this as you whole world is filled with hate, especially for things you do not understand. And, there is a hell of a lot that you do not understand. As for the islamofascist bastards coming here it is they who say they will. They are undoubtedly here now waiting to attack. We have an untold number of American Citizens fighting in the Middle East and if and when they return they could begin the fight here. Fortunately one of them, from Florida, blew himself up over there so he would be among them. But, have no doubt many crossing our southern border are not here to work, they are here to cause problems either as members of MS-13 and other gangs or part of the islamofascist goal of destroying the US and flying that black flag over the White House.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, August 18 @ 07:19:24 EDT (29 reads)
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 Thin Skin

CommunityAnonymous writes "I think I'm the one getting under your skin; I enjoy responding to idiotic comments.  Japan is/was an "island full of a$$holes."  Wow, that's really astute analysis, please continue bestowing your wisdom upon us.  My implication was that Japan became industrial and imperial because that's what you needed to do if you wanted to be a world power ... the West did it first ... I provided plenty of examples demonstrating Japan was consciously modeling itself after Western powers.  But I know it's difficult for people who divide the world into good and evil to understand nuance and consider the possibility that maybe all imperialism and violent conquest is bad whether it's the Japanese empire, the American empire, The British empire, the Russian empire or the Schnozberry empire doing the conquering and killing.  Keep on wavin' that flag buddy [and nice try but you ain't gettin' any personal info from me unless I offer it voluntarily, you sound like you know who I am anyways, the question is 'who are youuuuuuuuu???!!!'



Posted by hostmaster on Monday, August 18 @ 07:19:10 EDT (12 reads)
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StuffAnonymous writes "As a matter of fact I am still LMFAO at you peace. Its so easy to get under your thin skin. You were clearly implying that the west was the reason Japan became an Island full of a$$holes, so don't waste your booze laden breath denying it. So you teach huh? Where exactly? I'll tell you where, at the local bars, park benches, and of course on this website, LOL.

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 16 @ 08:14:52 EDT (26 reads)
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 Advocare and for cheap

Anonymous writes "Interested in the supplements/chemicals that proclaim to help you get fit? Find them for less online:


Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, August 16 @ 08:14:20 EDT (20 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)


Anonymous writes "HI. My name is doc bill. Pardon the moniker because I am far from a doctor of anything. I want to inform all of you that I hate progressives and that if we don't watch out for the islamofacist bastards they will appear at our doorstep like the communist Vietnamese were going to in the 60's. You sir, are a twisted, impotent, mental case. All negativity, and I feed into your pathetic, hide behind my computer keyboard spewing negativity. Robin Williams is dead and you are still alive?? No justice here. of course you'll respond with some drivel that that is how progressives respond to dinosaur conservatives. Your kind is done, over, finished. You pathetic loser with nothing to contribute. You get off on any attention, I await your simpleton response. Peace at this point do not debate this loser your letters are very much on point and accurate. Its simply not worth the time. remember she got bounced from Oswego ny lion for being a whackjob!!!!!!!

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 15 @ 07:03:46 EDT (26 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "THOSE DRUG DEALERS WILL GET OFF
THAT'S THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 15 @ 07:03:29 EDT (22 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

 Re: White Flag and Japan

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Yeah I'll explain it for you (and I do teach so f*** you).  Japan had been isolated for much of its history.  In the middle of the 19th century, the West penetrated Japan and "opened" it, this is pretty standard history (ya know 1853, Commodore Perry).  Now, if you look at paragraph 3 from   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Japan, you'll read

"In the 1860s the Meiji Period began and the new national leadership systematically ended feudalism and transformed an isolated, underdeveloped island country, into a world power that closely followed Western models." [my emphasis added]."

So yes, Japan was emulating the West, learning how to be an imperial power, I knew that when I was like 12, sorry you don't have rudimentary knowledge of Japanese history.  And I never stated anything about the level of Japanese atrocities during this period relative to the West, that is your conjecture.  And no, Japan wouldn't have become an industrial imperial nation if it hadn't been following the Western example.  You'll also read that during the Meiji Restoration,

"the military was modernized, and numerous Western institutions were adopted- including a Western legal system and quasi-parliamentary constitutional government as outlined in the Meiji Constitution ... modelled on the constitution of the German Empire." [German-Japanese relationship dates back to the 1870's, did not begin with Hitler].

