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 RE: The Rabbi

GovernmentAnonymous writes "A Rabbi has come out opposing Israeli actions in regard to Gaza therefore the case is closed. ISRAEL IS THE EVIL ENTITY CAUSING ALL THE HATRED IN THE MIDDLE EAST.  CASE CLOSED!

This is what Peace would have us believe. I have no doubt that Peace or anyone else could find dozens, maybe even hundreds, of Jews who oppose Israel's actions. Though most of those would undoubtedly live somewhere else I'm sure that Peace and his comrades could find some sympathy even in the current Israeli media.

Israeli journalists have no qualms about attacking the Israeli leadership, unlike the sycophantic American media with regard to Obama, for this or that transgression even in regard to the Gaza issue. However, one must be mindful of the fact that they are not supporting the palestinian terrorists.

Rabbi Henry Siegman is apparently one of those delusional individuals who sincerely believes that if they are nice to everyone everyone will be nice to them. Would that it were so. The rabbi has a history of such "peacenik" behavior which in reality only gives one's enemies confidence that they'll have no opposition to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. There is no question that the vast majority of progressives also exhibit such a delusional attitude about those in the world who wish us subjected to their power or dead! 

The show that Rabbi was on comes to us from Democracy Now, a progressive organization which is funded through PBS/NPR - THAT IS THE US TAXPAYER while also getting funds from George Soros! in other words- it is an extreme far left-wing agenda driven organization. It's name is meant to deceive, as with all progressive crap especially organizations supported by Soros, those who do not bother to investigate such organizations - unless they are Conservative. Amy Goodman apparently interviewed Siegam for the show and though characterized as an "investigative journalist" it appears she only investigates the right side of the political spectrum. Her cohort, Juan Gonzalez, is also a committed progressive.

when progressives bring up this "be nice to them and they'll be nice to us" line I am reminded of the what the Japs did in Singapore when they finally captured the city. Aside from their other atrocities they went through the hospitals murdering patients in their beds. A group of Red Cross and other hospital personnel were also murdered as they pointed to their Red Cross arm bands indicating they were non-combatants. This is what happens when you ignore reality and live in the delusional universe of the peacenik. If you cannot recognize your enemy then you are leaving yourself and others open to their aggression.

Just look at what such an attitude on the part of Obama has gotten us in the past six years. Obama did his apology tour begging forgiveness from all he spoke to for the United States sins over the past 200+ years. He virtually prostrated himself and the country before the world and vowed to be everyone's peaceful friend. 

So far no one can provide any evidence that it has made matters better for the world or for the US. In fact reality shows us that the world is a far more dangerous place now that Obama has taken the US out of a leadership position. Filling that void are Russia and the islamofascists.

Peace demonstrates his delusions with regard to hamas and the other islamofascists with his calling the incessant firing of rockets into Israel as "SYMBOLIC"! This is an insane position to defend. There is nothing symbolic in the thousands of rocks these bastards fire into Israel every year. Some 1500+ have been fired into Israel since this aggression by hamas began several weeks ago.

Just because Israel has been largely successful in destroying the rocks before they hit Israeli homes, schools and hospitals, etc. is irrelevant. What is not irrelevant is the fact that hamas purposefully places their rocks in palestinian homes, schools, hospitals, etc. A hamas command center was found under one hospital.

Israel has gone to extraordinary measure to minimize civilian casualties whereas hamas has done the opposite. These bastards have told the civilians to ignore the warnings by Israel just so they will have more civilian casualties to show on the nightly news. They do not care about the palestinian people unless they serve hamas' purposes by being killed. 

The anti-Semitic people around the world condemn Israel first even before finding out the facts. Some days ago a hospital and a market were hit killing some civilians. Israel was roundly condemned for this. However, it was subsequently learned that it was the hamas terrorists who were responsible for the killing as their rockets, intended for Israel, fell shot and hit the hospital and market. The recent hitting of a school used as a safety center is an unfortunate incident. But, all of the facts regarding this incident have not yet been discovered. It is not only possible but more than likely that terrorists were firing on IDF soldiers from near that building or even from it. But waiting for the facts is not conducive for the anti-Semitic people around the world. BLAME ISRAEL FIRST!

As of this writing, Thursday, 31 July, both sides have agreed to a 72 hour humanitarian ceasefire. Since hamas has violated all the other ceasefires only time will tell how this one goes. 

It is not surpassing that Peace and his comrades ignore the terrorism of hamas and only point to Israel as the big problem. It doesn't matter to him or them that Israel has been the victim of hamas aggression or that they have done everything they can to minimize civilian casualties. They do not care that hamas has wasted untold millions in their continued war with Israel rather than using that money for the benefit of the palestinian people. 

Peace and his comrades also ignore the approaching holocaust by ISIS for Iraqi and other Christians who's claim to the land is far older than the islamofascist bastards threatening to murder them. Peace couldn't care less about the plight of other Christians in the Middle East who are being routinely murdered just because they are Christian. Peace and the rest are fixated on Israel as the evil entity in the world, aside from the US, and nothing Israel has done to date to live with those who want them dead matters.

Peace is wrong about Israel refusing the two-state division of the region. Israel has offered that solution on numerous occasions while it was the palestinians who have rejected every such offer. They reject those offers because the palestinians do not want to live in peace with Israel. They want Israel erased from the land, history and every Jew dead. This is even part of the hamas charter!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 01 @ 07:58:55 EDT (18 reads)
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GovernmentAnonymous writes "Once again I challenge Doc Bill to produce one example of anti-Semitism in anything I've written.  If he can't do it then he should have the intellectual and moral fortitude to cease his libelous remarks.


Posted by hostmaster on Friday, August 01 @ 07:58:42 EDT (7 reads)
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 RE: Peace and his anti-Semitic comrades

GovernmentAnonymous writes "The UN vote regarding Israel is nothing less than anti-Semitism which anyone who understands that corrupt organization can see. I have virtually no use for the UN anymore. It is filled with corrupt people using their positions to fill their pockets with money and for vendettas. 

How serious can anyone take this corrupt organization when you have countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia working to improve women's rights?

Believe it or not by 82 of 95 countries praised Saudi Arabia for its human rights record! 

In Saudi Arabia women are jailed and whipped for being raped! It takes FOUR MALE WITNESSES for a woman to get justice in the case of rape! 

China says that Saudi Arabia practices religious tolerance ignoring the fact that they arrest Christians for praying.

This same bunch of hypocrites also routinely condemns the US as a human rights abuser.

Of course the UN voted against Israel, they almost always do especially when the muslims are getting their asses whipped in a fight. Israel is doing everything it can to minims civilian casualties while the hamas bustards do everything they can to maximize their own civilian casualties. Hell, rockets have been found in a THIRD UN SCHOOL.

The number of civilian casualties we keep hearing about are giving to the complicit media by hamas! Peace has no problem believing everything they say inspire of their record of lies. 

The leaders of hamas had time and money to improve the lives of those living in Gaza but they chose to use it to buy and build offensive rockets and to dig dozens of tunnels into Israel for the sole purpose of terrorizing Israeli citizens. It has been reported that hundreds dies digging those tunnels INCLUDING CHILDREN!

I have no doubt that Peace will never change his anti-Semitic ways. Just as he is a true believer in the progressive utopian society he is a true believer in the anti-Semitic propaganda that smears the Jews as the greatest evil to ever exist on the planet NEXT TO THE UNITED STATES. Just look at the anti-Semitic riots that are occurring around the world by those who support the murderous muslims! 

Point out the truth of islamofascist terrorism and get branded as a racist even though islam is a religion not a race. However, being anti-Semitic is just fine with the "cultured" people of the world!

I'm sure Peace believes the crap that the Hildebeast recently spewed while making excuses for hamas and the other muslim terrorists. 

I'm sure Peace also believes that hamas is a humanitarian organization just at the moronic Princess Pelosi says. It is hard to believe that this brainless wonder was ever in charge of anything bigger than a lemonade stand much less the House of Representatives of the United States of America!

Talk about useful idiots this is quite a bunch. Add in Obama and Kerry and Peace is right at home no matter how you look at it. 