Furthermore, under the section titled "Economic Modernization," you'll find:

"Japan's industrial revolution began about 1870 as national leaders decided to catch up with the West. The government built railroads, improved roads, and inaugurated a land reform program to prepare the country for further development. Modern industry first appeared in textiles, including cotton and especially silk, which was based in home workshops in rural areas.  The government inaugurated a new Western-based education system for all young people, sent thousands of students to the United States and Europe, and hired more than 3,000 Westerners to teach modern science, mathematics, technology, and foreign languages in Japan (O-yatoi gaikokujin).In 1871 a group of Japanese politicians known as the Iwakura Mission toured Europe and the USA to learn western ways. The result was a deliberate state-led industrialisation policy to enable Japan to quickly catch up. The Bank of Japan, founded in 1877, used taxes to fund model steel and textile factories. Education was expanded and Japanese students were sent to study in the West."

Still laughing your ass off?

Now, for the Doctor.  First of all I have never lost an argument to you despite your assertions to the contrary pontificating on your own behalf.  

I actually started laughing this morning at the juxtaposition of your continued insistence on referring to "Japs" because of atrocities committed from ca. 1870-1945 with the immediately following statement "With regard to the Philippines, Peace would have us evaluate the actions of the past based on the values and mores of today."  YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!!!  So the Japanese empire can be held to whatever standards you impose, but the American empire cannot be burdened with similar standards?  Nowhere have I defended or minimized Japanese atrocities.  The Japanese empire committed horrific crimes as did the Western nations it modelled itself after.  But they were Japanese atrocities, not "Jap" atrocities.  Again, you seem to be missing what I think is a very simple point: imperial nations which commit atrocities whether Japan, the United States, or whomever should not be condemned in racist terms.  It's ok to harshly condemn Japan's treatment of its victims in China, Korea and elsewhere without resorting to racism or ethnic slurs.  Or if you insist on going there, why isn't the standard the same across the board?  American imperialists committed major atrocities during the same period as Japanese imperialism (and American imperialism, beginning with the Native American genocide and extending right through the present, just as a matter of fact, has certainly a longer duration on the planet than the gruesome period of Japanese imperialism.)  Again, you're confusing two different things.  The Nazi SS, the Waffen SS ... those are not ethnic terms, "Jap" is.  You can refer to brutal Japanese imperialists, or use the names they used for their military divisions ... you can do that without resorting to racism or ethnic slur.

Furthermore, I despise ISIS, just to make that clear, I don't know any decent human regardless of political philosophy who regards ISIS as anything other than a brutal, heinous, awful organization.  Hamas, which I am critical of for its religious orientation, some of its crude formulations regarding Israel, its brutality against its own people, its stupid counterproductive violent tactics, some actions which have been terroristic in nature [though it is facing a US-backed Israeli state that if we're going to be serious has its own terror policies].  But Hamas is not ISIS.  Doc's attempt to lump in Palestinian resistance and struggle for national liberation with ISIS is unjustified in my view.

And I don't wish to come up with a slur for Americans.  That's my point, we can condemn crimes against humanity, imperial slaughter and the like without the racism.  [though "Yankee" seems to be somewhat mild compared to "Jap"]



Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 15 @ 07:03:16 EDT (20 reads)
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 3 more losers busted for heroin in Oz

Anonymous writes "Judge, whoever presides over this, throw the book at em. Real drugs, synthetic drugs, all money grubbing losers. Send em away!"

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 14 @ 06:21:28 EDT (46 reads)
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 The White Flag

StuffAnonymous writes "It appears that Peace has raised the white flag, thrown in the towel and admitted defeat. However, he is not going down without fighting. His swinging is just another effort to mischaracterize the things I have said. He erroneously concludes, no doubt on purpose to discredit me some more, that because I will not acquiesce to his position on the use of the term "Jap" that I must also agree with these of the N-word when describing blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The term "Jap" is, at the very least, a derogatory term. I use it because it is derogatory and amply descriptive of the Imperial Japanese Empire of the time period in question. They most certainly earned the terms for themselves. Peace tries to minimize the atrocities done by the members of this Empire by referring to them as "it's east Asian imperial thing." The Imperial Japanese Empire thing was called "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."

That sounds just great, doesn't it? However, the truth was far less benevolent than the name implies. The Imperial Japanese Empire did not look upon the people of the conquered territories as equals. Far from it. The Empire treated the vast majority of the people as slaves working only for the betterment of the lives of the people of Japan itself. Untold thousands were worked to death, put in concentration camps for breaking the imposed rules, made sex slaves in the case of the women and basically had no rights other than to work for the Empire.

These were not people to emulate in any manner, shape or form. They were as bad as the nazis and the soviets if not worse in some cases. Remember, the nazi representatives in Nanking were shocked at the atrocities. Therefore I will not honor them by using terms that overlook or minimize their actions. Should we minimize the nazi SS? Maybe we could refer to them as those "special guards," or when they became the Waffen SS we could refer to them as innocuous "special armed guards?" Maybe we should compare them to our own SS? The Secret Service?" I have no doubt that peace would agree to that!

With regard to the Philippines, Peace would have us evaluate the actions of the past based upon the values and mores of today. If we did so then everything ever done by anyone in the past would probably be viewed as negative. While we can compare the tactics used during the battles of the Civil War we cannot judge the leaders using today's standards. We should certainly learn from what they did, both right and wrong. However, beating ourselves up over the behaviors or misbehaviors of these people is not beneficial.

As I said, we must learn from them and not report the wrong, bad or evil things they did. I have often agreed with Peace about how the US treated the American Indians. He apparently forgets my agreements with him and continuously brings up some other incident to prove that the US is so evil it should cease to exist. On the other hand he ignores my warning that we should not be so quick to embrace the government, any government, which promises to do anything.

Did the US government commit atrocities against the Indians? Undoubtedly! Did US forces commit atrocities against the native Filipinos? Probably! BUT, does that absolve that various islamofascist terrorist mobs around the world broom doing the same thing? HELL NO!

The hamas terrorists have again broken a cease fire, today, Wednesday. ISIS is murdering defenseless women and children burring some ALIVE! One 5 year old Christian child is reported to have been cut in half! But that is OK with Peace because some American soldier probably cut some Moro child in half 100+ years ago. In fact, all of islam is justified in doing all these things because of the Crusades 1000 years ago.

Do not forget that islam is a conquering belief. It conquered from Spain to India subjecting all to bend to the "Will of Allah!" The crusades were nothing less than Christianity's attempt to stop the assault of islam and regain territories lost. Were atrocites committed then too. Undoubtedly! It is unfortunate that Christianity has lost its way over the centuries and strayed far from being the religion of peace that it is. Those who spearheaded this straying from the true way are as guilty bastards as the bastards in islam today following the violent path.

Peace certainly objects to minimizing the influence he seeks to impart to some reference of his with the label "progressive." Turn about is fair play, as the saying goes. I expect progressives to support progressive views. Expect me to use Conservatives to support Conservative views. The true importance of these tactics by me is lost on Peace. He certainly does not understand the real meaning of "ad hominem." Calling a progressive a progressive is not an ad hominem attack. Calling a Conservative a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe while avoiding an actual debate IS AN AD HOMINEM ATTACK!

The terms I use are descriptive, not punitive in nature. An illegal alien is an illegal alien because he is not a citizen of this country, therefore under the law an alien, and illegal because he is not here legally. Progressives do not like such stark and descriptive terms. They like to sugar coat everything in their favor to disguise the real substance of the issues. Thus we get an "undoc-umented immigrant." Using this terminology the local corner drug dealer is an undoc-mented pharmacist. It is by these subterfuges that progressives love to hide what is really going on. I refuse to play that game.

I am glad to see that Peace sees Obama for at least part of what he is, the corporate politician looking to increase his own wealth and those of his supporters. Most politicians are like this which is why we should not have professional politicians. Term limits are important. See, I've agreed with Peace again which he'll soon forget.

Finally, I'm not into coining terms for people to use. The closest I may have come with with the term "obamaton." I think I was the first to use it but I did not create it. I borrowed it from an acquaintance, with his permission, and have used it since Obama was elected. Therefore I leave it to Peace to come up with whatever slur he wishes to vilify American in the past. I did, contrary to his saying I did not, suggest the term "YANKEE" which has been used for generations as a derogatory term for Americans. If that isn't slurry enough odor his tastes then I suggest he invent one. The progressives are masters at redefining terms and creating new ones to justify themselves.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 14 @ 06:21:09 EDT (12 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "Quote from Peace's last rant......"Ok, so when Japan did it's east Asian imperial thing in the decades leading up to WWII attempting to emulate the Western imperial powers after the "opening of Japan" in the late 19th century". Could you please explain just wtf that is supposed to mean you moron?  LMAO   Apparently Japan was just emulating the west, so its not as bad as the west doing it?  Japan wouldnt have done it if the west hadn't already?  LMFAO, thank god you don't actually teach.