The rest of Peace's propaganda piece is just that, propaganda. As with so much involving progressives it is a mirror image of the truth. Just as progressives try to smear Conservatives with their own hate and other crap Peace is taking those who initiate the terroristic violence and placing the blame on the victims of that violence. The fact that the corrupt members of the useless UN are doing the same thing does nothing to improve his position on the issues.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 31 @ 09:01:02 EDT (17 reads)
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 Rabbi Henry Siegman on Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents"

CommunityAnonymous writes "Watch Rabbi Henry Siegman interview on Democracy Now:




Posted by hostmaster on Thursday, July 31 @ 09:00:49 EDT (14 reads)
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 Thank you Doc Bill

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Just wanted to extend a big thank you to Doc Bill for his pro bono work on behalf of the Israeli government.  Bill's "The Palestinian Lie" is a good representation of the main talking points of the right-wing Netanyahu government and it is certainly appropriate for him to include the word 'lie' in the title as it is just a bunch of tired lies spouted by sadists, criminals and their apologists for the disgusting savagery Israel is perpetrating against women and children, hospitals and schools, and the conscience of world opinion outside of Israel and the United States. 

You might have noticed the recent vote of the UN Human Rights Council in favor of investigating alleged Israeli war crimes.  The vote was 29-1 with 17 abstentions.  So we have 47 countries eligible to vote and one country voted against the investigation.  The one country?  That's right!  The good old US of A.  Guess the anti-Semitic Obama administration voted no to conceal it's anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian bias.  Anyone with any knowledge of votes at the UN over the past 40 years or so will not be surprised that the United States continues to stand alone in the world in its justification for any Israeli atrocity no matter how increasingly heinous the atrocities become.  Israel is openly bombing civilian shelters, schools, mosques and murdering civilians by the hundreds on the pretext that it is defending itself from mostly symbolic Palestinian "rocket fire."  One must confront the question 'do the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves?'  Do the Palestinians, cleansed from 78% of Palestine, enduring brutal Israeli occupation in the West Bank in Gaza since 1967, denied elementary human and political rights, denied the right to self-determination in their own country, living under a completely unjustifiable and illegal Israeli siege in Gaza since 2007, do they have the right to defend themselves against Israel's US-funded and supported high-tech assault or must they simply lay down and die?

As far as Doc's claim, propagandistic and false as usual, that the Palestinians are mainly responsible for the absence of peace in the region, one need only examine the historical record and the conclusions of serious scholarship.  Israel, with full US-backing, against overwhelming world opinion, has consistently rejected the international consensus on a two-state settlement for more than 40 years.  Israel has chosen to expand its illegal settlement activity, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and international law, rather than withdraw to the 1967 borders to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.  Israel's insistence of land over peace is the reason the situation remains as it is.  Hamas' symbolic rocket resistance, which does so little actual damage to Israel or its people, is a convenient excuse for Israel do what it does best: terrorize Palestinian civilians, continue its occupation, steal more Palestinian land, destroy more Palestinian property and find any excuse possible not to withdraw from the territories it conquered in 1967 as the entire world annually demands (outside of official Washington). 


Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 29 @ 07:13:23 EDT (29 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "now that harbormess is over with..  will this  city take care of the streets  ??????"

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 29 @ 07:13:12 EDT (25 reads)
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 Niemoller and more

GovernmentAnonymous writes "I find it interesting that Peace uses Paranoid to support his contentions that the Nazis were right-wing. I have no idea what sources Paranoid used but, just as I advise everyone not to take my word for anything, I do not conclude that Paranoid is the go to source for information.

Peace is also forgetting or disregarding the Hitler quote I provided some time ago in which Hitler himself said they were socialists. I guess hearing it from the horse's mouth is no longer with what it used to be.

Then there is the point I made in my post which appeared to day, 28 July, along with Peace's in which I note that the differences between and among all these various muslim sects amount to distinctions without differences. 

By Peace's reasoning either ISIS is not composed of muslims, believers in islam, or there opponents are not muslims, believers in islam. By Peace's reasoning no true socialist could ever oppose other, so-called, true socialists. Therefore, by opposing socialists the Nazis proved that they were not socialists. 

That sounds great but it is packed full of illogic. As I have stated many times there are numerous forms of socialism. I have chosen the term "socialism" as the "surname of the parent," so-to-speak, for no other reason than simplicity in debates. All of the various forms, nazism, fascism, communism, maoism, stalinism, castroism, marxism, leninism, utopianism, trotskyism, anarchism and all the rest have certain common characteristics that separate them from the right-wing political ideologies. 

Some of those basic characteristics include government control of just about everything, lack of private property, lack of individual freedoms among others. I have, of course, explained much of these variations in the past and will not do so now. 

Some of the various forms of socialism, such as social democrats, do incorporate conservative ideology such as capitalism. However, they counter that freedom with huge social welfare programs the costs of which limit the freedoms that their capitalist ideologies would otherwise permit. 

Over the past 150 or so years that socialism has played a major role in political ideologies there are a huge number of combinations that can be achieved by only combining numerous aspects of socialism or by combining them with aspects of Conservatism. In the end, however, those in control will seek to maximize their control and thereby reduce any Conservative aspects of their total program over time. 

Then again there is Niemoller and his experience in Nazi Germany. Apparently there are a number of "Correct" or "Original" expressions of his famous saying. This apparently depended upon who he was speaking to at the time. Remember, he survive Dachau and spoke often in the 1940's and 1950's. Those for who the Nazis came included -

The Communists

The Social Democrats

The Socialists

The Trade Unionists

The Jehovah Witnesses

The Jews

The Catholics

Note - One quote I found had the first line about communists with the second line about socialists. Generally, every quote has both the trade unionists and the Jews.

One has to remember that the nazis first fought the communists because their ideologies were quite similar and Hitler tried to draw communist members to his side with the similarities between the two. They went after the trade unionists because they could and would upset the government control over industry through strikes, etc.
They went after the Jews because they were portrayed as the reason Germany surrendered politically in WWI when there has not been a battlefield defeat. Jews were also despised for their presence in the banking sector and their numerous small shops which were undoubtedly blamed for high prices during the horrible years of the Weimar Republic.

So, jumping on one form of Niemoller famous quotation exhibits a complete lack of intellectual curiosity to discover the truth. Rather, since it initially met Peace's agenda he jumped on it. This is somewhat like the situation which a left-wing blog Think Progress found itself.

Think Progress posted a number of statements it believed were made by Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. Those "quotes" were regarding the invasion of illegal alien children and were not very nice statements. The problem Think Progress had was it got all that information from KCTV7 News. KCTV7 News is a PARODY SITE NOT A NEWS SITE! Therefore, none of the quotes Think Progress used were true and they were forced to retract everything. 

If it fits their preconceived model of Conservative opinion then progressives jump on it without checking their sources. Many, many progressives have been caught by this. Remember when Rush said he was buying his mother a new can opener to help her eat dog food? Well, a supposed brilliant progressive jumped on that an made a fool of herself as a result.

Peace will undoubtedly be surprise when I post about the police. I have been collecting items about police misconduct and he'll be surpassed that I agree with him on this issue, at least based upon what he said in his post. Peace has also forgotten that I agreed with him on many other issues too. But, he prefers to ignore that because that would mean that he has a significant Conservative leaning to his total political ideology. That concept no doubt offends him as he thinks he's a die hard socialist.
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Tuesday, July 29 @ 07:12:57 EDT (20 reads)
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 Hear, Hear Paranoid!

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Notice several important facts in Paranoid's latest piece: the Nazis were "right-wingers" (I really thought everyone knew that but you have right-wingers like Doc Bill denying it); in Niemoller's quote "First they came for the socialists ..."  Interesting.  The Nazis came for the socialists.  How about that Doc Bill?  As everybody (I thought) has always known, the Nazis were extreme right-wing nationalists who hated and persecuted Communists and Socialists.  Guess Niemoller, along with the entire academic community, must have been just a left-wing propagandist eh Bill? 