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, August 14 @ 06:20:54 EDT (16 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

 The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

CommunityAnonymous writes "I guess Doc and I just have a difference of opinion on using ethnic slurs.  Is it okay to call black people "niggers" if some of them perform some action you don't like or consider heinous?  I don't think ethnic slurs should ever be used.  Ok, so when Japan did it's east Asian imperial thing in the decades leading up to WWII attempting to emulate the Western imperial powers after the "opening of Japan" in the late 19th century, that's when, according to Bill, people can rightly refer to them as "Japs."  I disagree with the logic.  And again, Doc hasn't told us what ethnic slur we should use for Americans when referring to their atrocities.

On the Philippines, the term slaughter is used to denote a situation whereby a modern Western military conquers a territory inhabited primarily by unarmed or primitively armed villagers and civilians.  I recommend a collection of Mark Twain's anti-imperialist writings out of Syracuse University Press called "Weapons of Satire."  The American military did to virtually defenseless Filipinos the same thing it did to the Vietnamese 50 years later: widespread indiscriminate killing of civilians and those fighting for national liberation.  The United States action in the Philippines from 1898-ca.1913 was an imperial action that killed 200,000 people, mostly civilians in the types of massacres Twain described, and which the U.S. would repeat later in places like My Lai.  Incidentally, the American conquest of the Philippines happened at roughly the same time that Japan began its imperial conquest of Korea and other places in east Asia.  So Japanese imperialists, acting much closer to home, are villainous "Japs," while the American conquerors of the Philippines are ... still waiting on you Doc Bill.   [also, I know it's tough for Doc to grasp this point, but sometimes religion is not the motivating factor, Christians and Muslims were both fighting for national liberation against Spanish and then U.S. imperialism.  Just as Muslim and Christian Palestinians struggle against Israeli occupation, annexation and ethnic cleansing policies today.  But in Doc Bill world Muslim=bad, Christian=good and everything must fit that worldview.  So Muslim resistance against Western imperialism at any place, of any kind, makes the resisters "bastards."]

Then to top it off Doc accuses me and other progressives of resorting to ad hominem attacks instead of debating the content of issues.  I think anybody reading my posts understands that I spend the vast majority of my energy debating the issues.  It's an interesting claim coming from a writer who routinely ascribes labels to his real but often imagined opposition.  Simply by claiming a person is a "progressive," Doc often disregards the content of the argument.  Oh Chomsky's a libertarian socialist, Finkelstein is sympathetic to small-c communism, therefore we true blue Americans can disregard everything they say.  That, my friends, is ad hominem and avoiding serious argumentation.  How many times have we all seen Doc refer to "progressives" "Islamofascist bastards" "illegal alien children" as if the production of those sorts of labels has anything to do with making an argument. 

Finally, and for the Umpteenth time, Barack Obama is a corporate Democrat working for Wall Street.  He is not any progressive's idea of a progressive.  So you can keep trying to claim Obama is the representative of Progressive America but he is not.  He is the head of one of the wings of the Business Party.  "We have one party in the United States, the Business Party, with two right-wings, one Republican, one Democrat." - Gore Vidal


Posted by hostmaster on Wednesday, August 13 @ 07:21:17 EDT (35 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)


CommunityAnonymous writes "   Could someone please explain something to me?  My nephew went out Thursday afternoon and hasn't been seen since. Here it is almost Tuesday. His father did not report this to the police (mind you I only found out about him missing Monday night). He is 14 years old. I called the police department and wanted to report him missing. I am very concerned for him. Only to be told that because I'm not his guardian I cannot report him missing. His father must and his father obviously wont. I couldn't believe what I was being told. He's 14, been gone for 4 days and the police department won't go looking for him!!!! What are our tax dollars for?"

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, August 12 @ 06:59:33 EDT (34 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)

Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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