And Paranoid's conclusion is right on.  Our police forces have been transformed into paramilitaries repressing peaceful protest and popular demonstrations.  The Oswego police are a prime example ... they are mostly (and I stress mostly, there are one or two decent cops) uncommunicative thugs and now they have been given steadily more sophisticated weapons and surveillance equipment (as well as huge ass SUV's ... tanks will surely be next).  Many of the military personnel who participated in the mass murder operation in Iraq return home psychotic and armed and often transition into police officers.  How comforting.


Posted by hostmaster on Monday, July 28 @ 07:36:15 EDT (33 reads)
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 The Palestinian Lie

GovernmentAnonymous writes "It comes as no surprise that Peace is misrepresenting the situation involving Israel and Gaza. The ObamaMedia is also misrepresenting the truth because of their anti-Semitic bias against Israel. Even when it is proved that the muslim bastards are violating international law Peace and his comrades ignore the truth. 

It doesn't matter to Peace or them that schools, hospitals and mosques are being used as military installations in violation of the law. 

It doesn't matter to Peace or them that private homes are being used as military installations in violation of the law.

It doesn't matter to Peace or them that civilians are being used as human shields for these military installations in violation of the law.

It doesn't matter to Peace or them that the Israelis are doing everything in their power to minimize civilian casualties by warning of each attack. It would not surprise me to discover that the insurgents are forcing civilians into areas they know will be attacked by Israel just to increase the civilian body count for the useful idiots, such as Peace and the ObamaMedia, to see and anguish about. These bastards do not care about the civilians themselves. All they care about is that enough of them are killed so their bodies, especially those of children, can be shown on TV by those useful idiots.

It doesn't matter to Peace or them that the muslim bastards are continually attempting to infiltrate Israeli settlements IN ISRAEL to kill or capture as many Israeli civilians as they can.

I even read one report where muslim fighters were actually carrying children as shields while engaging the IDF soldiers. Though unconfirmed, and if true probably an isolated incident, I would not doubt such cowardly actions by these insurgents.

To better understand the situation watch the video Debunking the Palestinian Lie on You Tube. It provides the viewer with the history of the past century and the refusal of the muslims to accept the existence of Israel regardless of the concessions the Israelis have made over that time.

But, as I have often said, reality doesn't matter to progressives. They are nearly as anti-Semitic as the muslims believing that the Jews have no historic claim to any land in the region. 

As far as the progressives and muslims are concerned there never were any Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount. With the Temple Mount under their control the muslims have conducted unauthorized excavations on the site removing tons of material to landfills. Israeli scholars have been going through these materials for years finding all manner of evidence of the Jewish culture and predominance in the region. 

But none of that means anything to Peace and the rest. To them history began in the 6th century with the birth of Mohammad. I suppose all those who lived in the region for the previous 3-4 thousand years were pre- or paleomuslims. 

All the evidence anyone with an open mind can see for themselves proves that islam is a religion of hate and violence. They even hate each other as proved by this ISIS bunch of lunatics. To a certain extent the differences between the various sects of islam amounts to the debate between Lilliput and Blefuscu over which end of a hard boiled egg to break first.

Do not forget that Mohammad first believed his visions were from Satan and/or that he was going insane. As far as I can tell both situation are probably part of the problem when you consider just how insidious the beliefs are, especially about woman and pedophilia. How else can one explain the demand by ISIS that women and girls be turned over to them for the pleasure of their insurgent murderers? THIS IS TRULY EVIL!
Doc Bill

Posted by hostmaster on Monday, July 28 @ 07:36:06 EDT (18 reads)
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CommunityAnonymous writes "Magic Jack was quite the experience. To those who have this carrier, be aware that if you wish to change to another carrier, they have this “Post Out” fee which is $32.34. What is a Post Out fee? Well, if you want to move your phone number to another carrier, this is the charge that you have to pay BEFORE they will release your number to the other company. Otherwise, you end up with a new number at your new carrier.

With that said, this was my painful experience with Magic Jack (also known as MJ). I got MJ in February. I had them for 5 months and it worked about as well as others. Then, the phone line quit working. After well over 15 hours of online chat with their experts, their techs could not fix the problem, even though they remoted into my computer many times. Let me explain the many times. When their techs couldn’t fix my phone, all of a sudden I would be booted out of chat, and had to restart my chat session over from the beginning. The first day, I spent 6 ½ hours and restarting numerous chatting sessions, I finally gave up. Over the next few days, I spent many more hours on chat. I never got so sick of typing in their chat sessions.

After a week of “chats,” and “experts remoting into my computer, one tech finally decided it had to be the Magic Jack box. So I was sent a new box. That didn’t work either. So the chats started again, and many more hours with their experts. During the first month of not having my phone line fixed (that’s right…FIRST month) Magic Jack “upgraded” me with their “gold premium plus” option with an additional charge of $37.83, without notifying me, and did it on a Sunday, sneaky. I caught it, and had fun getting that charge canceled off my credit card.

I finally went to another carrier after 2 months of their crap (that’s not the word I wanted to use, but…). When you go to a new carrier, you have 10 days for the other phone company to get your number released. On day 7, my new carrier sent an email stating that Magic Jack would not release my number until I gave the new carrier my “pin number or password.” OK, a bit disappointed that MJ took 7 days, but I complied. On day 8, Magic Jack now required my account number, which I had no idea what it was because they never gave it to me. I called Magic Jack and they finally gave it to me, which I supplied to the new carrier. I was getting concerned as there was only 2 days left before the new carrier would just assign me a new number.

Here we go, on Day 9, Magic Jack notified me that there was a “Post Out” fee (a release your number charge) of $32.34! OK, now I’m really infuriated about their run around and the bullcrap charge! I had to pay it or lose my number the next day. After chatting (arguing) with them about this surprise charge at the last minute, I had to pay! I paid, but I’m telling everybody about it.

I compare my experience with Magic Jack similar to a bad experience with an “outhouse” during a HOT summer. SAME SMELL!

One Person CAN make a difference! I’M TRYING, ARE YOU?


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, July 27 @ 07:34:40 EDT (34 reads)
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 Police Militarization: The New Search and Seizure

GovernmentParanoid writes "Ted Bauman
Activist Post

As World War I drew to a close in November 1918, over 2.5 million soldiers of the Imperial German Army remained in the field. They brought training, experience and battle-hardened attitudes with them as they streamed back across Germany’s borders.

These soldaten soon found ways to deploy their skills at home. Supported by Minister of Defense Gustav Noske, right-wingers — including one Corporal Adolf Hitler — organized ex-soldiers into Freikorps, and armed them with surplus military weaponry. These militia brutally crushed Germany’s nascent post-war democratic movement. For the next 20 years, they provided the core of the feared Brownshirts, street thugs who helped Hitler and the Nazis into power.

Fast forward 100 years. Another faltering empire in domestic political crisis, the United States, brings its own frustrated warriors and their weapons back home …

As the courageous theologian Martin Niemöller wrote shortly after his release from a Nazi concentration camp,
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.
Americans would do well to meditate on Pastor Niemöller’s words. Too many of us are guilty of looking the other way as our politicians allow America’s police forces to morph into heavily armed, unaccountable paramilitary thugs.


Posted by hostmaster on Sunday, July 27 @ 07:34:28 EDT (24 reads)
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 Reply: Let's Not Play Stinkfish

Anonymous writes "I was just attempting to relive my younger years in the 60's. It was a joke; a kid's game before all of the electronics out there. Typical Oswego response though; get yelled at. Jeez. By the way, you're it! Stinkfish!"

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, July 26 @ 03:09:52 EDT (55 reads)
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 In the News

StuffAnonymous writes "130 econazi groups call for the end of capitalism. Was there ever any doubt that environmentalism was the new home for all forms of socialism? Not in my book as I posted about these socialists many times over the years.

ISIS is calling for the sexual mutilation of women. Erroneously referred to as "female circ-umcision" this barbaric islamic practice is intended to eliminate any pleasure a woman might get from sex. In the deranged and barbaric islamofascist mind only men are allowed pleasure. The woman is there to serve the man however he demands.

DC Circus Court panel strikes down subsidies for ObamaCare indicating that plain language of the law limits the subsidies to the state exchanges. On the same day another Circus Court rules the opposite basically saying that the law isn't what was written but what they think the Congress meant to write. This will undoubtedly go to the SCOTUS where it is hoped that unbiased legal minds will determine that the law is what is written and not put their own political prejudices in the decision.

Lerner's hard drive somehow got scratched. That's the new story. However, now it seems that backup copies of her emails are available. This violation of law and the Constitution by the Obama administration would be comical if it were not so serious a collaborative effort by so many in the administration to deny so many people their Constitutional Rights and a vast crime to boot!

Apparently the emails of 20 other people are lost too. Is it a coincidence that some 25% of those who appear to have been participants in this crime have computer problems? If you believe this is just a coincidence you are an mind numbed obamaton idiot!

Hamas fires at Israeli troops from abandoned hospital. After taking a couple of days to verify that there are no patients or medical personnel in the building Israel hits it. Apparently there was a terrorist tunnel under the hospital.

Israel has found more than two dozen sophisticated tunnels in Gaza, most leading right into Israel. One was even found under an elementary school. Some Hamas terrorists have been found to have handcuffs and drugs to immobilize captives they intended to take hostages. Oh, these terrorists were killed in their attempt to exit one of their tunnels. In the last exchange of Israel gave up 1,000 terrorists for one Israeli soldier.

Another UN school was found to have Hamas rockets in it. Oddly the rockets then disappeared. Probably were put in another UN school, hospital or someone's home.

Hamas children's show, looks like their version of Sesame Street, advocates killing Jews. Watch it yourself at - www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ORAM-usqhQ. Also check out palwatch.org for more truth about these bastards

It is a violation of international law and the rules of war to specifically utilize civilian buildings or the civilians themselves as shields against destruction by opposing forces. Therefore the Hamas terrorists are war criminals.

Michael Moore, noted anti-ccapitalist and gigantic hypocrite, apparently has no problem with capitalism for himself. Though he still claims not to be part of the evil 1% he is a multimillionaire and owns 9 homes. Well he won't own them all for much longer as this information was released as a result of a divorce so his wife will probably get half of everything, except him. I assume she's had enough of him too.

Recently released information indicates that the bastards who attacked our facilities in Benghazi managed to move into a building or buildings next to the compound months before the attack. They were undoubtedly able to monitor everything going on there in preparation for the most opportune moment to attack. Why wasn't their presence so near to our facilities noticed and communicated to all parts of out government?

Illegal aliens traveling through Mexico are subjected to all kinds of abuse, sexual assault, theft and murder all thanks to Obama's thoughtless comments regarding young illegals. The unintended consequences of this invasion are something Obama should have thought about but his only concern was pushing his amnesty agenda.

80-85% of illegal aliens are not unaccompanied children according to the Lt-Governor of Texas.

Miriam Ibrahim and here family have finally made it to safety in Italy. They had an audience with the Pope and will stay a few days before traveling to the US. This is the woman who was condemned to death for being a Christian and refused to deny her faith. Her treatment by those bastards was a human rights crime in itself. The change from her wedding picture where she is an astounding beauty to the picture of her chained to a cot in prison is chilling. In the latter picture she looked like she was a survivor of Auschwitz. I would personally love to see her sue the Sudan for the maltreatment and get millions.
Doc Bill
PS - See you at Harborfest!

Posted by hostmaster on Saturday, July 26 @ 03:09:43 EDT (21 reads)
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 Israel and "Self-Defense"

GovernmentAnonymous writes "Israel is not "defending itself."  Israel is using violence to maintain an illegal occupation.

http://normanfinkelstein.com/2014/are-hamas-rocket-attacks-illegal/ (Finkelstein)
http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_palestinians_right_to_self-defense_20140723 (Hedges)



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 U.S. Media Coverage of Israel's War Crimes

GovernmentAnonymous writes "During Israel's latest massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the corporate media in the United States is reacting in its typical cowardly fashion by justifying Israeli crimes, giving far more time to Israeli representatives and the right-wing Israeli narrative.  NBC removed correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin for accurately reporting on Palestinian civilian victims of Israeli violence.  Below are some articles and links to a more realistic analysis of what Israel is doing and how officialdom in America continues to support Israel's brutal occupation regime:






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Should the county give another PILOT agreement to the nuke plants to tax payers detriment?


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